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Baz presents his crazy plan to the whole family, but when J realizes what's happening, he threatens the whole operation

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July 12, 2016 at 10:20 PM EDT

So, Pope and Deran hit Paul’s house and take his TV, laptop, briefcase, and then make it look like a bunch of amateurs did the job. That sends Paul, who’s out with the whole family and J, home to see the damage. J takes a look around and everything starts to set in. He remembers overhearing Deran and Craig talking about breaking into someone’s house, and he’s not stupid. He knows it was his family that did this.

Back at the Cody house the next day J does the one thing he thinks he can do in this situation. After he asks Deran about the job, who tells the kid that he’s just the grunt doing the work given to him by Smurf and Baz, he decides to break up with Nicky to protect her. He doesn’t exactly do it gracefully, and she’s super confused about the whole ordeal, but he gets it done. If only it was that easy.

You see, J gets caught in a lie. He tells Smurf that Nicky broke up with him, but Nicky runs into Baz at her house and tells him what really happened. That leads to Baz calling J and meeting him on the beach “for a beer.” Once J is there he lies to Baz too, not knowing that he knows the truth. So Baz confronts him, telling him that everyone outside the family is a mark and that “family comes first.”

J doesn’t seem to accept that though, telling Baz to stay away from Nicky and her family. Baz isn’t about to listen to this kid though. He tells him he’s lucky to even be having this conversation, that if this was anyone else, they’d get hurt (or worse) for nearly ruining plans for his big job.

That conversation puts the heat on J for the first time. Back at the house Baz tells Smurf that they may have a problem, and she already seems to know what it is. So not only does she have Pope figuring out that he’s been secretly getting meds, she also has J perhaps failing to fall in line with the rest of the family. That’s dangerous for business, and she knows it.

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The episode ends with Baz and J heading in separate directions. Baz is closer to Paul now, as Nicky’s dad reveals that there were classified documents inside his briefcase that was stolen, and that it could cost him his job. That’s just the vulnerability Baz needs. He tells Paul that he can call some guys and see about getting his briefcase back.

Then there’s J, heading over to Alexa’s house, fueled by anger and getting this much closer to opening up and spilling the beans about what his family is doing. Things are getting dangerous for J, Alexa, and the entire Cody clan, and it’s probably only going to get worse from here on out.

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