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In the game of Big Brother, the best-laid plans always tend to go slightly awry. With Scottie’s nominations of Level Six bromance Brett and Winston now in motion, the Power of Veto competition is the perfect snag in his way. But with Sam’s bonus life power still up in the air, and Kaitlyn’s general Kaitlyn-ness ready to strike at any moment, it’s really anyone’s guess how tonight will pan out.

In the immediate wake of Scottie’s nominations, Winston is TICKED. While Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal celebrate the HoH’s “cajones,” Toothy McGuns is a teakettle ready to blow. Clad in a black shirt and sporting a general air of toxic masculinity, he decamps to the storage room with Tyler and Kaitlyn to try to figure out the right way to evade the chopping block. While Kaitlyn suggests separating himself from Brett, Winston has different plans, deciding to read the riot act to Scottie in the HoH room. “You drew a line in the sand, you’re gone next week,” he arrogantly tells Scottie, the Head of Household who could decide his fate in a matter of days. Winston has always come off as slightly intense, but we’ve never seen it burn this hot until now. If this eviction doesn’t get him out this week, his general abrasiveness probably will down the line.

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Winston then tells Rachel that they have to find the right target to replace either him or Brett if they win the veto, and they both quickly come to the name of Kaitlyn. She was the swing vote to get Steve out in week one and the person behind Swaggy C’s backdoor in week two, so they believe she’ll be the likelier boot if put up. We then head to the selection of players for the Power of Veto competition: Scottie picks Tyler, Brett picks Rachel, and Winston lands on Rockstar. After an exorbitantly long plug for Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (complete with a little Cher impression from Rockstar), we get to the movie-inspired competition: “Mamma Mia Madness” sees the six players (dressed in their ’70s country club best) hold on to a spinning disco ball for 50 spins, which earns them 30 seconds to work on creating a champagne tower. After the 30 seconds are up, they have to run back for more spins to get to the time needed to complete their towers. Whoever came up with this challenge must have been inspired by one really hellish Sunday Funday. The winner not only wins the veto but also a trip for two to Greece — thankfully Kaitlyn’s not playing this time; she’d probably bring her third eye as her plus one.

After awhile, Brett looks to be far ahead, but a timing miscalculation causes him to start over from scratch and he ends up a couple glasses short of a complete tower. Scottie spins like his life depends on it, and ends up beating out Rachel in the nick of time to win the Power of Veto, likely giving him the power needed to keep his nominations the same. Meanwhile, the bros strategize for their safety, not realizing that there is only one winner of Big Brother. Sam interrupts Brett’s sad sit-ups to cheer him up, while she tells the diary room this is the last week that she can use her Bonus Life power before it automatically goes to chance next week. The bare-chested bros then meet in the storage room to come up with their last shot: Waking Scottie up in the middle of the night and pressuring him into a final three de– and look who walks in! Scottie tries to make sure there’s no hard feelings, but after an awkward silence he walks out, leaving Brett to wonder why they didn’t just talk to him right then and there. You’re not the only one, pal.

Haleigh, as least-trending houseguest, landed the crap app that causes her to recite Hamlet aloud at the whims of the house speakers. Decked in her finest community theater Ophelia costume, and sounding oddly like a congested Margot Robbie, she passionately acts out Shakespeare in the kitchen … and the bathroom … and the Have Not room, which is actually fitting. Unfortunately for Haleigh, her fellow houseguests are a less than rapt audience. Another passive audience is Scottie, who hears the safety pitch from Brinston, only to tell them that changing the nominations is simply too risky for his game — though he tells them he’ll sleep on it.

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

In the continuing adventures of As the Kaitlyn Turns, she receives a clairvoyant vision in bed of Brett and Winston going after her. She goes to Scottie and the remnants of Foute (never forget) with this vision, only to hear from Scottie about the bros’ meeting last night, where they threw her under the bus as a potential replacement nominee. “I’m like 90% love & light and 10% go f— yourself and we are reaching a 10% that, like, I was incapable of knowing,” she says when confronted with this news, adding that they have messed with the “wrong intuitive bitch” (great idea for a dark Ghost Whisperer reboot). Kaitlyn ultimately confronts Brett and Winston about their behind the scenes backstab; “aren’t we supposed to be friends?” she whines, as last week’s player is now this week’s played.

We then move on to the veto meeting, where our bros flex their anger and pecs in bro-ish speeches before Scottie strongly decides not to use the veto, leaving the nominations the same for tomorrow night’s eviction episode. But wait, Kaitlyn’s back and she’s pissed about Brett’s dumb “I see a vision” joke in his veto speech, saying that he’s got her and other “metaphysical practitioners” to watch out for. Oh my God, did she just put a hex on him on national television? Who knows, but I do know that tomorrow is certainly going to change the game, as one of Level Six will definitely be going home. Stay tuned!