By EW Staff
July 12, 2018 at 10:28 PM EDT

SPOILER ALERT: Literally everything about Thursday’s Big Brother season 20 episode is below. Consider yourself warned.

It’s time for the second eviction of the Big Brother season and … I’m already tired. The pace and erraticness of Kaitlyn’s gameplay this week has been exhausting to watch on the feeds let alone on TV, with the tears and the lies and the Daytime Emmy campaigning (why set the bar so low?). But we will finally see if her complicated plan to backdoor Swaggy C is successful, or if toothy gun-lover Winston will be the one out the door instead. And after last night’s show-closing promise, will Swaggy keep his word and make the rest of the week a living hell for the house?

After a brief recap with Julie Chen, dressed in mourning black, we jump right into the aftermath of the PoV meeting. Swaggy C and the rest of Foute, thrown for a loop after Swaggy was chosen as the replacement nominee, regroup and make it their mission to get the votes needed to keep him safe. While Kaitlyn cries in the HoH room and talks about making her younger self proud, Bayleigh plays a “nice/nasty” approach and tries to reason with the HoH while also challenging the thinking that she would be a target to Swaggy. Faysal and Rockstar determine that, besides the non-Kaitlyn members of Foute, they need 6 votes to tie the vote and 7 to keep Swaggy in the game another week. Winston, meanwhile, has growing concerns of his own that his safety is not guaranteed, though Kaycee (first diary room in a week!) reassures him that he has the votes in his favor. Faysal, feeling stuck between his closest friends in the house, asks Kaitlyn why he didn’t tell her earlier about the plan, saying that he’s not sure he can ever trust her in the game.

This leads to Swaggy C making his case to Kaitlyn and Tyler, who, between his disinterest and her tears, seems to have a less than captive audience. Things brighten up when Swaggy turns up the charm and professing his genuine feelings for Bayleigh, using that as a way to hopefully sway their favor. This makes Kaitlyn question whether or not to actually go through with the backdoor, saying that her head says to get him out but her heart is feeling for him. This whole time I didn’t know Kaitlyn had a heart, so the more you know. We then get Swaggy talking to Sam — who, unknown to him, holds the Extra Life power — about his past, including his mother leaving the family when he was 3, and losing his dad while in high school. Though he says in the diary room that this is really him playing up his acting skills, it’s more than we’ve gotten from Swaggy all season. Sam, feeling like she was given a second chance last week by the house, wonders if she should pass that goodwill along to Swaggy.

After an impassioned speech from Swaggy, during which he tells the houseguests to play the game instead of tanning in the backyard, we move to the eviction vote. By a vote of 8 (Brett, Kaycee, Tyler, Scottie, JC, Angela, Rachel, and Sam) to 4 (Bayleigh, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal), it’s Swaggy that is the second person evicted from the house. After hugs to his alliance mates (and no love to anyone else), he tells Julie that everybody in the house is soft and incorrectly asserts that Haleigh voted to get him out (“I didn’t hug her,” he immediately blurts out after finding out the truth). After being presented with a teary goodbye message from Bayleigh where she says she loves him, he reciprocates her feelings and manages to go out with perhaps the greatest final words in BB interview history when asked about Tyler:

“He’s soft! He fell in love with a girl who got a boyfriend back home! Like, good luck getting to the end, it won’t happen. Fez and Bayleigh are gonna take you out, good luck. I don’t rock with you, don’t talk to me after the show ends, that’s all I’m commenting.” Say what you will, but the house won’t be the same without Swaggy C.

It’s time for the HoH competition, Product Launch. The houseguests are presented with two videos from BB’s new “Pineapple” tech products (complete with its own faux Jobs), the CryPhone, the FearPods and the LiePad. After each video, they are asked a series of true or false questions about the facts of each product. Get it right, you stay in the game; get it wrong, you’re out. The last one standing is the new HoH. After a tiebreaker between Scottie and Rachel, it’s Scottie who is the new HoH. Normally this would be good news for the remaining members of Foute … if he hadn’t just flipped his vote earlier to get Swaggy out. There’s really no telling whether he’ll be loyal to them or to Level Six, which leaves us with another wildcard HoH to ruminate over. Expect the unexpected indeed.