Jenna reconnects with one person from her past and drifts apart from another

By Ariana Bacle
March 30, 2016 at 03:23 AM EDT
S5 E15
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MTV’s Awkward lives up to its name — and each week, EW will chronicle the comedy-drama’s most uncomfortable moments. This time, we’re looking at season 5, episode 15, also known as “The Friend Connection,where Jenna reconnects with Luke and drifts apart from Tamara. Here are the five most awkward moments from this episode of Awkward in chronological order.

1. Remember when Luke and Jenna had sex on the couch in their office? And remember when their boss walked in as they were hanging out post-coitus? Well, she doesn’t figure out what they did — but she comes close to finding out when she and the two lovebirds have a meeting that requires Jenna to talk about her most-recent sexual experience. Luke is no help: He mischievously grins the whole time as Jenna cringes squirms her (vague, very vague) answer.

2. Later, Jenna tells Luke that she likes him but that she needs to focus on her work right now. He takes this well, if a bit coldly, and then surprises Jenna later by denying her invitation to Sadie’s birthday party by saying he’s going to “drinks.” Yes, Jenna did just say she didn’t want to be anything romantic with him. No, that doesn’t stop her from feeling a bit jealous that he might be going out on a date with someone else instead of hanging out with her. There was no need, though: He ends up showing up to the party, and the two eventually decide to try out dating again. This time Jenna’s not hung up on Matty, so why not? (Note: Never believe Jenna when she says she’s not still hung up on Matty.)

3. Luke leaves Jenna’s side at one point to go to the bathroom, leaving her to hang out with Tamara. Normally, that’d be fine — they’re best friends, after all. But right now, T’s too occupied with the birthday girl and trying to spend enough time with a couple guys so they can get their expensive bottle service paid for. This new T is completely cringeworthy and totally rude. Maybe it’s time for her to head back to New York?

4. Matty’s new girl, Sully, has a habit of pulling pranks that escalate throughout the episode and climax when she whispers to a random guy that “that guy” — meaning Matty — “grabbed my ass.” This results in a shoving fight between the two dudes before Sully drops one of those overpriced bottles of champagne from Sadie’s table between them to break it up. It works, but it ruins the entire vibe of the party — and shows Matty that maybe Sully’s not as fun as he thinks she is. 

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5. T’s face time with the boys who were supposed to pay for the bottle service really wasn’t worth it: They didn’t pay up, and T finds out from the waitress that her own card has been declined. This is why you don’t rely on others to pay for your drinks — and why you should hold birthday parties at bars with $5 beers instead of $15 ones. 

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