The tears flow as a houseguest gets the boot in part two of the double eviction

By Rachel DeSantis
November 11, 2016 at 11:54 PM EST

Big Brother: Over the Top hardly gave us a chance to miss it before it was back for more with a special episode to fill us in on what went down during a very dramatic, and very, very tearful, double eviction.

We get one last glimpse of Alex (miss you, girl) in the house, as we get a peek at her final moments. Shelby finally reveals to her alliance members that she’s not actually a waitress, but a law student, and Alex is absolutely shocked. Like so shocked, that I’d almost be mildly offended if I were Shelby that Alex couldn’t possibly believe I was that smart. Now that Shelby’s revealed something, the sisters decide it’s finally time to clue her in on their little secret, and Shelby is floored but says it all makes sense because they have the same nose.

The one and only Rachel Reilly makes a visit to host the HOH comp, and although all the contestants act excited, I genuinely do wonder which of them actually knew who she was. Danielle certainly did, though, because she spent the ENTIRE competition staring lovingly at Rachel with a happy grin on her face. It comes down to a dramatic four-way tie, but in the end, Danielle does her idol proud and wins Head of Household.

While the Late Night Jamboree celebrate their victory, Morgan and Shelby comfort each other and cry. “I’m so glad you’re such a great person,” Shelby says through choked tears. The two of them throw compliments back and forth, sounding like every sorority girl ever, drunk in the bathroom at her first formal.

Their sadness doesn’t last for long, though. Morgan wins the care package, and it’s a plain old Power of Veto. But that’s enough! It can keep both Morgan and Shelby safe for the week, and that’s all they need. Smooth sailing for these two.

Danielle feels frustrated since she can’t get her only targets out, and once again she whines about their poor sportsmanship for being happy about the veto like she never celebrates when her alliance wins. She tries to talk game with Shelby and Morgan, and tells them that the only person she feels she needs to keep safe this week is Jason. The girls agree with this, as long as Jason and Danielle agree to work with them going forward (for real this time). Shelby says it’d be a waste to vote out Kryssie during the double eviction, since she’s pretty much useless, and says that if it’s down to Whitney and Justin, the girls are 100 percent going to vote out Justin.

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Danielle treats her safety ceremony as if it’s Sophie’s choice. She sighs heavily, closes her eyes and tilts her head toward the heavens as she pushes back tears and says, “Oh god, please let this be the right choice.”

Back downstairs, she announces that Whitney and Justin have been nominated for eviction. Danielle’s crying, Whitney’s crying, Kryssie’s crying, Jason’s crying, and I’m crying because I have to be subjected to this ridiculous sobfest. It’s seriously some next-level bawling, with hiccups, lip quivers, and all. It’s just a game, you guys!

Danielle tries to get Shelby and Morgan to vote out Whitney, and says that if there’s a tie, there’s no way she’ll be able to send Justin packing. The girls tell her that that is dumb because Justin is clearly the bigger target, but Danielle says she still won’t.

The votes are split, as to be expected, with the girls voting to keep Whitney and Jason and Kryssie voting to keep Justin. Danielle breaks the tie, sending Whitney out the door as promised. But she’s not happy about it! They hug and cry as if Whitney has just received notice she has three months to live, not like she’s being evicted from a game show after being in their alliance for exactly one week.

Justin and Whitney hug like they’re Jack and Rose and the Titanic is about to sink, and then, just like that, she’s gone.

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