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Two houseguests are evicted in one of the season's most action-packed episodes  

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August 28, 2010 at 01:00 AM EDT

In the HOH competition, the houseguests were asked which two of them had acted as HOH twice so far this season (Matt and Rachel). To answer, they had to dive into a pile of packing peanuts and locate the names. Hayden, the first person to buzz in his answer, won the title. Later, we saw Enzo with a bloody, bandaged knee, an injury he got during this competition. You see, folks, losing is hard, dangerous work.

After a short powwow with the Brigade and a lot of heavy breathing, Hayden nominated Brendon and Ragan for eviction, making good on his promise from last week to keep Britney off the block. Ragan almost took his nomination as a joke, piping up sarcastically, “How dare you!” He must’ve felt safe, but nonetheless, it was a bold statement for someone who was crying about being on the block just weeks ago. Brendon looked mildly annoyed and broody about being on the block — and subsequently very attractive.

At the less-than-exciting-but-time-crunch-friendly veto competition (Before/After), Ragan’s solo studying came in handy. After correctly saying that the house was given a Have-Not pass BEFORE Rachel said her infamous “floaters grab a life vest” line, Ragan beat out Hayden and Lane for the veto.

Back in the house, Britney immediately began confirming her safety with the Brigade members, knowing she would be placed on the block after Ragan used the veto. Again, with so little time in between major events, there was no time to waste on subtly. Maybe with even less time we would have been spared the lovefest that took place during nominee speeches. Call me weird; I like all of these people better when they’re mean. Not too mean (like that hateful Ragan vs. Rachel showdown), just competitive.

By another unanimous vote, Brendon was evicted. And oddly, as he walked out the door, he was as appealing as he was the first time we saw him without a shirt back in July. He gently ribbed Enzo about his penguin suit on his way out, left the door open so the houseguests could see briefly get a glimpse of the outside. When did he transform back into a nice guy? Maybe his hair hasn’t been carrying secrets but instead animosity? Wherever this change came from, he is now USDA and SANDRA approved…for now.

During Brendon’s exit interview directly following his outster from the “really nice version of prison,” Julie asked a question that many of us had been thinking in recent weeks: Was life in the house easier for him without Rachel? He claimed it was easier for the houseguests but not for him. Based on how much he talked to his pictures of her, I’d say that’s true, but it’s also hard not to notice the subtle changes in his personality as well.

With Brendon gone, there is a peace in the house now that is both unsettling and sweet. The movers and shakers have been taken out, leaving a group of people that generally get along well. That’s fine and dandy, but I gotta ask, is that good TV? Dr. Will and Boogie got along great and I loved watching them. But Chilltown these people are not. How will they keep things interesting? Discuss.

Next: Who’s on top of their game?

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Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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