Charlie meets the one man he can't budge.

By Kelly Connolly
May 30, 2015 at 01:48 AM EDT
Vivian Zink/NBC

NBC has made all 13 episodes of Aquarius available online after the May 28 premiere, because a snake of traffic is coming for us all and we have to live for the now, man. The show will still be airing Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET; if you’re watching live each week, come back here after “Home Is Where You’re Happy” airs on June 11. If you’re watching online, read on—or view the entire episode here.

Are we all ready to move to a first-name basis with Sam Hodiak? Now that we’ve seen him in bed with Grace, “Hodiak” just feels too formal. Sam is still looking into Art Gladner’s murder; he makes a show of complaining that he has to visit the grieving widow, knowing all the while that she owns the biggest burlesque theater in Hollywood. But according to one of the girls, Rachel, it was Art who really ran things.

Rachel remembers a time when she locked her purse in the diner and Art called the delivery guy to let her back in—because he had keys. Marvin, Art’s trusted supplier of both food and drugs, killed him. When Sam goes to make the arrest, Marvin grabs a knife and tries to threaten him into putting down his gun, which Sam thinks is pretty cute. He invites Marvin to take a stab, then breaks his arm, cuffs him, and pats him on the back: “That’s all right, Marv. No shame in trying.”

Meanwhile, Shafe has been trying to persuade Mike to give up his alibi—a drug dealer who scares him even more. Now that Marvin is in custody, Mike is off the hook, but if the detectives let him go, he can’t take them to the other dealer. Sam suggests that Shafe could keep Marvin’s arrest to himself for a little while longer, which Shafe points out is illegal—but his partner must be rubbing off on him, because he goes for it. Mike meets with the dealer, and Shafe gets a look at him, but things go south when the dealer says that they already arrested Marvin for the crime. (Sam: “I broke Marvin’s arm. That’s something people notice and discuss.”) Fortunately, Mike is the kind of guy who will forgive being lied to in exchange for a joint.

Back at the station, Cutler finds Lieutenant Priori unconscious in his office. It looks like Priori drank, passed out, and hit his head on the desk, leaving Cutler to fill in as acting lieutenant. Cutler joins Sam to interrogate Marvin, who’s agreed to a deal. But there’s a twist: Marvin says that Sam gave him the idea to kill Art when he wrote “snitch” on Art’s head. Marvin heard Art getting ready to name people in exchange for immunity and went to Mike’s dealer with the whole story. The dealer gave Marvin a gun to take care of it. The gun wasn’t loaded, which revealed Marvin’s plan, so he stabbed Art instead. The life of a drug dealer is so complicated.

Shafe feels responsible for his role in all of this, but Sam takes the blame. Not that he cares. (“It’s true; I can be a tad brusque. For instance, just now I forgot to say ‘You’re welcome.’ ”) Sam is more concerned about the member of the Gladner family who’s still living. He stops by the Peach Pussycat and casually informs Art’s wife, Lucille, that he knows she knew about the drugs. He’s not going to turn her in, but if anyone else dies on her watch, he’ll be on her. She flirts that he’ll be on her anyway, so now we know how Lucille’s mind works.

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Sam and Shafe might disagree on the intricacies of drug dealing, but Sam has his partner’s back after someone spray paints a racial slur on the Shafes’ garage door. Sam hears from Cutler that Shafe’s wife was crying on the phone and goes to find out what’s wrong, offering to go after their grumpy neighbor if he’s the culprit. (“I do think old cranks are funny, but if he wrote something nasty on your garage door, I got an axe handle in my trunk.”)

Shafe returns the favor by asking what’s bothering Sam. Sam admits that his son is AWOL—he went to visit Walt’s friend, who claimed not to know where Walt was, but Sam knew he was hiding something (and he was: Walt). When Sam leaves, Shafe calls a friend he served with and asks him to find out what he can. This partnership is really taking off.

Grace shows up at Sam’s to tell him that Charlie called, and she recognized Emma’s voice in the recording. She knows her daughter is still at the Spiral Staircase. Sam pays a visit to Charlie, which is the most I’ve ever enjoyed Charlie on this show—not for his own merits, but for Sam’s reaction to him. Sam Hodiak is the one man Charlie Manson will never be able to move. Charlie kisses his shoes, and Sam’s only response is an exasperated, “For Pete’s sake, what the f—?”

Sam gives Charlie his card and follows him to Fisher’s house, but Fisher has already kicked out Emma and Sadie. They just wanted food. The girls seem so young digging into his refrigerator, which makes it even harder to hear their reaction when he tells them to leave: “You won the lottery here. Two naked girls.” They’ve learned from Charlie how to use sex as currency.

Ken has learned from Charlie that he likes having sex with men, even if the men look like Chuck Norris and the sex is in a public bathroom. He shows up at the Spiral Staircase with a gun, accusing Charlie of “breaking” him. Emma watches as Charlie talks down her father by acting like he doesn’t care if he dies. He’d be happy to die for anyone he loves. Ken makes eye contact with Emma, goes home, and tells Grace that he saw their daughter.

Convinced that he can fix himself if his family is whole again, Ken tells Grace that he wants to go back to the Spiral Staircase with her, but she “needs a man for this.” Grace gets Sam, and the two of them show up at the compound just as Emma is embarking on her first acid trip. Emma is about to go with her mother willingly, but she balks when Grace tells her that she doesn’t belong here. She grabs a shotgun. Sam knocks it away, throws Emma over his shoulder, and carries her to the car kicking and screaming. Emma is going home. The only question is how long they’ll be able to keep her there.

Bits and pieces:

  • Mike really hates that milkshake: “I swear to God they put garlic in this thing, man, just to piss on my day more.”
  • Mike, to himself: “Ugh, stop drinking it!”
  • “He was a person.” “Who sold drugs. Cashew?”
  • “I fought so we could sit here free on plastic slipcovers.”