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ALL CROPS: Big Brother: Over the Top RECAP
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Well, how’s that for an ending?! That’s right folks, we’ve officially reached the end of the inaugural season of Big Brother: Over the Top, meaning that for the first time in six months, my Wednesday nights are free! All jokes aside, this season was really something else. The fact that it was streaming only notwithstanding, the season felt different than usual — there truly was an insane amount of tears and fights and arguing. I’ve been watching since season 12, so maybe I’m missing an early season, but this has got to have been the most bitter, divisive season of the show ever. But wasn’t it fun?

The finale was set up a little bit differently from finales past since there’s no jury for this version, so let’s roll through the highlights of what was really just an extended clip show:

  • Kryssie, Morgan, and Jason summing up their time on the show was so painfully scripted and I felt like I was watching someone give a presentation in a high school public speaking class
  • Shane got rid of his long hair!!!! Julie asks Danielle what the status of their relationship is (they’re officially together) but we all know the real question is whether she digs the fresh cut or not. They’re sweet though, I hope they make it and don’t break my heart like Nicole and Hayden did.
  • I’m sad Scott didn’t get more cheers when he walked out.
  • Julie says ‘s—‘ because she can on All Access.
  • There’s a hilarious compilation clip of everyone in the diary room that was probably my favorite segment from the entire season. For example, “When I lost my virginity…when I broke up with a girl, I wasn’t emotional,” Shane says through tears.
  • Julie asks everyone who they would have voted for if the jury were in play, and exactly zero people say Kryssie.

Eventually, it’s time for Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan to each give one final speech in a last-ditch effort to secure America’s votes. All three do a really good job — Jason focuses on how he won when he needed to and kept his loyalties, Kryssie emphasizes how she played a strategically sound but mostly behind-the-scenes game, and Morgan makes her case by saying she got to the end “fair and square” by fighting the entire way there.

Julie returns to the screen and announces the next evictee is… Kryssie. In a turn everyone (including Kryssie) saw coming, she receives the lowest number of votes, and exits the house, leaving Morgan and Jason to vie for the final prize.

Up until the very end, I truly had no idea who was going to win. Both Jason and Morgan had very vocal online fan bases, and very vocal critics, so they seemed pretty evenly-matched, fan-base-wise. Even so, I was still surprised when (spoilers, duh) Morgan pulled out the $250,000 win over Jason. I guess I had expected his large following to eke him out a victory, which they almost did — only 20,000 votes determined the winner. Morgan seemed as surprised as anyone that she won, and poor Jason seemed totally devastated. I firmly believe Morgan kicked butt and earned it, but I did feel bad for Jason knowing he came thisclose to something that had meant so much to him for so long. Although, I am curious if Alex was secretly jealous that her sister who clearly didn’t care about the game as much as she did managed to win.

This season was… strange to say the least, but it was thoroughly entertaining. Now excuse me while I go on a total Big Brother cleanse until the summertime.

What did you think of the finale? Were you happy Morgan won, or were you rooting for Jason? Let us know in the comments!

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