The Quack Pack reunites, Ian avenges the loss of his "best friend"
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Can Dan be beat? That is (currently) the question.

As the fun continued in the BB house, Dan kept on playing everyone and managed to flip things around yet again. He explained that he is a new player this season; one who has to play a “much more ruthless” game than last time, whereby “if I have to stab everyone in the back to get to the end, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

After Ian won this week’s HOH Competition by staying up on the planetary-themed rope swing the longest, his offer to Dan to try to resurrect the pack of quacks sounded even sweeter.

While I’m certainly not going to argue that Dan’s funeral and his moves that ensued post mortem aren’t some of the greatest in BB history, didn’t Dan have the perfect storm of houseguests on which to be able to swing such a move?

I believe that his ability this week to resurrect the pack of quacks after clearly making some sort of deal with Jenn City and Frank the Carrot in order to take himself off the block, confirms just how tightly Dan is running the house. It seems like a smarter move for Ian would have been to nominate Dan and Frank this week. Yet Ian even thought about putting up Joe along with Jenn City. What is he thinking? Dan looked at him like he was crazy when he heard Ian’s idea of leaving Frank off the block. And alas, ‘twas the unlikely alliance of Frank the Carrot and Jenn City up on the block when all was said and done.

Ian deserves a lot of credit for winning HOH this week, especially in an endurance contest when it came down to “homecoming king versus valedictorian” in his final matchup against Shane. I was ready to see him plummet after his “best friend” Britney went home, but to the contrary, her exit seemed to light a fire under his arse. Yet he still seems to wear his heart on his sleeve and make moves, such as putting up Jenn this week, that don’t fully take advantage of his power as HOH.

Now, for a brief rant. I have a bone to pick with the BB houseguests: can you please stop shouting at people that are not present? That includes your wife, Chelsea, Dan; Jenn, your nephew (or something like that); and applies to anyone else that calls out to one of your relatives or any significant other people in your life that don’t live with you currently under the BB TV land roof. Thankyouverymuch.

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Now for the lovey-dovey part. We’ve seen the relationship between Danielle and Shane blossom into something more than just a normal friendship this season. It’s true, words defy characterization as to what it is that these two share. But who really cares, we just want them to make whoopee. So Shane, I shout this down at you from a mountain top, “JUST DO IT.” If for no other reason, Danielle is just starting to look…dare I even say…just a tad bit pathetic? “WE HAVE NOT EVEN KISSED SINCE THE PIRATE SHIP!” Jeeeeeeez Shane! I mean, we even had to hear Danielle say Shane is “becoming like my knight in shining armor. He’s super-protective of me, so, I mean, I think it’s really cute.” Barf. C’mon, Shane. Set your pink tank top on fire, and be a man.

Let’s highlight another recurring bit that has me (and all of you seemingly as well) cracking up from episode to episode…I’m going to call it Jenn’s World. In Jenn’s World, Jenn is a competitor. In Jenn’s world, she made a “big move” last week and was concerned she might be nominated because of her “huge power move.”

Well, it turned out she was right as Ian put her up on the block. Her exclaimed reaction was, “No surprise here, I’m on the block. Wow wow wow, I’m absolutely shocked. People here in the house have underestimated me, I proved them wrong and made a huge move last week…so I can do it again!” Quotes often completely lacking in self-awareness like this are the subtle gems that keep me coming back for more week after week. Just who does Jenn think she is? JENN CITY, that’s who. And just who is that? Who knows.

I would argue that Jenn’s “huge power move” was basically a product of circumstance and her being in the right place at the right time to ally with Frank and make a big move on his behalf (which may ultimately turn out to be a move that back fires on them). After all, she only won the POV after Frank tried to cheat and eliminated himself. However, I’m interested to hear whether or not you guys think Jenn has proved her worth as a competitor in the BB house when compared to the other remaining houseguests? Certainly, it could be argued that Jenn has done more to keep herself safe than Joe or Danielle, who continue to float along on the coattails of others and/or under the radar.

Will Frank the Carrot go home this week or does he have another life left in him? Both Dan and Ian seem to be gunning for him to go. He’s been up on the block every week that he hasn’t been HOH, but something tells me he’s got another veto competition victory within him.

Note: “Jesse Claus” or “Mr. Pecktacular” was intentionally left out of this recap. His ego was simply too large to fit.

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