The Late Night Jamboree overtakes Morgan's HOH to send her alliance member packing
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It’s almost Thanksgiving, and man, aren’t those Big Brother contestants so lucky that they don’t have to be home, stuck in a house with people they don’t always get along so great with? Ah, just kidding. Probably similarly to your Thanksgiving (or maybe not! I happen to think my drunk aunts are hilarious), tensions have never been higher in the house, especially as the two rival alliances are inching closer and closer to being evenly matched.

With Danielle out the door, it’s still Morgan and Shelby versus the Late Night Jamboree, but now the LNJ is only three people strong (Jason, Justin, and Kryssie), and Justin and Kryssie have tentatively promised to be on the girls’ side (though we all know the Jambalaya Gang isn’t exactly the strongest alliance to ever grace our screens).

Before the HOH competition, Julie delivers some exciting news to the houseguests: America’s nominee is no more, so it’s back to just two people on the block, both put up by the HOH.

For this week’s HOH competition, the contestants answer a bunch of questions and stand on posts, so it’s a mix of mental and endurance challenges. Jason and Justin exit the competition quickly, but Morgan and Kryssie are really good at standing on their posts. Morgan tries to offer Kryssie a deal so that Kryssie will let her win, but Kryssie tells Morgan she’ll have to pry the win out of her “cold, dead hands.” Which is what Morgan does!

Jason is absolutely thrilled by Morgan’s HOH win, which he makes clear when he says, “When Morgan wins HOH, I want to tear the skin from my own face.” What a pleasant image — thank you, Jason. It’s also funny when he says, “I can’t believe that all three of us couldn’t beat this one girl” because it implies that he actually thinks Kryssie and Justin are capable of winning a competition.

Kryssie’s upset that Morgan won because “Morgan doesn’t mean anything she says.” Yeah, like that time she told you she was a twin! How silly, right? Morgan is such a liar.

Justin wins the final care package, and his prize is the “Final Four Challenge.” He gets safety this week and advances to the final four if he can complete an individual challenge prepared by Big Brother. The challenge ends up being a slack line that he must run across, and after he’s given two hours to practice, he nails it. Not sure why this was the only reward that wasn’t just gifted to the winner, but maybe it was some sort of punishment for being the last to receive a package? Who knows.

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Now that he’s secured his safety, Justin chats with Morgan and tells her straight-up that if it’s down to Shelby and Jason, he’s voting out Shelby, officially putting the kibosh on the short-lived Jambalaya Gang. His reasoning makes sense — he says Shelby’s more of a threat and he’d never win against her, which is probably true. I respect how Justin is always so forward with his plans and nothing seems to ever backfire on him. Like, he could say anything and people would just kind of be like, “Okay, yeah, cool.” At least the dude’s loyal?

At the safety ceremony, Morgan gets one save and she picks Kryssie Shelby, duh, “leaving the rocker and the stocker on the blocker.” LOL, seriously, Big Brother? Who comes up with this stuff? Is it secretly Julie? I bet it’s Julie.

By the time the veto competition rolls around, it’s super important for everyone to win. If anyone comes down, Shelby goes up. But if the LNJ can pull that off, they’ll be safe for the week. The competition is a race through a maze where the houseguests have to find three ears of corn in the fastest amount of time. Is it weird that I think this competition actually looks a little bit fun? In the end, Jason and Justin finish within two minutes (!!!!!) and Jason wins. He finishes the maze in like, 1:30 — I can’t even down the shot I’ll need to deal with my family on Thanksgiving in that amount of time! This competition really had me wondering just how much Jason owed to “the BB gods.” He finished a full 10 minutes before Morgan! Maybe he really was just in the zone, but I’ll leave it to you all to debate conspiracy theories in the message boards.

Jason, obviously, takes himself off the block, and Morgan is forced to put up Shelby, resulting in a crying session that lasts approximately 10 years. “Why, why do I have to live with these people?” a desperate Morgan asks, and somewhere, a frustrated Alex is saying to her TV screen, “You should’ve been evicted, not me!”

At the eviction ceremony it ends up being what we all saw coming: After revealing her law school secret, Shelby is evicted in a 2-0 vote, and Morgan is the lone-standing Ball-Smasher. Think she’ll make it alone in the house with the final three LNJ?

Leave your thoughts and theories about the week below.

For more Big Brother: Over the Top, be sure to return to next week, when we will have our interview with Shelby and thoughts from Julie Chen.

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