A new HOH is crowned and the remaining players duke it out to round out the final three
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Somehow it feels like the inaugural season of BB: OTT just started (remember Cornbread?!) but here we are at the final four.

As we pick up with Shelby’s inevitable eviction last week, Morgan felt that, following Shelby’s law school reveal, it was time to fill the remaining houseguests in on her own dirty little secret: She’s Alex’s sister. The reactions to her “big reveal” are hilariously underwhelming. Jason acts like Morgan’s just told the whole house her favorite food is pizza, and Kryssie tries to play it off like it wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassing that she didn’t believe Morgan the first time. Jason also makes a comment about how confused he was and how he should have picked up on it sooner — even though he did mention how much they looked alike back in week 1.

Julie appears and tells the houseguests that they’re switching things up a bit in the final week. There will be one final HOH competition, and the winner will choose one person to accompany him or her to the final three. The remaining two contestants will then duke it out to win the final spot in the final three. America will then vote on those three houseguests to determine the winner.

For the HOH competition, the houseguests must answer questions about past HOH winners and maneuver a ball up a wall into a hole. I guess because this is CBS All Access and not network television, they even sneak in a few cringy dirty jokes along the way: “I’m usually good at finding the hole, but this is terrible,” says Justin. UGH. This competition looks hard, and drives Kryssie, Morgan, and Justin a little bonkers (or you could say… up a wall). Jason, however, nails it as per usual and runs away with the win.

“I’ve been trying to weigh out smart end-game decisions where I could possibly win, versus keeping game-long loyalties, so that’s basically what it comes down to,” he says as he chooses Kryssie to accompany him to the final three. So basically, he didn’t even have to make a decision, because Kryssie checks off both of those boxes. He will win against her 100 percent considering she’s done basically nothing, and they’ve been loyal to each other throughout the entire game. Easy.

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That leaves Justin and Morgan to fight it out for the final spot, though Justin is none too pleased. Though I wouldn’t say he necessarily deserves to be in the final three based on competition wins, Jason’s right: Justin has played an epic floater game. I tend to hate floaters in the game of Big Brother and get annoyed when they make it to the end, but I have to give props to Justin for playing a killer social game that carried him as far as it did.

What I won’t give Justin props for is being a sore loser. Sure, it sucks Jason picked Kryssie over him, but that’s not a reason to sulk in the corner by yourself and whine that you made it this far completely on your own with no help from anyone else and that it’s your “fate” to win. Things get even worse when he storms out of the Thanksgiving feast; he leaves Kryssie to make the turkey and alone and misses out on the wonderful turkey-themed outfits worn by Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan. It’s understandable that the Big Brother house isn’t the greatest place to be stuck on Thanksgiving, but he could’ve at least, like, baked a pie or something.

Eventually, it’s time for Morgan and Justin to have their final face-off. The competition is similar to ones we’ve seen in years past. The two competitors run through a maze of metal fences, jump over hay bales, and match blown-up photos of houseguests’ faces with questions. This competition looks exhausting — even just watching it made me feel out of breath. And Justin was doing all that running in a sweatshirt! No wonder he was struggling so badly he needed his inhaler afterward. In the end, Morgan pulls out the win, securing her spot in the final three, and Justin leaves following a gracious goodbye. Guess winning wasn’t his fate after all.

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