By jibrilgagale
August 09, 2018 at 10:59 PM EDT
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

We’ve been due a true blue Big Brother meltdown this season and tonight we finally got it as the aftermath of Bayleigh’s nomination hit full tilt. Even with all the acrimonious backdoors we’ve gotten so far in the game (Rachel’s double take death stare from last Thursday will stay with me forever), nothing got the tempers flaring like these two words: house meeting.

But before we can get to all that madness, Julie Chen leads us through a recap of all the hackerlicious drama from the past week, and we get another reminder of how bad Bayleigh has been at reading people all season. We soon jump to the immediate aftermath of the veto meeting, where Angela is gloating about exposing Bayleigh as the hacker (again, she’s not) and telling the diary room that she would jump under a bus for Tyler, which is a fair metaphor for her entire alliance this week. Haleigh, the real hacker, feels guilty about Bayleigh being “exposed” but is still adamant about keeping her identity secret. Things move to the kitchen, where Bayleigh and Tyler have a standoff across the table as she insists she’s not the hacker, which doesn’t convince Tyler, who tells her he’s gonna vote her out the house. Bayleigh is steaming and says in the diary room that she won’t allow him to disrespect her. This is only the beginning of the conflict.

Bayleigh is legitimately blindsided by these events, telling Haleigh that she deliberately didn’t use her power this week because she respected Angela and wanted to leave her HoH alone. We then get a visit from Jessie’s grandma, who’s seemingly the same actor who played Rachel’s worst critic a couple weeks back. Brett is at her beck and call thanks to his “prize” in the veto competition, but all she seems to want is to watch him working out half-naked. Bayleigh continues to wonder who the hacker is, and she’s convinced it’s someone from Level Six. Haleigh keeps bluffing but cracks in the diary room, tearily saying that she’s not sure if she’s willing to compromise her morals for $500,000 if it means she’s responsible for her closest friend in the house going home.

Haleigh ultimately decides to confess and tells Bayleigh she is the hacker, explaining that she made her move to swap in Tyler as a nominee because she saw it as her only shot to get him out of the game. Bayleigh is tearful and frustrated, not only by Haleigh’s secret but also by the treatment she’s received from the rest of the house. Haleigh sees that the only thing that can clear the air fully and possibly keep Bayleigh safe is a house meeting, where she decides to reveal herself as the hacker. Haleigh also tells the house that Tyler met with Bayleigh and discussed backdooring Angela. Tyler immediately denies this, though the editors never lie, as we immediately see a clip of this actually happening. Bayleigh and Tyler get into another intense confrontation as she calls him out for throwing her under the bus and generally being a sneaky scammer. Things only get more heated from here as he continues to deny throwing Angela’s name as a nominee. When he refuses to apologize, Bayleigh only grows more frustrated, screaming that she got her power because Swaggy C got backdoored, leaving her all but alone in the game. Tyler is frustrated by the meeting’s intensity, insisting he’s not a villain and that things have gone way too far. Haleigh discovers the road to hell (and good TV) is paved with good intentions as her plan to keep Bayleigh has seemingly gone up in flames

It’s time for the live eviction and the nominees to make their cases to stay. While a sleek Rockstar keeps it kind and thanks her family, Bayleigh apologizes to the house for how heated this week got. The BB hacker (who actually IS Haleigh) then reveals that Tyler’s eviction vote has been taken away, but it ultimately does nothing for Bayleigh’s safety as she is evicted by a vote of 6 to 1, with Sam being the only one to evict Rockstar. Yep, even her alliance mates, who were trying to save her just a matter of days ago, abandon ship as Faysal and Haleigh’s votes draw gasps from the studio audience. Bayleigh walks out with her head held high and gets hugs from the entire house (“I’m no longer a big scary black lady” are her final words as she hears the vote). In her interview with Julie, she says she truly loves everyone in the house but that they all drove her crazy, hence her meltdown in the house meeting. When asked about Swaggy C, she says it’s all real and is overjoyed when she finds out about him meeting her family in last Thursday’s episode. It’s really nice to get one last moment of awesomeness from Queen Bay, as she responds to Brett’s smug goodbye message with, “Everybody still loves me, you idiot. Shut up.” I want that on a T-shirt so badly, you guys. While these last two weeks for Bayleigh have almost been a manual for How Not to Be a BB Power Player, her headstrong demeanor and gameplay will definitely be missed (please give us a jury house episode this season).

We then move onto the Head of Household competition, #HashtagTooLong! Two at a time. The houseguests go head to head as they are shown long hashtags with three photos and have to match the hashtag with the correct photo. The person with the correct answer stays in the game and picks another two houseguests to face off; the last person standing becomes the new HoH. Ultimately, last week’s hacker becomes this week’s HoH as Haleigh beats out JC to take the reigns of power. It’ll be really interesting to see if Haleigh is savvy enough to pull off what she couldn’t as hacker and get Tyler out of the house — or if she’ll instead go in another direction like, I dunno, getting that dead weight Faysal off her shoulder. Ah, a recapper can dream.