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December 06, 2012 at 07:46 AM EST

Ok, I know I didn’t really understand Helena’s appeal last week but I’ve got to admit, she really turned it around for me tonight. It’s as if I needed her and Oliver to settle into each other and, in this episode, they did. Not only did their chemistry feel a lot more organic, but their emotional attachment made more sense too. That being said, I still think she’s about five kinds of crazy, but hey, she’s also fun and flirty. A little more of the latter and I could really get behind this pairing. Let’s get started below:

The episode opens with both Oliver and Helena entangled in bed. It seems as if their steamy hook-up tired them out…well, sort of. Helena manages to pull herself away from Oliver’s perfectly toned pecs to embark on another secret mission.

Her plan? Kill the leader of the Triad. Helena wants the mob organization to think her father was behind the hit, in hopes that they’ll retaliate and ruin him for good. Before she can take her shot though, Arrow intervenes. He tries to convince her that what she’s doing isn’t justice. “And what you do is?” she counters. Arrow says he wants to show her what he does, so he takes her to…wait for it, Big Belly Burger! Because how better to stop someone from killing people out of revenge than with a trip to Starling City’s finest dining establishment?

“I haven’t been on a second date in awhile,” Oliver tells Helena, who immediately lets him know that they are not on a second date. “We slept together and it was really nice and I needed it but I’m not looking for anything,” she says. To his credit, Oliver doesn’t seem to be fazed. Like at all. Instead, he sarcastically points out that she’s got “everything figured out.” His high and mighty tone doesn’t sit well with Helena and she reminds him that she saw Arrow kill people. “I only kill people when it’s absolutely necessary,” he says. “It’s not my opening move.” He tells Helena he can show her a way to take down her father’s organization without putting innocent people at risk but she’s not exactly interested. “Thank you,” she says. “For the coffee…and the sex.”

So, what’s a guy to do after he’s rejected twice at Big Belly Burger? Work out his aggression obviously. Oliver heads back to his hideout where he does some crazy upside down push-ups, while Diggle gives him the third-degree about his relationship with Helena. Oliver reveals that Helena knows his true identity and Dig is hardly happy about it. He tells Oliver that Helena is not who he thinks she is, but Oliver continues to defend her and says he’s determined to save her and to stop her from doing anything reckless. Dig, who is once again the voice of reason, cautions that some people can’t be changed and the situation is bound to end up badly. “I got to try,” says Oliver, while hoisting himself up a steel ladder with a bar (I could watch an entire hour of him performing these crazy exercise routines).

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Moira tries to reach out to her husband, Walter. She’s worried because they haven’t really spoken since he discovered she had the yacht salvaged and that her ex was murdered. She tells him she wasn’t lying to hurt him but to keep him safe. Walter seems convinced and says he’d like them to be honest with each other moving forward (yeah, good luck with that one).

NEXT: Arrow teaches Helena archery…

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Billionaire Oliver Queen — under the vigilante persona of Arrow — tries to right the wrongs of his family and fight the ills of society.
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