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November 12, 2018 at 10:20 PM EST

Oliver’s denial barely lasts a day once he learns that some of the prisoners are dying from Dr. Parker’s questionable treatment. Talia doesn’t care about helping them because they’re criminals, but Oliver’s time in prison has changed him. Now, he understands that criminals are, well, people, too, and deserve some consideration. Not only that, but he admits to Talia that he should’ve thought about Ra’s al Ghul’s family when they fought in the season 3 finale. That’s enough to sway Talia into in agreeing to help him stop Dr. Parker if he helps her escape.

So, the two stage a commotion in the Level Two mess hall, which of course results in them being carried through the blue door and strapped to Dr. Parker’s fun chairs. This time around, however, Oliver isn’t going to fall for Dr. Parker’s manipulation and says that he’s going to end his cycle of violence on his terms, not through some lobotomizing treatment. As was the case with Adrian Chase in season 5, there’s some nuance in the current situation. Yes, Oliver realizes that the life he led the past six years wasn’t a healthy one and hurt his family, but he knows that redemption lies in using all that he’s learned and all of that growth to fix his mistakes. “My name is Oliver Queen,” he defiantly declares in an awesome callback to the season 3 finale, which saw him do the same thing as he rejected Al Sah-Him, the name Ra’s al Ghul gave him when he “joined” the League. Remember what I said about it being fitting that Talia be here for this?

From there, the two allies load all of the evidence against Dr. Parker onto a flash drive and fight their way many prison guards. Talia escapes the prison, but Oliver decides to stay behind because he doesn’t want to be fugitive on the run. So, Talia thanks Oliver for his assistance by promising to deliver the flash drive to Felicity, who actually spent the entire episode investigating Dr. Parker and Level Two once she found Oliver had been taken there. And Talia remains true to her words. As the episode ends, Level Two is shut down and Oliver is reunited with his sidekick Stanley on Level One. Not only that, but Dinah, Felicity, and Laurel believe they can use Slabside’s current PR nightmare to free Oliver. Yay!

“The Demon” wasn’t without other interesting developments. Watching Felicity and Laurel work together continues to be enjoyable, especially once Laurel awkwardly asks Felicity out on a friend date for pizza. Furthermore, the episode also dug into how traumatized Curtis was from everything that went down last season. Although it felt like his undercover storyline was competing for space with the Slabside set storyline, I appreciated the fact that the show tried to take the time to dig into how Curtis has actually been adjusting to post Team Arrow life. Sure, he was struggling and scared of going back into the field, but once the mission is over, it seems as Mr. Terrific is back.

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