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October 16, 2014 at 03:38 AM EDT

After Oliver confirms Lacroix’s alibi, he tells Laurel that she needs to tell her father about Sara’s death. She goes to the precinct to do just that, but stops when Quentin’s heart monitor goes off reminding him to take his pills. She’s worried that his heart won’t be able to handle it.

That night, Team Arrow meet at the grave that was made when Sara disappeared all those years ago, and finally put a body in the casket. It’s a fittingly underwritten scene, which allows for the silence to speak for itself. I mean, there have been very few quiet moments on tonight’s episode. Laurel says it’s not fair that Sara died without anyone ever knowing who she really was, which clearly moves Oliver and causes him to think about his future. Diggle says that they will never forget her because he and Lyla have decided to name their baby after Sara. It’s an admittedly cheesy move on the writers’ part, but it does feel rather earned.

Even later that night, Diggle returns to the lair to find Oliver sulking. He says he’s rejoining Team Arrow to help Oliver find Sara’s killer. As he’s getting ready to leave, Oliver tells Diggle that he doesn’t want to die down there, to which Diggle plainly says “So don’t, Oliver.” This gets at the season’s theme of “identity.” Oliver has a chance to define who he wants to be and what he wants to get out of life. He can either continue to emotionally seal himself off from those who love him or he can let them in and have a more fruitful life and not die alone. We see that Felicity has made her choice and takes Ray up on his job offer.

The episode ends with us finally checking in on Thea in Corto Maltese, where she’s shown taking out two of her sparring partners and making her daddy proud.

FLASHBACK — HONG KONG, five years ago

Amanda Waller is still threatening the life of Maseo’s family to ensure Oliver’s cooperation because she’s determined to turn him into one of her operatives for an unspecified mission. This week’s flashbacks begin with Maseo on a roof preparing Oliver to assassinate a target with a sniper rifle. It’s never made clear when Ollie learned how to use a sniper rifle, but whatever. Oliver gets ready to take his shot as his target starts walking across the terrace of a hotel. As the target turns around, Oliver sees it’s Tommy.

During Oliver’s escape attempt, he logged onto his email, which drew Tommy to Hong Kong because he thought it meant his friend was still alive. Waller’s worried that Tommy showing Ollie’s photo around the city will blow his cover and she won’t be able to use him as an operative. Refusing to kill his friend, Ollie and Maseo kidnap Tommy. Ollie tells Tommy that Oliver Queen is dead and that he logged onto his email to draw someone to Hong Kong to extort money. However, the “police,” a.k.a. Maseo, show up before Oliver can get his ransom.


— The introduction of Komodo hints that Arrow might be borrowing from material from Jeff Lemire’s recently ended run on Green Arrow. Do yourselves a favor and pick up the two latest collected editions: “Volume 4: The Killing Machine” and “Volume 5: The Outsiders.” You can skip the first 16 issues of the new Green Arrow series because it doesn’t start getting good until Issue 17, which is where Vol. 4 starts.

— This probably won’t be the last time we see Komodo. When news broke that he would make an appearance this season, EP Andrew Kreisberg said that Komodo would tie into the season-long mythology.

— A poster for The Flash released a few weeks back hinted at the introduction of AmerTek into the Arrow/The Flash universe. Wonder how long it will take until we meet John Henry Irons, a.k.a. Steel.

— Who do you think killed Sara? I thought it was Thea, which seemed to be confirmed by a Reddit user, but the final scene kind of ruled that out. Sound off in the comments with your own theories!

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