After Amy goes on a date with another man, Sheldon takes their relationship to a bold new level. For him, anyway

By Adam B. Vary
Updated November 18, 2011 at 06:09 AM EST
The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik

First things first. Leonard, Howard, and Raj, flipping through comic books, alternatively railing against and geeking out over the latest edition of Mystic Warlords of Ka’a (Wild West and Witches!), while Sheldon defends the honor of comic books to a skeptical Amy Farrah Fowler — that has to be the most deep-dish geeky opening in the history of The Big Bang Theory, right? I mean, I may as well just hand my Best Geekery award to this entire plotline right now, if only for the sight later on in the episode of Sheldon in a cowboy hat and boots (with spurs) while the fearsome Big Bang foursome play cards like Wild Bill Witchcock (hey-o!), a tribe of Abra-Comanches, and Hocus Pocus Pocahontas. And meanwhile, what on Earth was Raj wearing in that opening scene? Whoever put together that black poly jacket with kelly green and deep purple stripes, yellow-and-brown argyle sweater, and cream pink dress shirt with a ’70s wide collar deserves all the special editions of the Mystic Warlords of Ka’a the Big Bang props team can mock up.

Meanwhile, while last week’s Big Bang was all about Leonard and Penny considering the boundaries of their somewhat unusual relationship, this week’s episode was all about Sheldon and Amy pushing their highly unusual relationship into a bold new frontier altogether. Well, for them, anyway. It all started after Stuart met Amy for the first time at his comics shop. The two discussed the pneumatic magnitude of most female comic book characters and Amy, in Stuart’s words, “didn’t look through me with soul-sucking, ball-shriveling hatred and contempt.” So Stuart asked Leonard if Sheldon would be cool with him asking Amy out on a date. Sheldon, being Sheldon, professed that he didn’t care, but, even if he did care, a brilliant scientist like Amy wouldn’t bother wasting her time with a dweeb like Stuart. Stuart asked, and Amy, being Amy, said, why not?

After a half-hearted attempt to get Penny to go on a date with him, Sheldon finally realized that he cares enough for Amy that he wanted to officially make her his girlfriend. Or, as Sheldon put it to Amy, “With the understanding that nothing changes whatsoever, physical or otherwise, I would not object to us no longer characterizing you as not my girlfriend.” (Very nice touch staging Sheldon’s tortured declaration of paradigm-shifting companionship in a movie theater showing a romance with a swelling, sentimental score.) Amy, naturally, said yes, and Sheldon, naturally, worked up a Relationship Agreement with draconian restrictions on hand holding and broad mandates with regard to ouchies and boo-boos.

NEXT: So is this relationship, like, a good thing? And the best Sheldon triple-knock gag yet

All told, it was a stellar Big Bang, yet again allowing all of its characters a moment to shine while giving the couple at the heart of the main plotline a chance to explore new dimensions for their characters. (I was also quite fond of the running gag that Penny’s become a bit of a lush, what with her unresolved feelings for Leonard, her one-night-stand-although-not-really with Raj, and the fact that she has precious little in common with her circle of friends.) But I have to admit, I’m on the fence about Sheldon and Amy as a legit couple. They are as logical and well-matched a pair as either of them are likely to ever find, and watching Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik delight in each other has become one of my favorite things about this show.

And yet, it is no wonder that Amy keeps inappropriately coming on to Penny — the poor girl is obviously hard up for physical affection of any kind. I’ve grown so fond of her over this past year, I’m at the point now where I’d love to see her get a chance of having a real, fulfilling relationship, something she is obviously not getting with Sheldon. Also, I remain in awe of Parsons that he can play that final Relationship Agreement scene and not have Sheldon come off as a creepily possessive narcissist. To be clear, you have to love a guy who doesn’t understand the phrase “strap on a pair,” but all I’m saying is that the writers would do well to craft an episode or two where Sheldon actually comes through for Amy. As it stands, things are just a bit too one-sided for my comfort.


It’s a cheat, since there wasn’t really any science to speak of, but Sheldon’s insistence that Leonard abandon his stalled career in physics and pursue one teaching history tickled me but good. Especially after Sheldon answered Leonard’s question about Stuart dating Amy with this deft deflection: “I don’t know how to respond, Leonard. I don’t own Amy. You can’t own a person. At least not siiiince…? [Pause] 1863. When President Lincoln freed theeee…? [Pause] Slaves! C’mon, Leonard, if you’re going to teach history, these are the kind of facts you’ll have to know!”


See first paragraph, preceding page, and then consider this question: Who would win in a showdown between Billy the Kid and the White Wizard of the North?


Amy: Sheldon, I’m disappointed. As a brilliant man, you’re entitled to a vice. I could understand frequenting an opium den or hunting your fellow man for sport. But this? Lame-o!

Bernadette: I’m too small for Twister. And rollercoasters. And sitting with me feet on the floor. Hope you enjoyed the pre-natal cigarettes, Mom.

Stuart: [via text to Amy] Hi. It’s Stuart. We met at the comic book store. I was wondering if you’d like to get coffee some time. It’s okay if you say no. It might be the kick in the pants I need to start taking Zoloft.

Howard: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that Sheldon’s patented blend of condescension and no sex isn’t enough to hold onto a woman?

Sheldon: [Knock knock knock]

Penny: Who do we love?

Sheldon: Penny. [Knock knock knock]

Penny: Who do we love?

Sheldon: Penny. [Knock knock knock]

Penny: Who do we love?

Sheldon: Penny.

Penny: I call everyone sweetie.

Sheldon: You tramp.

Amy: How did you get into my apartment?

Sheldon: Wow. Is that the kind of nagging I can expect now that you’re my girlfriend?

So what did you make of “The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition,” fellow Big Bang theorists? Are you happy that Sheldon and Amy are official? Do you wonder if Penny has any friends outside this group? And how much would you love to see what Sheldon looks like dressed up as Beelzebobcat?

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