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Please? Pretty please? …with sugar on top? Y’all?

Frank’s somewhat respectable (though still rather meek) tirade at the start of tonight’s installation certainly came as no surprise, right? After handily winning the POV, Frank hurled insults at Ian for his utter lack of respect and loyalty to Boogie. “You’re a puppet,” Frank told Ian. Then later, “Ain’t gonna lie to you, Ian, you’re a terrible person.”

Campaigning for Ashley to stay over Chef Joe after taking himself off the block, Frank urged the other houseguests to vote Joe out over Ashley because she deserved it more than Joe. “He just wants to be a celebrity chef, send him home,” Frank says to the group. Then directly to Joe, “You float like a bob on a $*#%ing fishing pole is what you do!”

Is it me or was anyone else hoping Frank might channel just a bit more of Willie? Son?

In the DR, Ian defended what’s been called one of the dumbest moves in BB history, explaining, “My heart ached for Boogie all day knowing that I was to have to vote him out tonight. You come to respect and admire someone like that so much that I couldn’t let him walk out there and be completely blindsided.” That’s sweet and all, but Ian – and I’m talking directly to you now – it was still a horribly dumb move.

While comments like the quote above sadly confirm that Ian’s former life outside the BB house still revolved solely around what happened inside the BB house, Ian’s “expert” strategic analysis keeps improving, despite a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Turns out that Ian’s original plan had been to throw the HOH competition so he wouldn’t be the one calling the shots to take out Frank. But, in the presence of a game dealing with memory and numbers, it’s clearly impossible for Ian not to win.

So when Ian ended up in the HOH hot seat, he planned to leave Frank off the block first, in an attempt to backdoor him. That way, if Frank won yet another POV (as he did), then Frank wouldn’t have the chance to use the POV on himself. Proving to be the puppet in Frank’s accusations, Ian was persuaded by Britney (with Shane lurking in her shadows) to put Frank and Ashley up on the block.

As such, Ian wasn’t the least bit shocked to see the wrath of Frank rear it’s not-that-ugly-at-all head. Once again, heart took over head in Ian and he plead to Dan, “I’m a terrible person. I’m going to burn in hell.” Woe is me, fee-fi-fo-fum. Ian clearly knew he was orchestrating a big move. So get over it and own it, Ian – talking directly to you again.

For some warm and fuzzies and the sake of having the ability to continue to make Ian do his dirty work, Dan plays to Ian’s BB obsession and anoints Ian, telling him “You’re a Renegade now, buddy.” This was Dan’s previous alliance (a la Chilltown is to Mike Boogie) and I’m pretty sure I saw Ian shed a tear at some point while doing the Renegade “gunshot” handshake with Dan. Could Ian be any more of a loveable loser?

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After Ashley’s eviction, Frank went balls to the wall against Dan, still convinced that Dan was responsible for masterminding Boogie’s eviction. “I’m sorry I yelled at everybody…except for Dan,” Frank says to Britney, Shane and Danielle. With nobody in his corner, Frank begs them to ally with him to get Dan out of the house.

While Frank’s plea left Danielle in tears, resulting in her telling Frank she could never go against Dan, Britney and Shane felt inclined to make a deal with Frank because of the likelihood that Frank might win HOH.

At the HOH Competition, it was time to “Pull Some Strings.” Not only was the HOH at stake, but the winner had to name one houseguest to be the sole “have-not” for the week. The game was divided into two rounds: first, to determine overall rankings; second, head-to-head competition. After the first round, Frank and Dan are the lowest ranked…so to win, one of them would have to beat all the remaining players in head-to-head string pulling. After taking out Dan, Frank was on fire, his string pulling prowess better and better with each incoming challenger.

Frank wins HOH. Surprise, surprise. Equally enjoyable for Frank no doubt was choosing Dan to be this week’s sole “have-not.”

“I don’t even know why we show up,” Britney proclaimed.

Sadly, she may just be right. I don’t remember another BB season where a player has managed to dominate such a majority of the competitions as Frank has, especially when his back has been up against the wall. But is that because Frank is so damn good at physical competitions or because the rest of this season’s players are so damn bad?

Post-Competition, Britney approached Frank to make sure that their deal was still on. Frank told Brit that his plan is to put up Dan and Danielle, as long as Britney and Shane will agree not to come after Frank next week if one of them were to win HOH. Continuing to discuss both of their best interests, Frank and Britney make a deal not to put each other up on the block “for a while.” Of course, Frank doesn’t have too much faith in the deal, but as he explained, it’s the only thing he’s currently got.


Uh oh. Up in his HOH room, Frank is greeted by Pandora’s Box. Has anyone ever NOT opened Pandora’s Box? Of course not.

Inside Pandora’s Box, Frank must choose three dollar signs, each containing an amount of money – some high, some low – from numerous, lined-up rows of dollar signs. As always, the HOH would be locked in Pandora’s Box for a certain amount of time (this time: one hour) following the ceremony.

Frank’s take: the sum of $1.05; $7.11; and $3,333.33.

With that, the floodgates opened and the rest of the houseguests were led outside and given their clue regarding Pandora’s Box: there is a second veto somewhere in the house. To obtain the extra veto, 50 cents is needed. Immediately everyone realized that this is in reference to the claw machine in the arcade room. As chaos ensued and the players started tearing apart the house for change, colored balls begin dropping down from the BB studio heavens. I’m guessing the mentality of the houseguests went a little something like this: colored balls – always an agent for change.

Dan and Britney both came very close with their attempts to snag the golden veto ball from within the claw machine, but somehow, Ian prevailed. Let’s take some liberty with the 50 cents and say it’s a numbers game thing again.

Once unlocked, Frank was back in strategy mode. With Ian having the ability to pull himself off the block, Frank was considering putting up Ian and Danielle, with his ultimate goal then being to backdoor Dan.

But little miss Britney was like a bee constantly buzzing in Frank’s ear since forming their “side alliance”, or whateveryouwannacallit. Brit wasn’t at all keen on Ian going up. If Frank were to put Dan and Danielle on the block, and Shane or Britney herself were to win the other POV, then the Quack Pack could control both POVs, thereby saving both Dan and Danielle and preserving their entire five-person alliance.

Frank is so desperate it’s almost sad. But not quite. Putting his pride aside, Frank once again approached Ian about whether or not they were working together, since Ian’s tendency leans toward wishy-washy at best. Ian confirmed his allegiance to Frank, but claimed, “I get scared anytime I have to make decisions.” We know you do.

At the Nomination Ceremony (dedicated by Frank to Mike & Ash, who “should still be here), Frank held true to his original plan, leaving both Dan and Danielle without their keys this week.

You gotta give it to Frank. He just won’t die. He’s teetering on the edge, but I think he’s still got a lot of game left in him. Ian seems to be the wild card all of a sudden, especially now that he holds one of the two POVs. He is seemingly loyal, and now in a strong alliance, but he just might crumble at any second.

Was it a mistake for Frank to put up Dan and Danielle instead of replacing one of them with Ian? Will The Quack Pack prevail in securing both vetos in order to remain unscathed with all five, original members? Will Britney and Shane uphold their vow to work with Frank this week to vote Dan out of the house? Will Dan work his magic and turn the votes in his favor if he doesn’t get saved in the POV? Did Jenn even make an appearance in this episode? And the always necessary question: WHO IS JENN?

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