Jenna and Matty spend the Fourth of July together

By Ariana Bacle
April 13, 2016 at 01:27 AM EDT
S5 E17
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MTV’s Awkward lives up to its name — and each week, EW will chronicle the comedy-drama’s most uncomfortable moments. This time, we’re looking at season 5, episode 17, also known as “Fireworks,where Jenna and Matty spend the Fourth of July getting drunk together (and with their significant others). Here are the five most awkward moments from this episode of Awkward in chronological order.

1. Jenna needs some extra cash, so Jake offers her a Fourth of July shift at the country club. Tamara ends up also grabbing a couple shifts, meaning that the country club turns into a high school reunion because apparently there’s only one place to work in town. This would be fine, except for the fact that Jenna is still on rough terms with Matty and his hard-partying girlfriend, who casually advises Jenna to “chill out, bitch.” Tip: Don’t call anyone a bitch, but especially not your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

2. Sergio calls Sadie asking what she’s up to that evening, leading her to think that he wants to get back together. She dolls herself up and shows up at the hotel he established as a meeting place, then quickly discovers that he didn’t want to go on a date. No, he just wants her to help him out on the taco truck. Could he be any more clueless? Although this isn’t what Sadie was expecting, she agrees to help out anyway. This ends up working out for her: At the end of the busy shift, he reveals he and his girlfriend are broken up and that he wants to take Sadie out to make up for not going to her birthday party. See, Sadie? Sometimes being nice gets you nice things!

3. After Matty explains to Jenna why he called the other night — to thank her for not ratting him out to her mom — and telling her that Sully means no harm when she calls people “bitch,” the two decide to bring their respective significant others to the golf course for a chill night out watching fireworks. Surprisingly, this does not lead to disaster. Actually, something pretty good happens: Jenna spends some alone time with Sully and realizes that she’s a cool person. Sully being Sully, though, misinterprets the compliment as a come-on and tries to kiss Jenna. That would make an interesting couple…

4. While Jenna is off dodging Sully’s lips, Matty is hanging out with a very drunk Luke, who has a bit of lingering bitterness about Jenna still being in love with Matty the first time they dated. Luke reminds Matty of this before pathetically attempting to sock him in the face. Let’s just hope he’s drunk enough that he doesn’t remember that cringeworthy move the next day. (The exchange does end in a sweet hug, though, so it’s not too bad.)

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5. Jake got all his friends jobs, a move his own boss isn’t very supportive of. This all comes to a head the morning after the Fourth of July when said boss finds out that Jake’s friends were the ones that trashed the golf course the previous evening. Matty’s fired, Tamara’s fired, Jenna’s fired, and Jake? Oh, Jake is definitely fired. 

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