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SPOILER ALERT: Literally everything about Sunday’s Big Brother season 20 episode is below. Consider yourself warned.

One of the keys to a perfect Big Brother backdoor is to keep up with a single story and stick with it until the plan does (or doesn’t) pan out. In the aftermath of Kaitlyn’s nominations, there’s no telling if her big “backdoor Swaggy C” plan will work, simply because there’s no telling how many more lies she’ll tell to cover the other lies she’s told since winning HoH. But will be her strategy work?

When we open the episode, Foute are still in the dark about what Kaitlyn’s plans truly are, which is confusing as she has no poker face. We then move quickly to the players picked for the PoV competition: Kaitlyn picks Faysal, Scottie lands at Rachel, and Winston picks Tyler. With Swaggy C, this week’s backdoor target, not picked, Kaitlyn and Tyler’s grand plan to get him out is one step closer to reality. However, Kaitlyn now worries that Faysal will mess up the grand plan if he wins, even though she, you know, picked him as ‘Houseguest’s Choice’! As she tries to instruct him to throw the competition, doubts are finally starting to build on his end. In the end, Faysal tells the diary room he has no intention of losing the competition.

As the houseguests mind their business, the doorbell rings and in walks BB19 lovebirds/Amazing Race winners Cody and Jessica, complete with robotic serial killer sound effects on Cody’s part. After showing off Jessica’s engagement ring to the camera, they introduce the PoV competition: Presented with the dating profiles and mall cut-outs of past BB houseguests like Jodi, Mike Boogie and Christmas, the six players have to figure out where each houseguest would most like to go on a date, from a movie theater to goat yoga. The player who determines the correct placements the quickest wins the veto. Despite some competition from Rachel, Tyler wins the veto with a time of 5:29, as Operation Backdoor Swaggy comes one step closer to fruition.

Tyler is now is stuck between taking Scottie or Winston off the block in favor of Swaggy. Meanwhile, Swaggy is still in the dark and under the belief that his new enemy Winston is the actual target. Tyler presents Kaitlyn with his plan for the veto: Take off Scottie, as he’s close to Swaggy, and hope that he’ll be so grateful to be off the block that he’ll go with Level Six for the week and vote to backdoor Swaggy. Just as soon as he reveals this, Kaitlyn comes to a panic-ridden realization: There’s still a whole other group in Foute that will make her their next target if the backdoor goes forward. Tyler tries to put her concerns at ease, but seeds of doubt are beginning to grow. After continuing to keep the plan from Faysal in conversation (she tells him that Angela is her real target), Kaitlyn tears up in the diary room thinking that she could lose his friendship by taking out his closest ally in the house.Wait, who’s that sweaty screaming man barging in the house? Oh yeah, that’s Rachel’s very special “Yell!” power for the week — and he yells everywhere; in the backyard, the diary room, even her bedroom in the middle of the night. Once all that passes, Kaitlyn decides to fill in fellow Foute member Haleigh on her possible plan for the week: “It’s going to be epic”, she tells her in a manner more producer than houseguest. Haleigh maintains a straight face throughout, but tells the diary room she’s freaking out over possibly losing a member of her alliance at the hands of someone she thought was an ally.

Haleigh then tells Rockstar about Swaggy’s backdoor, who decides to fill in Faysal about her suspicions. He tries to calm her down, still under the knowledge that Angela is the planned target. But it’s not long after that Kaitlyn and Faysal meet on the hammock and she finally tells him about the plan she’s long held. He shuts down at the news and rejects Kaitlyn’s efforts to try and patch things up. We then move onto the Veto meeting, where Tyler uses his veto on Scottie, followed by an again tearful and “empowered” Kaitlyn putting up Swaggy C as the replacement. The remaining members of Foute are in shock as we see an emotional Swaggy make a promise to the diary room not to go out quietly. “I’m gonna make everybody’s life a living hell,” are the last words we hear this episode, and it certainly leaves us with a lot of promise for what could be a chaotic eviction tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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