Ash's Lothario ways land him in hot water — again — and did we really just see the last of....?
Credit: Matt Klitscher

Could it be that Ash Vs. Evil Dead just crossed one name off its roster of characters?

It certainly would appear that way, what with Ruby evidently perishing in a fiery blast just a few minutes into tonight’s episode. Then again, she seems like the type who could fight her way back out of Hell to make sure Ash got what was coming to him, were she so inclined, so it might be foolish to count her out quite yet.

Ruby found herself in jeopardy after she and Amanda pulled onto the Brujo’s deserted property, where embers from his funeral pyre still burned. The women split up, with Amanda monitoring the perimeter and Ruby exploring the shaman’s shack, unaware that a spectral presence lurked behind her. A harbinger of doom perhaps? Well, maybe, considering that moments later, evil has sped over ground and collided with the remains of Pedro’s uncle, taking corporeal form as a reanimated skeleton, which emerges, Terminator-style, from what’s left of the flames. Amanda shoots it to no avail, and Ruby comes running with a massive scythe, impaling the Deadite.

But that’s hardly the end of the creature, which tells her, “Ruby, you double crosser, we’ll never let you get the book for yourself.” It grabs her, leaps backward into the fire, and they both disappear in an explosion. Amanda hops in Ruby’s car and drives away as quickly as she can.

Meanwhile, Ash, Pedro and Kelly have stopped at a rustic little spot called the Western Moose for some breakfast, where Ash is making quick work of a plate of pancakes. He says he knows what he has to do now to defeat the evil thanks to his “fun little trip to Woodstock” — he’s gotta go back to the cabin where it all started. Pedro and Kelly are onboard with that plan, but he tells them they can’t come with him.They’d only end up possessed, he’d have to cut off their heads and it would just be bad for everybody. (Can’t argue with that logic.) Just then, Ash bumps into his pal Lem, and the buddies saunter off for a private chat, not realizing that Amanda is watching Ash through a pair of binoculars from behind the wheel of Ruby’s car, parked just outside.

Turns out, Lem has been clean and sober all of nine days and is of late spending some quality time with a militia, which has quite the arsenal stockpiled. Ash sees an opportunity and decides that he just might pay the camp a visit, as Pablo and Kelly, back at the table, have a fairly awkward conversation about her behavior while she was possessed. That chat swiftly comes to an end with Ash’s return — and his trying to get out of picking up the tab for the meal. He sends them outside to wait in the trailer, while Amanda, despite still being on leave, calls in her location to say that she’s found the suspect in the trailer park and the farm house murders.

In the trailer, Pablo and Kelly keep going over what happened until the amulet Pablo recovered from his uncle begins to move of its own accord, and they hear a knocking coming from inside the trailer. Where it’s coming from, specifically, is inside the trunk where Ash keeps the Necronomicon — when Pablo and Kelly carefully open it the book hurls itself toward Pablo’s chest and the mouth on the front cover opens as though it’s trying to consume the amulet. Kelly pries the tome off Pablo and it flies backward, lying open as evil comes flying through the woods outside. Back at the diner, Ash is trying to “charm” Nancy the waitress by offering sexual favors in lieu of paying the check, which he can’t cover. She points out that her husband, the cook (you know, the guy with the cleaver?), is close by. No problem, Ash can keep a secret. He advises her to meet him in the men’s room in three minutes. (Does he save all his romantic interludes for public bathrooms?)

With the book safely back in the trunk, Pablo suggests he and Kelly destroy it, but Kelly points out that Ash had said it was indestructible. He accuses her of wanting to keep the cursed object around to attract more Deadites — the better for her to continue to exact revenge on the forces responsible for her parents’ death. He tells her how his uncle would warn him about the dangers of seeking vengeance, though it turns out, he might have just been quoting Yoda.

Ash is washing up to prepare for his encounter with Nancy not realizing that someone is inside one of the stalls answering the call of nature. Amanda enters the lavatory, gun drawn, to arrest Ash. As she’s cuffing him, he tries to explain that he’s not a killer, he kills killers, and when that falls on deaf ears he uses his mechanical hand to disarm her. The ensuing scuffle leaves him with a bad gash on his head and little else to show for his trouble. Amanda marches him out of the restroom, just as her fellow officer arrives. She announces that Ash is responsible for multiple deaths and that his trailer outside most likely has evidence all over it. There’s no way they’re going to make it to that trailer without a fight.

Right on cue, here comes trouble — the fan blades whirr too quickly, the glassware begins to clank together, the TV shorts out—and then the windows are blowing in, with glass shattering everywhere, and the body count starts to climb (that kid in the restroom? let’s just say death by ceiling fan is pretty unpleasant). Amanda’s colleague is possessed, so, too, is Nancy the waitress (the husband is one of the fatalities). Ash uses the screwdriver attachment on his mechanical hand to take down his attackers, then Pablo and Kelly come to the rescue with his chainsaw and shotgun, throwing him the weapons as Amanda watches. “What, you never saw a guy with a chainsaw hand before?”

Ash disembowels Evil Cop before taking off his head (“I told you I kill killers”) while Pablo goes after Evil Waitress with a little help from Kelly and a kitchen slicer. And a mallet. (As for poor traumatized Lem, he flees into the forest and, well, soon he’s fleeing again, but odds are he’s not going to be able to run fast enough.) The evil defeated for the time being, Ash invites Amanda to join up with them, and curiously enough, she does.

Is it onto the cabin for the team? Or maybe a brief visit to see Lem’s buddies? Will Ruby return from beyond? We’ll find out next week.

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