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Oliver's a father, but the daddy of all evil, Vandal Savage, threatens the entirety of Team Flarrow.


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December 03, 2015 at 01:20 PM EST

Well, Team Flarrow dealt with their 4,000-year-old immortal pest, and it only took everyone dying, except for Barry, to do it.

Yes, “Legends of Yesterday” showcases the ultimate worst fate for the combined teams and their respective loved ones, but thanks to the help of a little time travel, even death couldn’t keep a good team down.

But like The Flash’s “Legends of Today,” Arrow’s entry in the two-part crossover doesn’t pull the focus away from Oliver Queen’s world entirely. Most significantly, the episode picks up from Oliver’s revelation at the end of the first half, in which he discovers he just might be a father. The question of his possible paternity (though, with the story line popping up as it did, was there ever any doubt? He’s lucky there aren’t multiple Lance offspring running around) looms over “Yesterday,” as does the fate of the world.

While Oliver naturally takes center stage — and Stephen Amell steps up to the task, arguably giving his best performance on the show yet — the secret MVP of the hour is Carlos Valdes’ Cisco, who also happen to steal The Flash’s half of the crossover.

After the debut of Vandal Savage in “Today,” the combined force of heroes decide to keep Kendra and Carter out of the city, hiding them out in the country instead. (“Bunch of superheroes in a farmhouse? Feel like I’ve seen that in a movie before,” quips Thea, noting the fact that this incarnation of DC’s arrow-toting hero decided to hide his friends in the same fashion Marvel’s hawk-eyed archer did in Avengers: Age of Ultron.)

Once there, the team decides the best course of action is to figure out how to take Vandal’s staff away from him, while Carter believes Kendra needs to be trained to use her latent powers at will. He hopes she can tap into the warrior side of the warrior priestess she once was, but Kendra seems hesitant to fully accept this destiny. Kendra wants, at the same time, to have a talk with Cisco, but he shuts that idea down — after all, “Never in the history of romance have those words [we need to talk] meant anything good.”

But while Cisco doesn’t want to distract Kendra, she’s already too distracted to properly channel her abilities. Carter believes she needs to channel her rage so they can fend off Savage.

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Not everyone involved wants to fight Savage. Malcolm Merlyn calls Ollie while he’s out investigating his possible fatherhood (more on that later) and says he’s set up a meeting with Vandal to settle the dispute.

“Please tell me we’re not negotiating with terrorists…or 4,000-year-old bad guys,” Barry quips as he arrives to the meeting — after speeding by a possible alternate copy of himself to get there. Malcolm doesn’t claim to be a Savage expert — far from it. He knows so little about him, he claims, and that’s why he fears him. And Malcolm’s fears come to meet him when Vandal arrives and demands Carter and Kendra be turned over to him within 24 hours or everyone and everything they love will crumble.

“I’m just curious: Did you rehearse that speech in a mirror this morning, or is this all off the cuff,” Barry asks in return to Savage’s evil monologue. (ASIDE: If you missed it, re-watch the scene to see how pleased Grant Gustin plays Barry after his dig. It is the thing GIFs can only dream to be. END ASIDE) Savage isn’t playing games, though. Back at base, Carter reveals Vandal killed 2 million people in 1887 to find and kill them, so he’ll have no problem decimating Central and Star cities.

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