Arrow and Deadshot face off; someone discovers Arrow's identity

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Oh Deadshot, we barely knew ya. The infamous sharpshooter made his first—and seemingly last—appearance on tonight’s episode. While we learned very little about his past (and a lot about his tatted up torso), the villain (and his poisoned bullets) helped make way for one of the series’ biggest developments: Thanks to DS, someone finally knows Arrow’s identity. I know. I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon either but I’m glad it did. After all, what’s a hero without a sidekick? Now, before I giveaway too much, let’s back-up to the start of the episode:

As if the salmon ladder stunt wasn’t impressive enough, episode three opens with Arrow lifting a string of cement blocks (show off!). So, who’s he preparing to go after this time? James Holder, a corporate big-wig who put defective smoke detectors in low-income houses.

Arrow decides it’s time to cross Holder off his hit list, so he heads to the corrupt businessman’s home to threaten him into a confession. It’s a tactic that has worked well in the past, but this time there’s a twist. Before Arrow can get Holder to fess up, a marksman guns him down. Arrow manages to escape, but not unscathed.

At his hideaway, Arrow patches up his arm, which was grazed by a bullet. Later, he starts to feel woozy and realizes the bullet was laced with poison. Before he passes out, Arrow manages to take some sort of medicinal herb mixture that he brought back from the island.

Cue flashback: Oliver wakes up in a cave on the island with an arrow lodged in his chest. He asks a mysterious man in a green hood why he shot him, and the man responds, “To protect you.” The man offers Oliver some herbs—presumably the same ones Arrow was smart enough to pack with him later—and a drink. Then the hooded man pulls the arrow out of Oliver’s chest and boy, does it hurt.

Back in Starling City, Oliver learns his sister, Thea, has been causing trouble yet again. Her latest ploy? Breaking and entering. After her mother tells her to get ready for school, Thea says she’s decided to take a sick day. Mommy relents (and here I thought Gossip Girl’s Lily was a bad mom!) and Oliver is peeved.

The cops start looking into Holder’s death. They suspect Arrow is responsible for the murder, but Det. Lance doesn’t quite buy it. Meanwhile, Arrow does his own investigation and traces the bullet back to an assassin known as Deadshot. It turns out Arrow’s new enemy is a cold-blooded killer who likes to tattoo the names of his victims on his body. Let the ab face-off begin.

Later, Oliver tells Tommy and Dig that he’s decided to turn the old Queen Industries building into a nightclub. Dig is skeptical, but for Oliver, it’s the perfect cover. After all, no one will question his whereabouts at night if he’s got a club to run. Tommy suggests they scope out the competition by attending a new club opening downtown. It seems like a good idea, except for the fact that Oliver slept with the club owner’s fiance. Not that it stops him…

They’re not the only ones planning a night out. Laurel’s girlfriend convinces her she needs to let loose, flirt with some boys, and get her mind off Oliver. Laurel insists she’s not into him, but her friend points out that the only physical relationship Laurel has had since Oliver is with his best-friend Tommy. Clearly, the girl has some unresolved issues.

NEXT: Laurel kicks some ass…

Before the big night out, Arrow works on tracking Deadshot. He discovers that Deadshot’s latest mission was funded by the Bratva aka the Russian mob. Armed with this information, Arrow heads to a seedy garage where he asks to meet with someone by the name of Alexi Leonov. The men at the garage tell him they don’t know anyone by that name, but Arrow presses on and eventually shows them a tattoo to prove he’s also a member of Bratva. (Side note: Why does Arrow have a Russian mob tattoo?). The men readily apologize for mistreating a “captain” and offer their help. Arrow says he’s looking for a shooter who has worked with the organization in the past. Leonov says he’ll work on it. He also promises to kill Arrow’s family if he finds out he’s not really a Bratva.

Meanwhile, we find out that Deadshot has killed another businessman.

The cops question Oliver’s step dad, Walter Steele, about the latest death. It turns out the victim, as well as Holder, were competing with Walter, and other bidders, to buy out Unidac Industries at a auction later in the week. The cops find it suspect that two of Walter’s competitors have been killed, but he maintains his innocence.

As the adults hash it out, Oliver and Tommy head to the new hotspot in town. It’s not long before they run into Laurel and Thea, who, not surprisingly, is completely wasted. Oliver wants Thea to go home, but she’s not having it. Instead, she lashes out at him and tells him that Laurel and Tommy have been sleeping together. Not cool, Thea! (Side note: Is anyone else loving Oliver as a protective big brother?).

Before the “I’m sorry I slept with your girlfriend” speech can really get underway though, the club owner, Max Fuller, shows up and punches Oliver (considering the fact that Oliver slept with Fuller’s fiance, he probably deserved it). Tommy comes to Oliver’s defense, but it doesn’t help much. The two guys are clearly overpowered by Fuller’s bodyguards. Luckily for them, Laurel (yes, Laurel!) arrives on the scene and takes down Fuller with some seriously impressive moves. Oliver wants to know how she learned to fight so well, and Laurel tells him her father made her take self-defense classes. Really? They teach you all that in self? If so, sign me up! Before she leaves, Oliver tries to tell her that he’s ok with her relationship with Tommy, but Laurel lets him know that she doesn’t need his blessing or his forgiveness. Oof. Apparently, their little ice cream date didn’t do much to melt her anger.

Cue another flashback: Back on the island, Oliver wakes up in the cave and finds the hooded man sleeping near him. He takes the opportunity to escape. He doesn’t get far before he gets trapped in a net. The hooded man saves Oliver from the trap and warns him that the island is too dangerous for one man to face alone and that “they” will kill him. The man disappears leaving Oliver to fend for himself. Later, we see some mysterious figures inspecting the net that had trapped Oliver earlier.

NEXT: Arrow and Deadshot face-off…

What better way to recoup from a beating than with some burgers? After the nightclub incident, Oliver, Tommy and Dig head to a local diner. Tommy sees a hot waitress, but before he can hit on her Dig tells him she’s his sister-in-law, Carly. His single sister-in-law, that is. Carly’s husband died while working as a bodyguard and now she’s worried the same fate awaits Dig. Foreshadowing much?

Speaking of complicated romances, Oliver tells Tommy he’s totally fine with the Laurel situation. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Oliver’s mob contact. The contact tells Oliver that he’s been cleared as a Bratva (um, how?) and points him to Deadshot.

Natch, Arrow ditches the burgers to go after his target and a gun/arrow fight ensues. (For a guy named Deadshot, he certainly misses as lot!). Deadshot manages to escape through a window, so Arrow makes off with his bullet-ridden laptop. He takes the computer to Queen Corp’s IT department, where he convinces a very flustered (and pretty!) technician to help him restore it. (I have a feeling we’re going to see more of her as the season progresses). She tells Oliver that the laptop has blueprints of the Exchange building where the Unidac Industries auction is scheduled to take place. She also discovers that the laptop belongs to one of the bidders, Warren Patel.

Oliver realizes that Warren hired Deadshot to kill all the bidders at the auction. After taking a closer look at the layout, he decides that Arrow can’t protect everyone in the building alone, so he corners Det. Lance and warns him about the threat.

It’s a good thing too because it’s not long before shots ring out at the auction. While Oliver protects his mother and sister (yes, she made nice and showed up to support her family!), Det. Lance pushes Walter out of the line of fire. With his family safe, Oliver steps into his Arrow gear and goes after Deadshot. The two go head-to-head, but apparently, arrow trumps bullet, because Deadshot bites the dust.

Meanwhile, Tommy meets Laurel at the courthouse and tries to convince her that he really is boyfriend material. Though she still seems a bit reluctant, she doesn’t completely shutdown the idea. On another note, why do I feel like Tommy is going to turn out to be a stage 5 clinger?

Meanwhile, after taking out Deadshot, Arrow realizes that Dig was hit with a stray poisoned bullet, so he takes him to his hideaway and gives him the anti-dote. As Dig gains consciousness, he seems to realize that Arrow is Oliver. Interestingly, Oliver makes no effort to mask his face. Perhaps he’s ready for a confidant?

What did you think about the final twist? Did Deadshot make a mark? Any theories about Arrow’s ties to the Russian mob?

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