By jibrilgagale
August 08, 2018 at 10:22 PM EDT

We’re nipping past the half-way point of Big Brother 20 and until Haleigh (America’s second most adorable hacker behind Rami Malek) decided to plop Tyler on the block, this season was definitely going his way. But with Haleigh’s big power move putting him in harm’s way, can he manage his way off the block? I mean, of course he will, but let’s see how this all pans out.

It’s the aftermath of the hacker’s shakeup and everyone in the house is seemingly confused by the turn of events. While Tyler promises he’ll get himself off the block, Haleigh tells the diary room she took her shot at him because she believes his tentacles in the game stretch farther than they appear. She then meets with Bayleigh and Rockstar, who both believe Scottie is the true hacker (he’s not). JC dumbly wonders if Tyler himself is the hacker, but the head of Level Six is under the belief that Bayleigh’s the hacker (she’s not) and that she put him up as a way to pit him and Scottie against each other. Angela finds the thought of Scottie being the hacker too obvious and puts her sights once again on Bayleigh. Her and Kaycee make it their mission to win the veto and take Tyler off (what is it with these players and their lack of self-reliance?) in order to secure their earlier plan to backdoor Bayleigh.

When Bayleigh meets with Angela and Kaycee in the HoH room, the Level Six ladies tell her that they plan on keeping nominations the same if they win the veto. Bayleigh is too comfortable to notice the fact that they’re clearly lying, and feels that the plan to get Tyler out will still go according to plan. I could really use her optimism because it’s five blind-sides later and she’s still not even thinking of a worst-case scenario. Haleigh continues to deserve the Daytime Emmy that Kaitlyn was supposed to have, as Faysal and Bayleigh still aren’t wise to her identity as the hacker. She tells the diary room that her pick for the veto has to be someone no one would suspect. It’s soon time to pick players for the veto competition. The hacker chooses Kaycee, which makes Angela immediately certain Bayleigh’s the hacker. Scottie and Brett are also chosen, which gives Tyler three people who’ll be fighting for him as opposed to themselves.

Mr. Pec-tacular, a.k.a. Jessie from BB10-11 (my god has it really been 10 years?), hosts this week’s veto competition, Power Trip. The contestants run back and forth rolling orbs across a tilted platform. Each successful pass without the orb falling generates one energy point, and if the orb falls to the ground, the count is rolled back to 0. The last person in each round to generate the needed energy points will be eliminated and given a “gift,” however, each eliminated contestant can keep their gift or trade for someone else’s. The last contestant to complete the game will have their choice of any gift, including the power of veto. This game is as much about luck as it is sport, and with Tyler having any number of allies willing to take a fall for him, he may have the most luck of all.

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Round one hits and Rockstar is the first one out, earning the veto (and a pair of golden hot pants) in the process. Angela is the next one out and wins a fitness and food plan created by Jessie, which she promptly trades to Rockstar for the veto. The remaining houseguests, having run up and down the platform three times by this point, are starting to show signs of strain. Kaycee ends up being the third to go, winning a trip to Honolulu she decides to keep. Scottie, Brett, and Tyler are the last three left in the competition and all are driven to win the veto for themselves (or Tyler, in Brett’s case). Brett continues his perfect record of not winning competitions by being the next one booted. He wins the chance to be the mascot known as The Health Nut, which he trades for Kaycee’s Hawaiian trip because he wants to get laid (no really, he said that). Scottie pleads to Tyler to give the veto to him, promising to take him off the block. Tyler, despite all the best friend talk from last week, refuses and we get to the final round, which is for 100 exhausting energy points. Both men run like there’s a guillotine awaiting the loser, and ultimately Tyler is the winner of the competition. Scottie claims his gift of $5,000, which he immediately trades for the veto. But when Angela pinky-promises not to put him up, he decides to take the money. Tyler lands on Insta-Granny, which will have him take care of Jessie’s good old granny. Tyler attempts to go for Angela’s veto, and the two have a bit of a community theater play as she promises to use the veto to take him off the block. He ultimately backs down and trades for Brett’s trip instead, leaving Angela as the final veto winner.

Bayleigh and Haleigh are left in the dark by the outcome of the competition for different reasons. Bayleigh is confused by Angela promising Tyler the veto, as she’s still unaware of her own backdoor. Meanwhile, Haleigh is left wondering why Tyler would take a trip over guaranteed safety. Tyler sees him leaving Scottie’s money alone as an opportunity to win him over and get his vote to backdoor Bayleigh (who, I repeat, is NOT the hacker). Kaycee gets her second unfortunate outfit of the season as The Health Nut, a jacked peanut (not to be confused with Brett), while Rockstar’s gift leaves her doing laps in the backyard and enjoying healthy smoothies (not unlike Brett). Angela continues to indulge Bayleigh’s game talk, while leaving her in the dark about her plans for the veto.

It’s then time for the veto meeting, where Angela follows her plan and uses the veto on Tyler. In a heated (and incorrect) speech, Angela nominates Bayleigh as the replacement nominee and lays into her for “hijacking” her HoH, telling her that her power trip was over. Between Rachel last week and Bayleigh this week, my guess is Angela will be spending a lot of the wrap party hiding behind bushes. Haleigh feels guilty that she can’t have Bayleigh’s back fully without admitting she’s the true hacker. She’s now stuck between evicting two of her allies tomorrow night. After tonight’s episode, I’m starting to wonder if this season’s motto should really be Whatever Tyler Wants, Tyler Gets.