Matty f--king McKibben's social status takes a dive while Jenna tries to enjoy her newfound popularity.
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Jenna didn’t really attend her own beach bash in last week’s episode, but that doesn’t matter to her classmates: The entire school is bowing down to the once-unpopular Jenna merely because she was the one who suggested everyone head to the beach after the school’s blackout. And she’s loving it — at first, anyway.

Everyone smiles and greets her as she walks throw the school’s hallways. People are instant-messaging her, telling how awesome the party was. The Julies even pull Jenna aside for a selfie (which Jenna ruins with her so-called “spaz face,” something the Julies are willing to forgive if she fixes it by that afternoon). So apparently all you need to do is say, “Hey, party tonight!” and you’re queen of the school.

And apparently all you need to do to lose status as KING of the school is is get caught on video being a total a–hole. That’s what happens to Matty, who, as you might remember (or tried to forget), drunkenly yelled at Jake that he is “Matty f–king McKibben!” when Jake tried to apologize about the whole Gabby thing. Because teenagers are the worst, someone filmed the whole exchange, which then went viral — and then completely ruined Matty’s reputation.

Matty f–king McKibben is no more. Cute girls don’t respond to his smiles, he gets picked last in gym class, and the cafeteria worker gives him the burnt slice of pizza instead of a fresh one. He has no idea what to do with himself. Luckily for him though, Jenna’s well-versed in the pitfalls of unpopularity. She sympathizes with him, but not for too long: She has to get fro-yo with the Julies and take advantage of her newfound social status.

Kyle and Leroy pick up where she left off, giving Matty a tour of how to navigate the school without the protective armor being well-liked provides. They teach him to nab food from the home-ec trash can, pee in a bucket, and befriend… spiders. Sure, their education isn’t exactly sustainable (or healthy), but Matty appreciates the effort. Just don’t expect him to be digging through the garbage for a half-eaten cinnamon roll anytime soon.

While Matty’s living it up (or down?) with Kyle and Leroy, Jenna’s off on a triple-date with the Julies and three college guys, who are pretty dreamy but also pretty boring. All they do is talk about football before they eventually all pair off, leaving Jenna alone to follow the Julies’ leads and make out with her assigned heartthrob. Jenna’s not into it, and almost gives in when the Julies encourage her to give the guy a “handy.” She’s got a reputation to uphold, after all. But sadly for him, Jenna’s better judgment takes over and she ditches the date to grab pizza with T.

By this time, Matty’s off thrashing around at a rock show with Kyle and Leroy — and he looks like he’s genuinely having fun. Jenna’s having fun, too: She and T flip through bridal magazines (no, T hasn’t cut the engagement off yet) while Jenna realizes she’s not missing out on anything. She’s right where she wants to be — and Matty is, too.

Most awkward Awkward moment of the week: One of the most uncomfortable moments ends up being one of the more victorious ones: Lissa brings her overly stressed mom to Allie’s sex toy party to relieve some tension, but the uptight Mrs. Miller doesn’t know how to handle all of the vibrators and sex-talk. She deals with her discomfort by downing multiple white wines, then eventually takes a “nap” in Lacey’s room to rest off the alcohol only to emerge 17 minutes later in a post-orgasm haze thanks to a vibrator good ol’ Allie planted in her purse.

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