Sheldon's meemaw may love her Moon Pie, but she can't stand Amy
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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…

For anyone who hasn’t been watching The Big Bang Theory the past nine seasons, it’s important for you to know that Sheldon loves his meemaw more than his spot on the couch, Comic-Con, and flags — all rolled into one. She’s sweet, lovable, and absolutely can’t stand Amy Farrah Fowler. Best of luck with that little problem, Moon Pie.

June Squibb is a delightful choice to play Meemaw. Her white hair is flawless, she keeps tissues stashed in the sleeve of her blouse, and her alcoholic beverage of choice is two fingers of whiskey. You go, Meemaw. Sheldon is actually giddy around her. He’s like a kid on Christmas morning. Especially when his meemaw hints that there may be a present for her little Moon Pie in her suitcase. You’re never too old for trains in the Cooper family.

With Sheldon in the other room, Meemaw sets the record straight with Amy. She didn’t come to town to visit her grandson. She came to size Amy up! She’s irritated that Amy doesn’t know the story behind the Moon Pie nickname (read: Sheldon is nummy, nummy), she’s worried that Amy is too busy to give Sheldon the attention he needs, and under no circumstances will Sheldon give Amy her engagement ring.

Amy stops in her tracks, baffled by the fact that Sheldon has an engagement ring. I forgot that Amy never knew Sheldon was going to propose. He explains that he was going to give the ring to her before they broke up. Meemaw argues that Amy doesn’t deserve the diamond. Amy touts that she doesn’t want Meemaw’s sloppy seconds. And Sheldon wonders whether their cycles have synced and is immediately kicked out of the apartment.

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Amy fights for her relationship. She argues that she is the best Sheldon will ever have because no other woman would ever understand how date night can be ruined by Google changing their font. At that, Meemaw softens. She shares that Sheldon’s grandfather was just like him. She’s just concerned that Amy once broke Sheldon’s heart, and she can’t stand to see that happen again. This moment might have made me tear up a little.

I was so glad when Sheldon came back in to defend Amy. He explains to Meemaw that she and her husband were an inspiration to him. He watched how she made Pop-Pop a better man. And he wants to do the same with his work-in-progress — Amy. Meemaw concedes and gives her blessing for the marriage and the engagement ring. Amy smiles expectantly at Sheldon, who reminds her that he just gave her his virginity. He thinks she needs to calm down.

Across town at the comic book store, Raj and Howard engage in an hour-long Frozen discussion. A platinum blonde named Claire offers her two cents. We learn that she’s writing a science-fiction screenplay and would love Raj’s help with some astrophysics research. Raj and I both thought she was flirting. As it turns out, she wasn’t. She legitimately needs help. Since he was flattered by Claire’s unintentional advancements, the entire exchange made him question his relationship with his girlfriend, Emily. For one hot second I actually thought, “Now who is Emily again?”

I would have rather seen the backstory depicting how The Good Dinosaur changed Raj’s life. Now that just sounds like good TV.

Theoretical Laughter:

Amy: So if he wanted to give me that engagement ring, we would have your blessing?

Sheldon: I just gave you my virginity, woman. Cool your jets.

Howard: Instead of “Let It Go,” she should sing “Look at Me Hiding in a Freezer Like a Dove Bar.”

Raj: She built an ice castle, made a snow monster, and gave herself a makeover in one day! Do you know what I saw you do today? Eat a block of cream cheese straight from the foil and lie about it to your wife.

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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…
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