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May 14, 2015 at 06:55 PM EDT

“City’s under attack? Must be May.” (Quentin Lance)  

It’s an Arrow season finale, which means the fate of Starling City hangs in the balance. Like the season it is concluding, “My Name is Oliver Queen” is an uneven episode with many thrilling and strong moments. Arrow makes very little effort trying to hide the fact that stopping Ra’s al Ghul from destroying Starling City is secondary to its other goals: bringing Oliver’s personal journey to a close and dealing with Olicity. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s just dive in.

As Ra’s, Oliver, Nyssa, and the rest of the League are making their way to Starling City for the newlyweds’ mass murder themed honeymoon, the rest of Team Arrow regains consciousness in the dungeon. Malcolm reveals that one of Oliver’s associates used Oliver’s blood to manufacture a vaccine for the virus, and Malcolm administered it to all of them subcutaneously. He’s expecting a thank you for saving their lives, but is left very disappointed. Felicity points out one flaw in the plan: their still trapped in the cell.

There’s nothing to fear, however, because that’s when they hear the thunder, which lets them know help is on the way in the form The Flash. Newly freed, Team Arrow gathers up their equipment and starts to head out. Even though they didn’t die, the Team still doubts that Oliver is on their side. Barry reassures them that despite everything that’s happened, one thing remains the same: Oliver needs his team. Believing to have fulfilled her obligation, Tatsu doesn’t return to Starling City with them and chooses to return to her life of solitude.

Meanwhile, the engine of the plane carrying Oliver and the League to Starling City blows. Because Oliver proved his loyalty by appearing to let his friends die at the end of “This is Your Sword,” Ra’s immediately assumes Nyssa tampered with the engine. But, Oliver shocks Ra’s by admitting to the sabotage. Ra’s reminds him he’s Warith Al-Ghul, but Oliver—finally getting his “Who Am I” moment after a season-long identity crisis—proclaims, “My name is Oliver Queen!”

…And fighting ensues, because natch. While Nyssa handles the assassins, Oliver and Ra’s wrestle over the cannister housing the virus. But, Ra’s eventually gets his hands on it and casually uses it as a melee weapon against his daughter before jumping out of the plane with the only parachute. Thus, Oliver is forced to bring the plane in for a very destructive crash landing.

Team Arrow returns to Palmer Technologies and is preparing to regroup when Oliver and Nyssa make their presence known. Not everyone is happy to see Oliver, especially Diggle, who punches him and calls him a son of a bitch. The rest of the team decides to give the original three a moment to themselves.

Naturally, Diggle and Felicity are upset that Oliver chose to trust Malcolm Merlyn, a supervillain, over his two most closest allies. Calling on his favorite excuse, Oliver says he lied to them to keep them safe and didn’t worry about having to fix their broken relationship afterward because he didn’t plan on surviving to have this conversation. He was planning on sacrificing himself to ensure that Ra’s died and the virus was destroyed in the plane crash. But, there’s little time for them to work through all of this because of the impending threat.

Unfortunately, finding Ra’s won’t be as easy as they thought because he’s using old school techniques to evade Felicity’s new school/high tech means of detection. However, during their scouring of the web for anything unusual in Starling City, they discover that Damien Darhk, Ra’s nemesis, is staying in a Starling City hotel. Oliver assumes Ra’s plans on using the virus to kill Damien and decides the only way to save the city is for Team Arrow to capture Damien themselves and exchange him for the virus. “That’s remarkably ruthless and cold blooded. I approve,” says Malcolm gleefully.

This plan goes south fairly quickly. By the time Oliver infiltrates Damien’s room, Damien has already fled the building and in his place remains one of his emissaries. Damien left Starling the moment he found out Ra’s was in town. At that moment, a sniper kills Damien’s emissary and Ra’s calls Oliver to let him know he’s one step ahead and that he’s already released the virus via four instruments of death. Get it, like the Four Horsemen?

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