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Tonight’s Big Brother had a lot to live up to given Thursday’s hectic double eviction episode, which featured the biggest blindside of the season in Brett’s eviction – among, um, other things.  With only five houseguests left and Level Six (or is it Level Three?) still dominating the game, filling an hour of television can be a bit tough given how inevitable this last chunk of the season has been. What else can explain the four-minute recap that opened this episode?

In the immediate aftermath of Brett’s eviction, the reality of what just happened continues to sink in for the final five. JC, feeling completely in the dark about the exit of his “big dumb puppet,” says he can’t fully trust Tyler anymore. In the diary room, Tyler seems almost shocked that he actually pulled everything off. After Tyler wins HoH, Brett comes to him to see if the “original plan” (backdooring either Angela or Kaycee) is still in play. Tyler plays along with Brett and tells him to throw the veto. He then fills Angela and Kaycee in on the conversation with Brett; the three are officially committed to making Brett the night’s second evictee. Tyler then meets with the “pawns” to calm their nerves and make clear that they’ll be ok, but their responses are far from what he’s expecting. When he meets with JC, Tyler urges him to trust him, but when JC figures out that he may be targeting Brett, he tries to talk him out of it. When Sam walks in to meet with Tyler, she immediately goes off about Angela. “She’s a total bitch,” she tells Tyler, adding that she’s rude, entitled, and doesn’t deserve to be in the house. With nerves slightly calmed and with Angela winning the veto, the next step of their plan is in motion: using the veto on JC and putting Brett up as the replacement nominee. As we could have guessed, things ultimately went Level Six’s way because everything seems to have this season.

After the eviction, Sam takes it upon herself to tell Angela exactly what she said about her to Tyler, “bitch” and all. Angela immediately accepts her apology with a hug, but tells the diary room that “this bitch is gonna send your ass home.” Tyler sets off to make things right with Sam and JC, knowing either could put him up (ha) if they win the next HoH (ha ha). Tyler straight up lies to Sam by telling her that Brett was going after her and JC, even though he was in semi-alliances with both. JC takes a little bit more work as he chews Tyler out for not filling him in on the plan to evict Brett. When Tyler tries the same lie he told Sam out on JC, he doesn’t fall for it and turns the conversation in another direction. “I didn’t know you were working that close to the girls,” JC throws at Tyler, telling the diary room later that he feels betrayed by Tyler and that the only person he can trust in the house anymore is himself. JC insists Kaycee and Angela will now go after him, but Tyler insists both are going to be targeting Sam. JC says that if he wins HoH, he’ll be putting up Tyler and sending him home for betraying their alliance. I’ve never laughed harder this season.

The HoH competition, “BBFlix and Chill,” has the houseguests glimpse a series of posters for spoof movies referencing moments from BB history. Each poster “talks” to give semi-reliable clues to what is indeed the correct answer; the person who gets the most posters correctly is our new HoH. Everyone sees this HoH as a must-win, but after a close battle between Sam and Angela, it’s ultimately Angela who is our new Head of Household.

With LevelSix in power once again, everything about this week seems to be almost inevitable for Sam and JC. In the HoH room, Level Six brags about loyalty and how they’ve managed to get even closer to the final 3. Angela says they have to go after Sam this week as she’s not sure she can win against her given her likability and close ties to the jury. Tyler, on the other hand, is uneasy about JC’s scheming and thinks now might be the time to get rid of him. “I really need to start thinking about who I want to be sitting next to if I can get to the end,” he tells the diary room, noting tough choices will have to be made given the attachments he’s had with the rest of the house.

Tyler and Angela continue their undercover showmance under the covers as she admits she’s in love with him. “This game made me grow a heart,” Angela tells the diary room in what seems to be frustration. Tyler looks almost shocked by her admission, but later says the feeling’s mutual. “I’m in love with Angela, I guess,” he says in the diary room. “I said I wasn’t gonna get into a showmance and now I’m in love!” For two people who are crazy about each other, they sure seem kind of annoyed by it. Later on, JC confronts Tyler once again about Brett’s eviction and tells him it was a huge mistake. Certain he’ll be on the block with Sam, JC instructs Tyler to use the veto on him and then evict Kaycee as the replacement nominee. Tyler tries to calm JC down and tells him he’d be Brett’s target if he stayed, but he’s not falling for it one bit. Their alliance seemingly now torched, Tyler tells the diary room that if JC continues lashing out like this, he may have to go home sooner rather than later.

After all this talk of love and betrayal, it’s the perfect time for a concert! Bebe Rexha performs an intimate concert for our final five, who are geeking out (and in Sam’s case, crying out) over the little touch with stardom. This serves as a nice little palate cleanser ahead of the nomination ceremony, where to absolutely no one’s shock Angela nominates JC and Sam for eviction. Angela tells the nominees that she simply cannot win against either of them in a final two situation given how bloody her game’s been. With both the veto and eviction on Wednesday’s episode, we’re set for yet another hectic hour as we’re now only three episodes away from the finale. Will Level Six’s road to the final three be thwarted by the veto? Can Sam and JC get over their bad luck in competitions to achieve safety at the moment they need it most? Will we get a jury segment consisting entirely of Rockstar hitting Brett with a frying pan? Expect the expected, y’all.

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