By jibrilgagale
August 29, 2018 at 11:06 PM EDT
Monty Brinton/CBS

Tonight’s Big Brother has something for everyone: tears, fighting, scamming, aliens, folding clothes, and even some fourth-wall breaking. Another thing it had a lot of was Faysal and Haleigh. As the two lovebirds sit on the chopping block, the reality of the competition is beginning to fray their once-tight bond. Will the power of veto manage to keep them safe in the nick of time, or will it end up being the final straw in the story of Fessleigh?

In the aftermath of the nomination ceremony, Faysal’s left to lick his wounds after falling for Tyler and Angela’s faux alliance with him and Haleigh. Though he puts up a good front, telling Haleigh and Sam that it’s just a game, he’s visibly ticked off at being nominated. Angela and Tyler have a cuddle/strategy session in the HoH room, later joined by Kaycee. They all laugh about how much of an idiot Faysal is and make it clear that they have to get him out this week, as he’s someone who can win competitions when the going gets tough. Fessy finally acknowledges to Haleigh that he made a mistake getting Scottie out last week, and then, speaking directly to camera, hilariously recounts the four-week road of misfortunes that led to this moment: Bayleigh going home on a case of mistaken identity, Rockstar going home on Haleigh’s HoH, the whole Scottie saga, all the greatest hits. Haleigh rolls her eyes and agrees that they are “the worst Big Brother players in history,” especially when Fessy points out how romantic it is that they’re on the block together.

JC, quickly realizing that his summer of slumber could be coming to an end, continues to feed into the “crazy Sam” narrative, telling Level Six that she can’t win the veto because she’d take Faysal off the block. It’s then time to pick players for the veto competition. Angela is hoping that the rest of the players will be her Level Six compadres, as Sam is too unpredictable at the moment. But this doesn’t quite pan out as Angela picks Kaycee, Faysal chooses JC (good luck with that), and Haleigh lands on Houseguest’s Choice and chooses Sam. Sam tells the diary room she wasn’t expecting to be picked, but that she’s gunning for the veto to stay safe this week. Haleigh meets with Angela in the HoH room and explains why she and Fessy should be safe. Angela directly tells her that she’s not her target, but Haleigh’s finally had that distrust chip installed and isn’t exactly taking her word. JC and a mid-shower Fessy talk in the diary room about the plans for the veto, but when JC won’t guarantee that he’d use the veto on Fessy, things get awkward fast. JC worries that he’ll become Level Six’s target if he uses the veto, but when Fessy points out that he’d be everyone’s target regardless, his expression turns sour. “If I leave, you’re next,” he retorts.

The veto competition, “Mission to Planet Veto,” sees the guests land on Planet Veto with a mission to catch as many “vetonium” balls as possible as yucky “aliens” attack them. Any “vetonium” that hits the ground is out of play and the person with the most “vetonium” in their container wins the PoV. We get some cool slo-mo shots as various alien muck and “vetonium” fly in the houseguest’s faces, another sign that the production value for these competitions has stepped up this season. While the previous two rounds are simple catching affairs, the last round offers a twist: the houseguests have to capture the “vetonium” with their mouths. Kaycee and Faysal, both football players, have an advantage in the competition and become the top finishers, and Kaycee ends up beating Fessy by a point to win the veto. Haleigh tears up in the diary room as her frustration over her and Fessy’s all but certain fate becomes clear. She’ll have to spend the rest of the week kissing up to people who don’t want her in the house while leaving her Fessy behind. Well, that’s what happens when you don’t listen to Scottie… or Rockstar… or Bayleigh… or your gut.

While Fessy’s wallowing by himself, Haleigh is working her way into the in-crowd of the house, a.k.a. Level Six. Fessy sees her socializing as a “betrayal,” seemingly unaware that she now needs to watch out for herself. When Haleigh points out the holes in his logic, he pouts and folds his laundry, telling the diary room that he’s questioning if anything she felt for him was real. Torn up and in tears, Haleigh is left alone until Brett sneaks into her hammock and reassures her that she’s not the target this week. The two share giggles and compliments and Haleigh later tells the diary room that she’s only worried about herself now.

At the veto meeting, Kaycee follows the Level Six gameplan and decides not to use the power of veto. While tomorrow night will officially be the end of Fessleigh in the Big Brother house, could the Battle-Back lead to an immediate revival of the showmance? Or could Scottie, Bayleigh, or Rockstar end up back in the house instead?