By jibrilgagale
August 16, 2018 at 11:38 PM EDT

Faysal compared his alliance with Rockstar and Haleigh to The Bad News Bears for the first time on last night’s episode, but the trio’s luck in the Big Brother house has replicated those hapless kiddos from the jump. Tonight’s eviction may bring the ultimate coup de grâce for them with Rockstar on the chopping block, all thanks to Kaycee’s hacker power and Level Six’s general numbers game. Bad news indeed.

In the aftermath of the veto meeting, both nominees pledge they’re here to stay. While Kaycee has her hacker power, which allows her to silence one vote, Rockstar finds strength in being a “boss bitch.” (A very teary boss bitch, but a boss bitch nonetheless.) She sees Faysal, Sam, and Scottie voting in her favor, with JC likely to follow the majority vote. While she’s uncertain of her safety, Rockstar is confident that she hates Angela. The two nominees meet again in the game room where Rockstar spills to Kaycee that Angela was Haleigh’s real target and, oblivious to her own strenuous safety, that Kaycee is likely going home. Kaycee plays along but then shares this information with Angela, as the two plan yet another blindside of Rockstar and her alliance. They figure out the votes to keep Kaycee in the game and decide that Faysal will likely be the silenced vote, leading to a 5-1 decision evicting Rockstar. Then the two smugly cackle about taking over their rival’s HoH, just as they’ve taken over every significant opportunity in the house while riding Tyler’s coattails.

Speaking of Tyler, we’re reminded of his week 1 final two deal with Sam, who is still unsure where she stands in his game. While he tells her that she’s his top priority, he gives a different story in the diary room, saying that he’s trying to keep as many deals in the house active until he’s forced to choose a side. We’re two-thirds of the way into the season and Sam’s unfailing trust in Tyler and his curls could end up being her downfall. Meanwhile, Faysal and Haleigh’s showmance is growing stronger by the moment as they make out in the HoH bedroom, pledge their commitment to each other, and break the bathroom sink. “I’ve been waiting 54 days to do that,” he tells her after a passionate kiss. (Somewhere Kaitlyn is building a Horcrux to dissolve Fessy on finale night.) Haleigh, remembering that her father will probably be watching this on national TV, immediately expresses regret in the diary room. Rockstar, seeing that her former nemesis Brett has distanced himself from the other Level Sixers, makes one last play for his vote. She seems confident as she pitches a Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance, but he tells the diary room he’s not falling for it and that their pairing will end just as Brangelina did. When he shares this fact with Level Six, the group has a laugh about Rockstar’s obliviousness. Brett then makes the ultimate skeeze power move and helps Rockstar write her pre-eviction speech, feeding her false information about his alliance in hopes of making her sound even more unaware. This is actually kind of a rough watch, as both sides of the house are painfully smug in different ways. While Level Six is petty and snickering, The Bad News Bears are just too damn blind to see how they’re being played.

After a trip to Tyler’s Ohio hometown (he really loves bowling, you guys), we head to the live eviction. Kaycee makes another mention of the mythical all-girls alliance in her speech, while Rockstar awkwardly rambles about Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela having a final three alliance, saying that getting Kaycee out will empower the rest of the house. With the hacker taking Faysal’s vote away, it’s ultimately a 5-1 vote to evict Rockstar, and she joins Bayleigh in the jury house. In an emotional but ultimately upbeat exit interview, Rockstar admits to feeling a little blindsided but gets one last thing wrong when she guesses that Sam was the vote to keep her in the game (she wasn’t; it was Scottie). With Rockstar now in the jury, Julie Chen can’t share too many details about the real picture of the game, but after two extra-petty goodbye messages from Angela and Brett (have these folks ever heard of jury management?), Rockstar reasonably discerns that she was right to be wary of them from the jump. I said in my first recap that I thought Rockstar would end up being my favorite houseguest, and while she never made a strong enough mark in the game to live up to that title, I am going to miss the quirky energy she brought to the house.

It’s time for the Head of Household competition, “Glow and Flow.” In our annual “slide across a slippery surface” competition, the houseguests must deposit “rave fuel” from across the floor into large glowsticks to retrieve a ping-pong ball. The first houseguest to do this is the new HoH, but there’s also a smaller glowstick and the first person to fill it wins $5,000. We don’t find out who wins when the episode’s over (that’s for us to find out on Sunday’s episode), but we do get the audience cracking up as the houseguests slip, fall, crawl, and flail their way through the Crisco-slicked floor. Whoever survives the competition without breaking a limb will have one hell of a week as Wednesday’s episode promises the return of that wickedly electric dame known as Zingbot. Knowing how this season’s panned out, I’m sure they’ll have a LOT to go over with this group.