By jibrilgagale
August 01, 2018 at 10:56 PM EDT
Big Brother
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

We’re at the halfway point of Big Brother 20 and the one trend that’s clear for both major alliances is internal discord, a lot of which we get to see tonight. We join the aftermath of Bayleigh’s nominations as Brett and Rachel deal with their uncertain futures in the game. While Brett is mostly unsurprised, Rachel is anxious even though she’s told she’s not the target. She tells Kaycee that she hopes to get in Bayleigh’s head to take the target off of Brett and presumably off Level Six.

When JC (who’s suddenly getting subtitled all the time) and Faysal meet in the storage room, Fessy takes credit for Kaitlyn’s eviction, even though he spent the whole week groveling and trying to keep her around. Bayleigh and Tyler talk in the HoH room about the coming veto competition and she correctly guesses that he has one of the remaining powers. Tyler, looking to keep both of his alliance mates safe in the case of a won veto, finds out that he’s in the pile for a possible replacement nominee. Fortunately for him, he has the power to take himself off the block. Ultimately, Tyler promises Bayleigh that he’ll keep the nominations the same if he wins the veto.

JC, looking to keep Faysal solely in his corner, tells Bayleigh about Faysal taking credit for her moves and nominations. This obviously annoys her and she confronts Faysal, telling him that he made her feel like “a little bitch” — and that she’s now in a bad spot in the game because of his double-talk. The next morning Bayleigh’s Raisin Bran wake-up is interrupted by a still-panicked Rachel, who’s still trying to keep Brett’s quads safe more than herself. Bayleigh, having shared so much of her future gameplay with Rachel, is annoyed by her insistence on keeping Brett, and is starting to second-guess putting her trust in Rachel (you think?). “I’m getting to the point where if people start pushing me into corners, I’m literally going to snap,” she says.

It’s soon time for players to be picked for the veto competition. Bayleigh chooses Sam, Rachel picks JC, and Brett lands on Tyler. Brett, not knowing of Tyler and Bayleigh’s veto pledge, is stoked because he’s certain the veto would be used on him if Tyler won. After a visit from a pooping crow, who may or may not be Kaitlyn’s manifestation, we get to the veto competition, “Goober Driver.” The six players, dressed like models from a Betsey Johnson-designed version of Dennis the Menace, will have to be drivers for cardboard cut-outs of the four evicted houseguests. However, the road is still unfinished, so they’ll have to complete it with puzzle pieces before they can drive off. The person who does all this the fastest wins the veto, and I’m already confused because this challenge combines three things I can’t deal with: puzzles, roads, and Winston’s teeth. Like Kaitlyn last week, everyone has a moment of getting tripped up by the puzzle pieces, but it’s ultimately Tyler who wins the veto. It really seems like all roads in the Big Brother house lead to Tyler and his perm.

Tyler, knowing whatever decision he makes will make tick somebody off, meets with Bayleigh again in the HoH room to solidify their PoV plan. After finding out that Angela would likely be the replacement nominee if he uses the veto, Tyler instead plays off that he’s in an alliance with Scottie (he isn’t), hoping to make Scottie the replacement nominee instead as Bayleigh’s already suspicious of him. Bayleigh later tells a teary-eyed Rachel that Tyler would only use the veto if Angela were the replacement nominee, leaving her to believe that he wants a woman definitely out this week. Rachel frantically fills Angela and Kaycee in on this news, which only makes things worse as none of them actually believes her. Tyler, who should really bottle his mist and sell it at Kohl’s because it’s really working on these women, tells Angela that this is far from the truth. He then tells the diary room that if Rachel blow ups his game, he’ll just use the veto on Brett … if he uses the veto at all.

Ahead of the veto meeting, Rachel continues to express her concerns to Angela, only to be met with resistance and distrust. She eventually tells Angela about Bayleigh’s power to change the nominations. When Angela tells Tyler about the power, he’s left feeling concerned about whether using the veto would be good for his game. And when the veto meeting comes, Tyler decides not to use the power of veto. With Brett and Rachel still on the block, Tyler tells the diary room he’d like to keep Brett in the game, adding that Bayleigh shouldn’t get everything she wants for her HoH week. Already forgot about her power, huh? Between Rachel’s panicked gameplay and Brett’s… Brett-ness, it’s really a coin toss as to who goes home tomorrow night. Either way, we’ve got 24 hours to go before Level Six will again be down a member.