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Sheldon wreaks havoc with an emotion detector

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February 02, 2017 at 09:26 PM EST

Knowing that he caused the fight, Sheldon goes through buyer’s remorse and wishes he never tried the apparatus. The machine actually made him feel worse. Amy walks him through all the progress he’s made over the years, including the fact that he can verbally communicate his love for her. Sheldon agrees that it is a big step. Then Amy serves him beef loaf because he’s extremely weirded out by the non-specificity of meatloaf.

Baby steps.

Penny and Howard come over later to tell Sheldon they made up, and Randall is not coming to live with them. Penny is going to throw Leonard under the bus and tell her father that her husband forbids it. Leonard is visually upset. Sheldon recognizes the change in behavior, calls it, and deems himself an emotional god.

While Sheldon toys with the side effects of various temperaments, Raj conducts an experiment of his own. He assembles a focus group of all his exes to see if he can pinpoint why they broke up with him and how he can be a better boyfriend.

Howard comes along to take notes and to interpret for Emily. Remember the deaf girl who broke up with Raj because his parents cut him off? Don’t get her confused with the other Emily, who liked weird scary stuff and always joked about killing her roommate. Claire, the one who came along during Scary Emily’s timeline, also joins the group, as well as socially awkward Lucy.

The gang’s all here!

The girls agree that Raj was needy, dominated by his parents, struggled in the bedroom, and often forced them into uncomfortable situations. Like the one they are currently in. Lucy points out that going out with Raj was one of the best things that ever happened to her. She finally knew what she didn’t want in a boyfriend. The other three agree, noting that they all went on to more fulfilling relationships.

They also wonder why Raj never dated Howard.

Once the ladies leave, Howard commends his friend for being so brave. He even tells Raj that if things don’t work out with Bernadette, they can give it a whirl. Raj thinks this is a no-go. If Howard is out of the picture, he will swoop in and take Bernadette. Of course he’ll have to fight Stuart.

I have to admit, I felt bad for Raj. That was a lot of criticism in one evening, and I couldn’t help but think that his one true love was left off the panel. Exactly where was Cinnamon? 

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Theoretical Laughter

SHELDON: When the robots rise up, they’ll know I’ve been rooting for them the whole time.

RAJ: Maybe I’ll play the field.
HOWARD: The field was just here. The field said no.

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Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, and Wolowitz, Amy, Bernadette—the gang keeps growing. Bazinga!
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