The yearbook declares Jenna Most Depressing — but is it actually true?
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Cracking open a high school yearbook is always fun — that is, unless you’re Jenna: She opens up the yearbook only to discover that she won the superlative for Most Depressing. (Which isn’t even an actual superlative high schools have. At least I hope not.)

This newfound “honor” causes Jenna to look back at the past four years, and the upcoming Mother-Daughter Senior Banquet only makes it worse. That’s because mothers impersonate their daughters onstage at this banquet, and Lacey decides to reach back to Jenna’s earlier — and more tumultuous — years in high school for her material.

Jenna, rightly so, isn’t happy about that. She’s changed! She’s different now! Why does her mom need to hark back to those times when she wore a side-braid every single day and was known mostly as Suicide Girl? Also, why does this high school think it’s a good idea to have moms mock their daughters in front of their classmates? Who is in charge at this place?!

Lacey doesn’t make the situation any better once she discovers Jenna’s superlative. At first, she says it doesn’t mean anything, then she tells Jenna that she won Most Likely Not to Go to College and dear old Dad won Most Likely to Become a Father Before Graduation, while Allie — who is drinking white wine throughout this whole conversation — nabbed Strongest Liver. Jenna might be (and remain) Most Depressing after all.

After this discouraging conversation, Jenna looks for Val, but instead finds Lissa sitting in the old counselor’s seat. And Lissa actually has some pretty solid advice: She laughs at Jenna’s problem (okay, maybe that part isn’t the most helpful) before saying Jenna’s friends’ opinions are the only ones that should matter. Lissa might not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but she could be on her way to becoming Most Likely to Become Val’s Wacky Replacement.

The yearbook drama doesn’t end there though. Matty and Jenna exchanged books so they could sign each others’, and Jenna thinks she nailed hers — Matty, on the other hand, failed massively. “Jenna, you’re one cool chick!” he wrote. And that’s it. Not even a “K.I.T.” or a “H.A.G.S.” or a “BFF.” Nope, just, “You’re one cool chick!”

After all those two have been through, it’s not entirely wrong for Jenna to expect him to write something a bit more, um, heartfelt. Even as a viewer, I was disappointed by Matty’s lackluster note. This was his chance to tell her how he really feels, to talk about how those past four years with her changed his life, how he wouldn’t be the same without her, blah blah blah. Instead, he wrote something in her yearbook that he could have written in any girl’s yearbook.

NEXT: Lacey and Jenna get into a pre-banquet spat.

Lacey again makes it worse (surprise!) when she walks into Jenna’s room wearing a fake cast on her arm, a hoodie, and a (glammed up, of course) side-braid. Jenna explodes at her, insisting that she’s different now and that impersonating Old Jenna is humiliating to Current Jenna.

When the Mother-Daughter Senior Banquet finally happens, Darlene shocks everyone by absolutely killing it: She has Sadie’s snarl down pat, and Sadie is secretly thrilled. So thrilled that she accepts Darlene’s invitation to come over and have a sleepover that night — and also so thrilled that she calls Darlene “Mom.” Sadie and Darlene do have hearts!

Lacey’s performance isn’t as well-received — at least not initially. She uses her stage-time as an opportunity to make up with Jenna and clearly says she’s not the person she was sophomore year. Sweet, yes. Entertaining, no. Jenna saves it by joining her onstage and making fun of herself in what turns into a super uncomfortable but super heartwarming moment.

While all this drama is going on, T’s hanging out with Adam. She keeps telling Jenna she’s going to break it off with him, but those plans disappear once Adam breaks out his grandmother’s ring and proposes to Jenna once again. There’s no need for them to get married — live your lives, kids! — but they do seem happy together, so it’s hard to be too upset with T for sticking with him.

Jenna’s not ready to be supportive just yet, especially because she’s still having boy problems of her own. After getting off the phone with T, she confronts Matty about his yearbook comment. He doesn’t ever explain why he decided to go with his vague note, but he does make up for it by telling Jenna she’s his best friend. Is it too early in the season to start tearing up about how cute (and totally meant to be) Jenna and Matty are? Either way, it’s happening.

Most awkward Awkward moment of the week: When Lacey boards the stage and, in character as Jenna, says, “I like to write and read and hang out with my best friend, Tamara. Are you in the house tonight? Holla atcha girl!” No wonder Jenna took over.

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