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November 23, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST


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Holidays are never best the times on Arrow. Someone usually gets shot, injected with a super-solider drug, paralyzed, or something. So it shouldn’t come as surprise that this year’s Thanksgiving episode is not an exception. While no one finds himself or herself in mortal peril this week, Team Arrow does encounter some difficulties as long-simmering plots finally come to a boil; however, the episode feels a bit thin in places and sees the show return to some bad habits.

Tonight’s episode begins with Oliver, Felicity, and William working at a Thanksgiving food drive that’s also celebrating the city’s extravagant new precinct, which has interrogation rooms that look more like the ornate reading rooms in my college library. Agent Watson interrupts the festivities in order to arrest Oliver for multiple counts of murder, burglary, and assault, all committed under the guise of the Green Arrow. The fact that she has the nerve to arrest him in front of William pisses Oliver off, but Agent Watson doesn’t care because she’s got her guy.

With Oliver arrested for being the Green Arrow, Diggle wants Team Arrow on high alert because he’s worried Star City’s criminal element will think it’s open season. And he’s not wrong. Cayden James and Black Siren make their welcome returns tonight to steal some nano-thermites. Honestly, I can’t overstate how much I love Michael Emerson as Cayden. He’s like a more sinister version of Harold Finch. Also, Katie Cassidy continues to have the time of her life with her campy portrayal of Black Siren. And these two have some fun chemistry together even though they’re almost never in the same frame.

While Team Arrow wasn’t able to stop Black Siren’s first heist, they’re ready when she and her goons attack Amertek in search of an accelerant to mix their nano-thermites with. Extended-take fight sequence notwithstanding, Team Arrow performs poorly in the field; Diggle, who was testing out a prototype of Curtis’ implant to fix his nerve damage, becomes crippled with pain in the middle of the fight because he’s going through withdrawal from that drug. Thus, Black Siren evades capture once again.

Yes, it’s finally time for Diggle’s secret to come out into the open, and with it some long-festering issues between Diggle and Oliver, who was released on an exorbitant bail. Both of them have acted selfishly recently; Oliver asked Diggle to take over the mantle because of William, without taking into account that Diggle has a family, too, and Diggle endangered this team by keeping his nerve damage a secret. At first, when they both talk about Diggle’s secret, things don’t go well because neither Diggle nor Oliver is really ready to hear about his own screwups. It doesn’t help matters that Oliver starts their conversation by saying this is the first time he’s ever been disappointed in Diggle, because it only took Oliver a few months to become an annoying parent. (Next: Broken promises)

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