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It’s been a week since Cayden James took Star City hostage, and Team Arrow and The B-Team are nowhere closer to regaining control of their city. Oliver, Quentin, Dinah, and the new police captain tried turning to A.R.G.U.S. for help, but the omnipresent spy organization’s attempts to infiltrate the city via an unobserved stretch of water ended with all of the divers turning up dead. Cayden murdered them by electrocuting them with their earpieces — which is a clever bit of foreshadowing for the tragic ending of tonight’s episode.

One of the reasons Oliver has had to pay Cayden James $70 million (so far) is that both vigilante teams aren’t sharing information. For example, Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle don’t find out that Vincent is actually undercover in Cayden’s operation until tonight’s episode. Why did Curtis, Rene, and Dinah waited so long to tell them? Because they’re just a little petty — and by “a little,” I mean very. This is information OG Team Arrow could’ve used! But instead, Oliver had to bankrupt the city.

Once everyone gets on the same page, Felicity comes up with a way to use Vince. She suggests he use the sniffer hacking device they used on Prometheus’ mother last year on Cayden’s servers. Unfortunately, this operation is incredibly dangerous for a number of reasons: First, Cayden already questions Vigilante’s loyalty, especially after that random goon died during last week’s fight (Vigilante killed him to save Rene). Second, Cayden has way more data than Prometheus’ mother, which means Vince will have to stand in the server room — an area he doesn’t have access to — for about 10 minutes as the device collects the data. His cover will be blown if he gets caught. Obviously, Dinah is super opposed to this, but Vince says it’s his decision and so he decides to do it.

So, the two teams rendezvous at the bunker and watch Vince through a body cam as he gains access to Cayden’s server room and plugs in the device. Obviously, Cayden walks in on him before the download is complete. However, Felicity helps Vincent out of this sticky situation by feeding him some nonsensical techno-babble to rattle off to Cayden. That move stalls Cayden long enough for the download to finish, and Vince manages to make it out of the building and send the data to Felicity. But, alas, he’s not out of hot water yet. As he leaves, Cayden and Anatoly taser him. (Next: Another death in the family)

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