By jibrilgagale
August 26, 2018 at 10:16 PM EDT
Big Brother
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

We’re getting closer to the home stretch of Big Brother 20, and the sense of inevitability is starting to kick in. Level Six have had a stranglehold over the game almost from the beginning, while The Hive (formerly known as Foute) are now down to the showmance of Faysal and Haleigh; every time a major opportunity landed on their laps, they managed to find new ways of sabotaging themselves. Will that history continue to haunt Fessleigh as a new week approaches?

We join the house right where we left off on Thursday, as the “Sweet Shot” competition is getting underway. Everyone has different motivations (or lack thereof) going into the game. Tyler is working on not winning, as he simply has too many deals in the game going forward to burn a bridge directly. Haleigh sees this HoH as her lone opportunity for safety, finally realizing she can’t trust anyone left in the house. JC, certain no one is going after him (probably because they forgot he’s still living there), is having a ball in the ball pit and also doesn’t feel a need to win. Brett and Kaycee, neither competition beasts by any stretch, are focused on the win to keep themselves and their alliance safe. A half-hour into the hour time limit, no one has come close to the perfect shot. Angela, who earlier told the diary room she didn’t see a reason to be HoH this week, scores a 39 with minutes to spare, enough to make her the reluctant new Head of Household. The win keeps Level Six in power, but Angela is more focused on her safety. With this being her second time in charge of the house, she can’t afford to have any more blood on her hands. Faysal obliviously gloats that after what he considers a “brilliant” HoH reign, he now runs the game again thanks to his new “alliance” with Tyler and Angela. Little does he know…

Angela is uncertain as to how to proceed this week; does she go against her word and put up Faysal and/or Haleigh, or will she pull off something else and keep her hands clean? Faysal is confident their new alliance is set and that Sam is the target. Sam, meanwhile, feels burned and left in the dark by Tyler, her lone ally in the game. Brett, Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela celebrate their good fortune with a spastic dance party in the bedroom, which is quickly interrupted by an unaware Haleigh. Finally taking off the blinders she’s been wearing for the last two months, Haleigh realizes there’s an alliance between these four. She tells Fessy this information, which he dismisses with dumb quotes like “you can’t put two big targets up” and “I made a final four deal with her;” none of which are things that have ever stopped anyone from going home this or any season. Fessy’s still certain Sam is the one going home, while Haleigh is left to think she’ll be the target instead.

Level Six meets up to plan for this week’s nominations. Brett and Kaycee are set on putting up Faysal and Haleigh together to ensure one of the two will go home, but Angela believes the best way to get less blood on her hands is to get Sam out, as she’s less of a threat to anyone’s game. When Angela tells Haleigh the whole house is on board to get Sam out (they’re not), Haleigh volunteers to be put up next to her, seemingly as a pawn. Haleigh explains in the diary room that she’s doing this as a sign of trust toward their final four deal, while Angela’s incredulous at how this week is falling in line for her. “Maybe she’s just as dumb as her boyfriend,” Angela tells the diary room (not far off, actually). Fessy finds this out and says he’ll talk with Angela. When he does meet with her, he tries to steer her away from putting Haleigh up, as she’s a number to get Sam out. Angela nods and blinks along, but says almost nothing the whole conversation as Fessy talks and talks about what a bad idea it would be. Fessy then explains his concerns to Tyler, saying it’ll compromise their alliance (which is again, not a real thing) and could put Haleigh out the door instead in case of any veto shenanigans. Haleigh walks into the discussion, and it quickly turns into a bickering match between the showmance, as she feels that he’s shutting her down instead of playing for her. Their spat moves into the bathroom, where Haleigh tells Fessy that she feels frustrated at his insistence in getting into her gameplay as she feels the mythical final four deal with Tyler and Angela is more for him than for her because she’s put them both up for eviction in the past. Fessy responds maturely by rolling his eyes, grunting, and asking the cameras if they think Haleigh’s having an attitude. His patronizing attitude is gnawing at Haleigh, who tells the diary room that if he’s acting like this in the house, she has no idea how he’ll be outside of it. “I don’t need anyone talking down to me, and I don’t need anyone trying to speak over me,” she adds.

We get a segment that finally reveals JC’s longterm strategy: feeding the houseguests with unhealthily prepared chili dogs and extra sugary coffee to get them to gain weight. Dan Gheesling would be so proud. Meanwhile, sparks are flying between Tyler and Angela. The two are starting to bond, and the rest of the house is starting to notice. Both admit to crushes in their respective confessionals, and we get a brief glimpse of them kissing and cuddling in bed, but they seem to be putting any further romantic possibilities on the back-burner. Now focused on their gameplay, the two talk about what it would mean to break their faux-alliance up and put up Faysal and/or Haleigh. Angela again talks about how risky it would be to put them both up, believing she’d be an immediate target if the power shifts next week. Both agree that targeting Sam is the safe and agreeable choice, but that it may just be too late to play it safe.

Brett and JC are both worried about what this week’s nominations would mean regarding their futures. Both believe they could be the veto replacement if one of the discussed nomination pairings, Haleigh and Sam, are indeed this week’s nominees. Brett tells the diary room that taking out Sam this week is a waste of a week when they can put up Faysal and Haleigh, two people guaranteed to be gunning for Level Six in any event. JC takes it upon himself to make the Fessleigh pitch to Tyler and Angela, telling them that it’s merely a numbers game at this point and that Angela has the numbers now to make the big moves. JC, who at this point actually believes he’s in Level Six (he’s not), tells them that his friendship with Faysal was just for information and that he has no problem voting him out if it means he’s safe. Angela, now convinced that any veto-related outcome would be too risky for her future game, is now convinced the best thing is to put Fessleigh up side by side.

It’s time for the nomination announcements, and despite another lame-brained pitch from Faysal, Angela pulls the trigger and nominates him and Haleigh next to each other for eviction. She makes a speech saying she couldn’t fully trust them to commit to any plan granted how late in the game they approached her for an alliance. Faysal finally realizes he’s made a colossal mistake and says in the diary room that he should have just gone for Angela or Tyler last week instead of, you know, mortally ruining his alliance for good. JC manages to take credit for this entire situation, crowning himself Fessy’s puppet-master, even though he’s done nothing of any actual worth in this game except perhaps give everyone food poisoning. This all but guarantees the end of Fessleigh as we know it, but can one of them win the veto and secure their safety ahead of the eviction? See you Wednesday.