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S7 E6
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Felicity has said one thing all season long on Arrow: She’s willing to do whatever it takes to catch Diaz. Of course, the show has made it clear that this is a dangerous mentality which threatens to push Felicity beyond the point of no return. And the show returned to this idea in “Due Process,” which saw Team Arrow receive a new lead on Diaz’s whereabouts and make some meaningful headway on finally capturing the Dragon.

After visiting Anatoly in Russia (read: massacring the Bratva and torturing our favorite KGBeast), Diaz and Silencer return to the U.S. Felicity’s tracer picks up on their location, so she, Laurel, and Rene, who isn’t too happy about teaming up with Black Siren, head out to catch themselves a dragon. However, instead of finding Diaz at a nondescript warehouse, they find Anatoly stuffed into a crate with the Silencer’s silencer and a bomb. Luckily, ARGUS and the SCPD arrive in time to help them all evacuate before the bomb blows up.

Naturally, Diggle isn’t too pleased with Felicity interfering with one of his field missions once again, especially with Laurel in tow. Going against his better judgement, Diggle agrees to let Felicity and Rene in on his mission, but he establishes two rules: no new Green Arrow, and no people from different Earths. Laurel takes offense to this rule, not only because she and Felicity were bonding, but because she’s been trying to turn over a new leaf and is even hard at work on freeing Oliver. You’d think Diggle would show some appreciation for that? But alas, he doesn’t. Nevertheless, Laurel agrees to keep working on Oliver’s case after Felicity promises she’ll text her when they get another lead on Diaz.

Anatoly reveals to Felicity and Diggle that Diaz made him contact one of his old KGB friends so he could acquire some bomb to destroy the thing Oliver Queen loves the most: Star City. (Minus 100 points for unoriginality). Felicity and Diggle decide to send Anatoly into the field to make contact with his KGB friend, which obviously doesn’t go as planned, and Anatoly finds himself on the other side of his frenemy’s fists and shoes. Felicity, who is in full-on ruthless mode, chooses to let Anatoly get beaten so she can finish downloading the information she needs off the Russian’s computers. But Diggle can’t stand to watch this happen and rushes in to save Anatoly, who is unconscious by the time the former Spartan arrives.

Once the mission is done, Diggle lectures Felicity about her willingness to sacrifice an innocent-ish man to get what she wants, and warns her that she might not still view herself as a hero when this war is over. That does give her a lot to think about, and she ends up apologizing to Anatoly for risking his life like that. But Anatoly has no interest in apologies because “You cannot take away mistake by wishing it so. In my line of work, you make choice and you do not look back.” He suggests that she stop embracing half-measures and fully embrace her demons; that’s what Bratva Oliver would’ve done. (Clearly, Anatoly isn’t watching Arrow, or else he’d know “That’s what old Oliver would do” is usually the bad option, since the show is all about Oliver’s growth.)

Next: Laurel heads to court

While Felicity is busy with Anatoly and Diggle, Laurel takes Oliver’s appeal to court and makes an impassioned argument that Oliver deserves to be released not only because Sof labside’s abusive conditions, but because the FBI has failed to hold up its end of the bargain. In her speech, she makes the case that it’s hard to be a hero when no one expects you to be one, which is what Oliver did by making sure the Level Two violations came to light. While the judge is swayed to open an investigation into Slabside’s violations, she decides to uphold Oliver’s conviction.

All season long, Laurel has been trying to prove that she’s changed and is capable of being even half of Earth-1 Laurel, but this latest setback further discourages her, especially after Oliver told her she would fail, and it pushes her back to her old ways. After court, she waits for the judge to leave so she can canary-cry her to death, but Dinah stops her before she goes too far and uses Laurel’s courtroom speech to convince her to stand down.

Felicity and Curtis eventually realize that Diaz is planning to use the bombs to blow up some gas plant, which would destroy the city. Given the precariousness of the situation, Diggle reunites Team Arrow to head back into the field to stop him. And what do you know? They actually succeed! Well, with the help of the new Green Arrow, who arrives in time to knock Diaz out. Unfortunately, the Longbow Hunters manage to escape. But who cares, because Team Arrow finally has captured Diaz!

Everyone on Team Arrow is overjoyed with their latest hard-fought victory. Well, everyone except Felicity, who decides to use a gun Anatoly gave her to kill Diaz in his prison cell. Thankfully, Laurel arrives and talks Felicity down, because they’re going to need Diaz alive to free Oliver. Laurel wants to make the FBI release Oliver in exchange for him testifying against Diaz.

While all this drama is going down outside, Oliver is busy trying to solve a murder mystery in Slabside: Someone murdered Officer Dunbar. Brick is the main suspect because Dunbar started giving him a hard time in the wake of the prison fight club debacle, but the guards think sweet old Stanley is responsible and throw him on the hole.

Of course, Oliver believes that Green Arrow’s No. 1 fan could never kill someone and sets out clear his name/prove Brick was responsible. Oliver does some digging and finds the murder weapon, Bronze Tiger’s shiv, and turns it over to the guards, who throw Bronze Tiger the hole even as he convincingly pleads that he’s innocent. And that’s when the other shoe drops…

The guards free Stanley, who says he’s lucky Oliver found Turner’s knife. However, he couldn’t have possibly known that was the evidence that freed him, since he was in the hole. It’s at that moment Oliver realizes Stanley killed the guard for reasons, and that he’s definitely not as innocent as he appears. Earlier in the episode, Laurel scolded Oliver about assuming people are either bad or good, and warned him about putting them in boxes. In this moment, he definitely realizes he did that with Stanley and ended up sending an innocent man to the hole because of it. Whether or not Oliver learning that people contain multitudes (jokes) ends up working as a character arc will depend on how it affects when he eventually becomes the Green Arrow again.

This idea about not putting people in boxes and realizing they’re capable of anything is driven home even further by the flash-forwards. William and Roy learn that Felicity adopted the name the Calculator, went underground, and started running with a bad crowd, which is what led to her death. When they eventually find her old hideout, they discover plans to blow up the city, but it’s not clear if this was Felicity’s plan or if something else is going on. Either way, they must investigate and can’t assume anything where anyone is concerned.

Wall of Weird:

  • In the flash-forwards, we also learn that William and Zoey used to stay in contact, that Roy returned to Star City with William because he found the mysterious “mark of four” in Oliver’s bow, and that Dinah isn’t so sure they can trust William because he is Oliver’s son.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Oliver rejected Laurel’s help on his case, but once she convinces the judge to investigate Slabside, he has no choice to but thank her as he realizes she’s capable of doing something that doesn’t directly benefit her.
  • “You party is next week! Act surprised.” Felicity, to Curtis, who brought up the fact that no one wished him happy birthday in the middle of Team Arrow’s bickering.

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