On ''Big Brother,'' given the choice between evil Joe and Evil Dick, the houseguests clap the door on the former; then the latter wins head of household

By Lynette Rice
Updated July 20, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Cliff Lipson

”Big Brother”: Choosing between two evils

Last week, I hoped for a nomination for Dick and a backdoor exit for Joe. Boy, was I wrong. Granted, I did think Joe deserved to have the door smack him in the butt sooner rather than later, not only because he publicly humiliated poor Dustin with those accusations that Dustin gave him the clap (thank you, former boy toy Nate, for saying that it could have come from anybody) but also because of how his voice ratchets up three octaves whenever he gets excited. And who among us, really, wanted to look at those gigantic nipples for one more day?

But in the long run, I think everybody but Kail got it wrong by allowing Dick — a far more dangerous and toxic player — to stay another day while booting the far less threatening Joe. Forget that Dick flies off the handle whenever someone tries to play the game. (Let’s be honest: Boobs — a.k.a. Jen — was playing the game when she tried to campaign about the POV competition, so she didn’t deserve Dick’s misogynistic verbal spanking.) Dick doesn’t think before he speaks, and he can’t be trusted with proprietary information. To top it off, the dude likes to be called Evil, and he’s just too icky to look at. Why would anyone consider trusting such an obnoxious loose cannon?

Before we proceed to talk about Sunday’s nominations, we’ve got to have a little postmortem discussion about the not-so-dearly departed Carol. I’m sure you all read our Q&A by now with the first evictee, who said last week that CBS came after her to do Big Brother and that she didn’t seek out casting calls herself. After reading that, my first thought was that the Eye must have paid her more than the other houseguests to participate in a reality show that she supposedly never saw and didn’t seem to like. (All the HGs receive a nominal fee to participate.) Well, a high-placed source at CBS (and his name rhymes with Len Schmaynard) told me that Carol not only was eager to do the show but received no additional coinage. In fact, almost all of the HGs had an enemy waiting in the wings, ready to play BB, but Carol, Dick, and Dustin were deemed the most show-worthy. So although Carol may have looked like an innocent victim in a sneaky on-air plot to reunite old adversaries, she was hungry for her 15 minutes, just like everybody else.

Now onto the very odd alliances forming in the house. We’ve got Kail, Boobs, and their Chippendale boys (Zach, Mike, and Nick) on one side, and what are fast becoming Dick’s beeotches on the other side (Daniele, Amber, and Dustin). The floaters (Jameka, Jessica, and Eric) seem more inclined to join Team Evil, and not just because Dick is practically scaring them into submission. Amber, of all people, is wielding an enormous amount of power in that group; her endless reservoir of tears has made her both sympathetic and unthreatening — a brilliant strategy, however unintentional it may be. Never mind that exactly no one questioned why Amber was behaving like a bereaved widow when she was chosen to play in the POV competition. Instead, everyone fell for her ”oh, woe is me” bullhicky about being in a pressure-cooker position, which was compounded when Boobs started telling everybody to eliminate her nominees first or face eviction later. Granted, this may not have been the smartest move by Boobs, who ended up igniting a shouting match that was both awkward (we’re not talking about the most articulate group of heavy thinkers here) and delicious at the same time (Zach calling out Jameka for speaking to him for the first time after a week in the house was pretty frakkin’ legit). Boobs obviously set off Dick, who will likely target her for eviction this week, along with Kail (who cast the lone vote against him and dared to campaign for Joe).

I think Kail’s days are numbered — she’s been waaaayyy too obvious about her allegiance to the boys — but I’m not ready to count Boobs out just yet. Internet rumors abound that Boobs has possible ties to Mike Boogie and Dr. Will — the Chill Town alliance from past seasons — who supposedly took her on a vacation and gave her some BB tips. What’s more, I listened in on a strategy session Wednesday night on ShoToo’s Big Brother: After Dark (my new guilty pleasure) between Jen and Zach, and this nanny seemed a lot smarter than she had previously appeared (though a fellow BB fan at EW took one look at Boobs in that ridiculous red catsuit and dubbed her Unitarded). If Boobs wants to defeat Dick, she’ll quit showing off her bod and start using her brain.

Now a final word about this budding romance between Daniele and Nick. I have my doubts about that boy’s sexuality; when there’s smoke, there’s fire, and this dude is setting off alarms. (You guys have pointed out that the feeds have shown Nick being flirty with Joe and wondering why the producers never ask him about that flirting in the diary room. Relatively not-safe-for-work clips of those moments are all over YouTube.) Still, Nick seems honestly taken by Daniele (who I believe is secretly hoping for slop each week so she’ll have another excuse not to eat). ShoToo’s gotta be drooling at the possibility of a little nighttime nookie.

What do you think? Was the right HG sent packing? Do you agree with me that Dick will nominate Boobs and Kail? And will Daniele betray her live-in boyfriend and eventually do the hibity with Nick?

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