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S4 E22
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May 19, 2016 at 03:03 AM EDT

Picking up right where the last episode left off, “Lost in the Flood” sees Damien Darhk spare Oliver and Diggle, mostly to enjoy watching what he expects to be much more painful deaths during his planned Armageddon. (And, well, for narrative convenience, it sure doesn’t hurt either.)

That leaves Team Arrow to stop Darhk’s use of Rubicon to cause worldwide nuclear devastation while also figuring out just where exactly his ark is. A clue in that direction comes via Thea, who hasn’t contacted Oliver but has gotten in touch with Felicity during her absence.

She tracks Thea’s location to an intersection that should hopefully provide some answers, but when Oliver arrives, he finds… well, nothing. Save for a conspicuous sewer access grate, which Felicity confirms should not be there.

And so the team splits up to cover every aspect of Darhk’s plan. Oliver and Diggle head into the fake sewer pipe only to arrive in not the Mushroom Kingdom but Damien’s idyllic ark of a town to save Thea. Topside, Felicity is working alongside her father to prevent Rubicon from destroying the world.

There’s one complication to Felicity’s work she doesn’t expect, as Curtis, who has been pulled into the calamity, texts her to come back home to help with an urgent matter. When she arrives, Felicity finds Curtis with his feet up, sipping a beer and waiting to give her a hug because now he understands how tough her childhood must have been.

Why does he believe that? Well, because Donna has arrived at the apartment and has been bickering almost nonstop with Noah since she arrived. Realizing she has no other option, Felicity breaks the news to her mom — the attack on the nearby town was just one of many possible horrors, and she has been working with the Green Arrow for years to help fight against evil, as they have to do now. Donna isn’t pleased with the lying, but leaves her daughter and ex-husband to what they know best — hacking, a sight that Curtis revels in watching. (Noah is well known on the dark web, and Curtis is practically star struck when he learns Felicity’s dad is the Noah Kuttler.)

While the hackathon gets underway, Oliver and Diggle are searching the streets of Darhkville. Those streets are anything but as quiet as Damien might hope, though, with Anarky having escaped after his fight with Thea. The possible wildcard certainly has vengeance on the brain and could pose a threat, one that Ruve Adams wants Malcolm Merlyn to handle. Oh, and it couldn’t hurt if he cleaned up the streets by finding Diggle and Oliver, too, as she receives an alert that they have been sighted around town.

That becomes somewhat easier for Malcolm when Oliver stumbles upon the house at which Thea is being held, noticing Alex’s body on the back porch. He sneaks in, taking down the two Ghosts guarding her and freeing Thea from her restraints. Surprisingly, he’s met with a kick to the guy from Thea, who holds her brother at gunpoint.

She’s been drugged by Malcolm, who needed her to comply so he could maintain order. Diggle rushes in with some gunfire, distracting Thea long enough to ensure Oliver’s safety but also to allow her to escape. With their cover blown (though with everyone in town wearing the same colored jumpsuits, it’s tough to imagine they would have remained hidden for much longer anyway), the two flee through the shrubs and streets of the underground incorporated village of Darhk, dodging fire and taking out Ghosts in equal measure.

NEXT: An ark devastated by Anarky.

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