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July 27, 2016 at 12:44 AM EDT

For weeks now, the Cody boys have been planning their biggest heist yet. They’re used to small-time robberies, stuff that — as Deran points out — even a monkey could be trained to do. Now they’re planning on stealing money from a military base that’s heavily guarded by marine patrols. Everything needs to be perfect, but that’s easier said than done, especially with this group of stoned surfers.

The biggest wild card, other than perhaps J, is Paul. He’s definitely in on the job, but it’s clear he’s a little hesitant, letting a little moral crisis creep in on his subconscious every now and then. He’s freaking out over the details of the plan, snapping at Baz when he’s not specific enough about where the cash will be. Part of his hesitation is they can’t figure out a way to get the money out of the base. They need the cash to be in Building 15, but rerouting it there from its usual holding place in Building 13 would mean drawing attention to Paul. So they come up with a plan, and it involves J.

Speaking of J, he’s not too happy that Alexa has been spying on him. He tells her at school that if his family had found out about her and her spying, he’d probably be dead. She offers a deal for both of them to go to Detective Yates and come clean, but J refuses. He tells her she needs to stay away from him and the two separate, but not before Nicky sees them and assumes the worst.

That sends Nicky to the house to…wait for J? I don’t know, she mostly just needs to be there in order to create conflict. After all, Smurf can’t have Nicky seeing her father planning a heist with the Cody boys, now can she? So, Smurf sends Craig out to the driveway to get rid of her. The two take a ride to the beach, smoke some weed, and talk about Paul and J. Then Nicky says she wants to leave and do some coke. The question is: Do they do more than that?

That’s an important question, because the answer just might ruin the whole military-base operation. See, Paul is obviously a wild card, but J is just as much of a variable, especially since he’s still protective of Nicky. Anyway, Smurf needs him to pull off the first part of the plan, something that would allow Paul to move the money to Building 15 without anyone getting suspicious. J agrees to the gig, and for now it seems like he’s all in on being part of his family’s criminal activity.

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But how long until Detective Yates is on to them? She’s meeting with Catherine, trying to convince her to turn on Baz and start a new life with her daughter under witness protection. She lays out all sorts of gory details as to why she should. It was Smurf who ordered her parents’ house to be burned down, killing them in the process; it was Pope who actually did the deed; Baz knew about the whole thing, hence why he called her to sneak out that night. Is it enough for Catherine to flip, though?

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