By jibrilgagale
September 02, 2018 at 09:44 PM EDT
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Tonight’s episode starts where Thursday’s episode ended, as battle-back winner Scottie returns to Big Brother. While the rest of the house is jumping for joy, Scottie tells the diary room he can see right through them as they all had voted him out just two weeks earlier. The reactions in the diary room seem to vary; while JC is ticked that the person he “worked” so hard to send home is back in the house, Tyler and Haleigh are happy about Scottie’s return for different reasons. Tyler sees this as the best-case outcome for his game as the other three possible returnees would have certainly been gunning for him this week, while Haleigh’s happy that, even with Fessy gone, she may yet have one more ally in the house. We get a brief clip from the battle-back competition as Fessy fills Scottie in on JC’s machinations in the game and further apologizes for sending him home. He later tells the diary room he’s hoping to use his second chance to get JC out of the game.

JC can’t hide his contempt for Scottie’s return as he meets with Level Six, declaring that one of them has to win the Head of Household or else Haleigh and Scottie (who they presume are a team once again) will almost certainly go for their heads. Ahead of the HoH competition, Haleigh and Scottie briefly clear the air as she fills him in on what the week might look like, explaining that if neither win HoH, they’ll both likely be on the block next to each other. The HoH competition, “Pie in the Sky,” reuses the set from the battle-back competition for a county-fair themed endurance game. The houseguests, standing on rope-strung discs above the ground, have to hang on for dear life as they swing around and hit a “cherry pie” with gooey filling. The last person swinging is our new HoH and, though Haleigh makes a valiant and gooey effort, it’s Tyler who ultimately wins and becomes the top dog of the week (though honestly, when isn’t he?). Haleigh is spent after the competition, and all she has to show for it is an ugly faceplant on the ground and a teary lament in the diary room.

JC, ever the wily puppetmaster, is putting his skills at scamming to good use as he listens to Haleigh complain about Sam’s noticeable cheers for Tyler and against her during the competition. The two haven’t been on the best of terms since Sam’s bizarre reasoning for nominating her, and JC hopes to put this animosity to good use by pitting them against each other. While Tyler makes it clear that this week he’s playing more for himself than for Level Six, that doesn’t stop everyone from trying to influence his game. When Angela meets with him in the HoH room, she brings up JC’s suspicious and sneaky behavior, calling him a “little snake.” Tyler, who again has final 2 deals with nearly everyone in the house, believes his safest route this week may just be to nominate Haleigh and Scottie, two people he’s not directly aligned with. Speaking of aligning, his semi-showmance with Angela is only growing more wrought as they’re both dead set on not making anything official in the house — even though they CLEARLY want to climb all over each other. “The more time I spend with Angela, the more distracted I’m getting,” he complains to the diary room.

We get a touching private moment from JC and Kaycee as they share their coming-out experiences in the living room. Kaycee says that while her father was immediately accepting, her mother had a tougher time coming to terms with her sexuality. “It would be awesome if my mom could just fully accept me for who I am,” she tearfully tells the diary room. “I know she loves me and I know she’s proud of me, I know she is.” JC encourages her that things will get better with time, but the hurt and heartbreak in Kaycee’s eyes is palpable. In the HoH room, Haleigh tries to pick Tyler’s brain about what the nominations will look like this week. While Tyler plays it cool, Haleigh says it’s clear she’ll be one of the nominees and that her best hope for staying is if a bigger target is nominated next to her. While there’s brief talk of the pluses and minuses of putting up Sam, Tyler makes it clear in the diary room he has a long memory and that Haleigh should expect to be on the block. Scottie, who at the end of Thursday’s episode said he’d most want to work with Tyler, follows Haleigh into the HoH room and is caught up on more of what he’s missed in the house. Tyler says much of the house wants Haleigh gone, but that Scottie may be seen as a bigger threat as everyone voted to evict him. While Scottie reassures him that he’s only going to work with him and not Haleigh, Tyler refuses to make any guarantees of safety face to face. Tyler tells the diary room that while the house mostly wants Scottie gone, keeping him and getting rid of Haleigh instead may be more beneficial for his individual game right now.

JC and Brett continue their talks of possibly breaking up Kaycee and Angela, with JC bringing up that no one else in the house has their backs. JC tells the diary room his strategy is to put certain pairs (Sam and Haleigh, Angela and Kaycee, Brett and Tyler) at odds so that his chances of making the final two are better. To this length, he brings up Tyler and Angela’s showmance to Brett in the hopes of pinning it all on him in the event he’s on the hot seat. It’s not a particularly wise strategy as Level Six has proven pretty quick to sniff out lies within its ranks, but it’s certainly an effort. Brett soon brings all of JC’s talk to Tyler in the HoH room, with Brett calling him “paranoid to the max.” Both agree JC’s panic needs to end quickly so that Level Six isn’t put at risk. When Tyler brings up to JC the possibility of putting him up as a pawn, he immediately shuts that down and instead tries to sow doubt about Brett and Angela. Tyler isn’t falling for it and tells the diary room that if JC keeps playing tricks like these, he may have to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

When the time for nominations come, Tyler ultimately chooses the path of least resistance and nominates Haleigh and Scottie for eviction. Tyler makes a clear distinction that his moves are not personal and gives pretty bloodless reasons for their noms, citing Haleigh’s past efforts to backdoor him and the fact that everyone in the house voted to evict Scottie two weeks ago. Both nominees are frustrated at their fate and both vow to put up a fight to win the veto, which we’ll see on Wednesday’s episode. While Tyler ends the episode by saying that this week was not the time to backstab one of his many allies in the game, will Haleigh or Scottie win the veto and force him to do just that?