By jibrilgagale
August 15, 2018 at 10:50 PM EDT
Sonja Flemming/CBS

The longer this season of Big Brother has gone, the big picture of the house has only grown clearer. It’s Level Six’s world, and everyone else is just living in it. Even when they’re not in charge, like this week, things just seem to fall their way. With Kaycee winning the hacker competition and keeping herself off the block, and Tyler’s cloud power keeping him from going on the block, it looks like that pattern could repeat once again. That is if their rivals, formerly known as Foute, can manage to outsmart them. Unfortunately, history’s not on their side.

We join the house right after the hacker meeting and Rockstar, now on the block again, is ticked off because she sees this nomination as a sign that the house thinks she’s weak. Kaycee confirms this, telling the diary room that she put up Rockstar because she’s confident she won’t be able to win the veto and is more likely to go home than Angela. Haleigh recognizes the tit-for-tat nature of the game and says that she has to make sure her best friend isn’t booted on her watch. Kaycee and Angela meet and determine that they, with the hacker’s choice, must pick Tyler to play in the veto so that they can continue to control the house even on Haleigh’s HoH. Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal wonder about the hacker’s identity and soon figure out that it’s probably Kaycee (finally something they’re actually aware of). The three agree that the veto has to be in their hands so that, even if they don’t have the votes to get Tyler out, either Kaycee or Angela will leave the house.

Sam, still annoyed that she was left in the dark about Tyler’s cloud app, emotionally tells him that her gut says he’s not truthful. Tyler insists that he proved his trustworthiness when he told her about the power but tells the diary room that he’s still going to keep his biggest game secrets close to the vest. Tyler continues working Haleigh’s game by playing dumb and nodding along as she “spills” that Angela’s her true target (she’s not). Both seem certain in the diary room that their respective agendas will pan out with the veto, with Tyler being extra confident thanks to his cloud app (though his alliance mates would all jump off a cliff at his command). Rockstar’s frustration over being up on the block for the third week in a row is finally starting to show as she lashes out at Kaycee, saying that six other people could’ve gone up instead of her. Kaycee continues to deny she’s the hacker, saying she’s in the same spot as everyone else even though she’s no longer on the block. Things get heated from there as Rockstar says her nomination was a “bitch-ass move” because no one in the house is making “big moves,” which is met with a “welcome to Big Brother” from Kaycee. Both have their points. While Level Six seems to be playing Tyler’s game as opposed to their own, Rockstar has to know that there’s only one winner and everybody’s going to take their turn (or many turns) on the block.

Immediately after that tenseness, it’s time to pick players for the veto competition. The hacker (a.k.a. Kaycee) chooses Tyler as planned and is also selected by Angela, with Rockstar deciding on Faysal with her pick. It’s now a clear Level Six vs. Haleigh/Faysal/Rockstar battle for the veto, and neither are planning on giving less than 100%. This week’s veto competition is our annual twist on the OTEV competition, with the titular OTEV now a sickly animatronic skunk (complete with wet “snot” and green smoky “farts”). Each round sees the players search for a medicine bottle for OTEV named for two previously evicted houseguests using clues provided by the OTEV skunk. The last person in each round to present the correct medicine is out of the game until one wins the veto. The competition is long and intense, with every player wanting the veto to secure his or her respective alliances’ future in the game. Ultimately it’s down to Tyler and Rockstar in the final round, and though it seems that she has the veto in the bag after outrunning him for the lead, she falls short as she holds the wrong bottle, leaving Tyler to win yet another veto. Faysal has the analogy of the season, calling his alliance The Bad News Bears as it becomes clear there’s a good chance Rockstar could go home during her best friend Haleigh’s HoH reign.

Immediately sensing that Tyler will use the veto on Angela, Haleigh and Faysal try to figure out how to replace her with somebody who would keep Rockstar safe. When she brings up JC as a possibility, Fessy wonders if it’s worth losing a possible ally like him over Rockstar, whom he now sees as a potential liability. When the veto meeting comes, Tyler uses the veto on Angela, leaving Haleigh no choice but to put Kaycee back up on the block. With the hacker up on the block and able to take one vote out of the picture tomorrow, it’s not looking good for Rockstar — but this week’s underdog tells the diary room she’s not going down without a fight. Will she able to pull a third save out of her hat, or will Level Six’s luck steamroll over that like they’ve steamrolled over this entire season?