By jibrilgagale
August 19, 2018 at 09:36 PM EDT
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Is there another Big Brother duo in history that have played themselves as much as Faysal and Haleigh have? Every time they seem to have the upper hand in the game, they end up getting blindsided either through hacking, double-crossing or just plain oblivious stupidity. Losing their closest ally Rockstar last week on Haleigh’s own HoH stint seemed to be a new bottom, but will a new week turn their misfortunes around?

We rejoin the houseguests as we left them Thursday, in the middle of this week’s Head of Household competition “Glow and Flow.” Faysal, who has finally figured out that everyone else in the house is totally untrustworthy, is determined to win HoH this week to turn around his alliance’s bad luck and to figure out who’s putting their best-laid plans aflame (it’s Tyler, it’s been Tyler this entire time). Tyler thinks it’s important he or his alliance-mates wins the big prize because even though they’ve been lucky this whole competition, luck always runs out. JC, seeing his odds of winning the game slipping away along with his body (and everyone else’s), decides to go for the $5,000 cash prize vs. the HoH prize; it’s ultimately a fruitless battle as the HoH is won before the second glowstick can be filled. Tyler, Faysal, and Scottie are neck and neck for the lead from the very beginning, but it’s ultimately Fessy who grabs the red ping-pong ball of power and is our new HoH.

An untrusting Fessy sees it as his mission to expose the shadiness in the house as Head of Household but is totally unaware of his buddy JC’s trickery. In the diary room, he gloats that Fessy has been following his game cues this entire season and that this week is, in essence, his HoH because he’s incapable of winning any on his own. Brett sees himself as a likely target of Fessy’s because of his growing closeness with Haleigh, while Haleigh sees Scottie as a needed number for the group as she is sure he was the vote to keep Rockstar (for once, she’s actually right). We get a flashback of JC and Tyler the day before the eviction plotting to make fools of Fessy and Haleigh once again. Confident the vote would be 5-1, they set out to make the house believes that Brett actually was the one vote to keep Rockstar, playing into the house’s general distrust of Scottie due to his frequent vote-flipping. Faysal, drowning under all this misinformation, informs Haleigh that he’s going after “any of the boys” but that his worst-case scenario is putting up Tyler then Scottie winning the veto and taking him off the block. This causes dissent between the lovebirds as she insists Scottie is a needed number for them, while Fessy insists he’s not to be trusted and that if he has to get him out this week, he may have to do that. Awk-ward!

JC continues his misting powers on Faysal in the storage room, trying to make him believe that Scottie needs to go this week and that he’s not to be trusted. He fills in the rest of Level Six on his efforts, pulling one last card out of his deck by planning to tell Fessy that Scottie is romantically interested in Haleigh. JC is convinced this fact will be the thing that’ll take Fessy and his “testosterone” over the edge. It’s such a shame that he’s not incorrect about this; if there’s one thing this season has more than blind-sides, it’s toxic masculinity. After a tour of Faysal’s HoH room and a teary letter from his mom, things get tense as he tells the rest of the house he’s tired of being left in the dark week after week and that he wants to know who kept Rockstar in the game. When Scottie declares he was the one vote, Brett dissents and says he was the actual vote. When Kaycee plays along and says that she sensed that fact, Scottie has had enough. “You’re a b——t actor,” he immediately tells Kaycee as she angrily insists that she and Brett are not close (they are) and that she’s nothing but loyal as a player. “That’s cute,” Scottie retorts over and over as this community theater confrontation continues. Faysal later throws everyone out of his room, as he tells the diary room that he’s sensing more doubt from Brett than Scottie. As Kaycee and Scottie’s arguing drags into the kitchen, all Fessy can do is laugh.

JC’s scammery knows no bounds as he moves onto Haleigh, trying to convince her that Scottie is interested in her and that he’s gunning to get Faysal out. Haleigh’s not falling for it, however, telling the diary room it’s just easier to nod along with his bags of lies than to try and argue with him. JC continues these efforts in the HoH room with both Faysal and Haleigh and finds a more receptive listener in these conspiracy theories in Fessy. Haleigh’s frustrated by all this BS, as Fessy is starting to now believe that Scottie’s trying to pin the showmance against each other. She tries to convince him that since Scottie’s not going after her, he won’t go after Faysal either. This leads to yet another tiff as Faysal’s ticked that Haleigh is continuing to be a true and loyal friend to Scottie as opposed to the usual stonewalling this house loves. Haleigh tells the diary room that if Fessy’s going to continue with this macho messiness as opposed to going after the real targets, she wants no part of it.

Scottie tells Haleigh that Level Six is trying to hijack Faysal’s HoH by throwing in doubts about his loyalty to them. He tells the diary room it makes no sense to go after him this week as he was the only person to vote to keep Rockstar last week. He meets with Faysal in the HoH room and tells him that Kaycee and Brett are working together to stonewall him and get him out; when Fessy responds by saying that he’s never seen the two even interact together, Scottie says eluding suspicion is the whole point. Faysal tells the diary room he’s not falling for what Scottie’s trying to sell this time; ultimately it’s all of his past lies that’ll mess up this definite truth. Haleigh once again confronts Faysal, telling him that even if he puts up Scottie that won’t stop her friendship with him. “Why are we going to risk potentially going for the only other person that we maybe have?” she tells the diary room, obviously carrying all the brain cells for the two of them. Faysal is unconvinced, saying that he doesn’t trust Scottie as he talks more gameplay with her than him. Haleigh says she hopes Faysal ultimately makes the right decision, as putting up Scottie would be fatal for their game.

When the nomination meeting comes, Faysal ignores Haleigh’s advice and puts up Scottie and Brett for eviction, proving once and for all that he may actually be too dumb for this game. He explains that his vote flip on Swaggy C in week 2 is reason enough to not fully trust him and that he doesn’t care which of the two nominees goes home as they’re both proven liars. Scottie, in incredulous fashion, can’t believe how dumb Fessy is for trying to get his most consistent non-showmance ally out of the game (you’re not the only one, buddy); while Haleigh says she’s gunning to win the veto and “try to clean this mess up.” If she doesn’t, this will probably spell the end for Fessleigh as it’s obvious she’s had enough. Wednesday can’t come soon enough to see how Faysal will manage to screw things up some more.