We're here to watch the 25-hour binge-a-thon with you
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It’s finally here: All 10 episodes of Angie Tribeca‘s first season, ready for your consumption. But that’s a whole lot of TV for just one person — so to help keep you company as you work through TBS’ 25-hour marathon, we’ve put together an episode-by-episode breakdown of the first season (which we’ll be updating as the episodes air). The page numbers correspond to the episode number so you can read along, without spoilers, as you watch.


The players

Angie Tribeca (Rashida Jones) is the tough, no-nonsense, yes-deadpan star of the series, a detective who wakes up at 4:45 in the morning and doesn’t quit until the case is solved.

Lt. Chet Atkins (Jere Burns) is the constantly agitated precinct leader. I imagine he has high heartburn, but goddamnit if he doesn’t care about his cops.

J. Geils (Hayes MacArthur) is Angie’s 237th partner — a job that, as the previous 236 partners could attest, is not easy. But could he break the mold and build a rapport with the tough-as-nails Tribeca? And maybe even kiss her on the mouth? We’ll see!

DJ Tanner is a human detective (Deon Cole), while David Hoffman Tanner (a dog named Jagger) is his canine partner. They are definitely the second-best crime-solving duo on the show.

Dr. Monica Scholls is the medical examiner (Andree Vermeulen).

The case

The mayor’s being blackmailed for $4,000 by somebody with compromising photos of a heavily tattooed body, and not of him humping a dolphin.

The suspects

His wife, his mistress, and anyone who happens to take (or…teach?!) the Wednesday night nude-drawing class at Verdugo Valley College.

The perp

The case unravels after Tribeca undresses and sneaks into Verdugo Valley’s figure-drawing class. The professor happens to hate tattoos and loves $4,000.

The other guys

Alfred Molina is pitch-perfect as able-bodied, wheelchair-riding forensic scientist Dr. Edelweiss at the coroner’s office.

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The special guests

Lisa Kudrow plays Monica Vivarquar, the mayor’s vaping mistress; she definitely knows the mayor, oh, yes, very intimately. Nancy Carrell, the show’s co-creator, is the extremely hospitable and baby back ribs-loving mayor’s wife. Gary Cole is as cleverly dry as ever as Prof. L the college figure-drawing instructor.

The best lines

Lt. Chet Atkins: I’m tough, but I’m fair!

Mayor’s wife: No, no, I have my playthings. He has a mistress? Are you sh—ing me??

Mayor’s wife: Who would try to extort money from my husband?

Angie: Oh, I don’t know, how about… YOU?

Mayor’s mistress: Oh, I’ve already destroyed him sexually… catch my drift?

Angie: I don’t drink beer, I rent it! [wild, uncontrolled laughter ensues]

Dr. Edelwiess: Magnify. [nothing happens.] Enlagre. [nothing happens.] Make look big!

The best gags

  • Angie’s daily apartment-smashing morning routine
  • Either the gyro or the baby back ribs
  • The mayor’s wife crying into her cotton candy
  • Tribeca and Geils on the verge of making out while discussing the case, in Stella-like fashion (remember Stella?!)
  • LAPD Coroner, Forensics, Gift Shop
  • The constantly rising tuition at Verdugo Valley College
  • Geils’ flashy flips and slides while chasing the perp
  • “Emergency rope”

The best tatts on the mayor’s bod

  • My Other Ride is Your Mamma

    Mustache Rides, 50 Cents

  • If You’re Rich, I’m Single
  • The California state flag
  • My Ex Gives Great Headaches
  • I [heart] 2 [screw]
  • I Shaved My Balls For This?
  • I’m Going to Burp…
  • A picture of a sheep with the words “That’s what sheep said”

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The case

“Another baker’s killed himself,” Atkins tells Tribeca and Geils. Franz Shubert, the third dead baker this month, making it a dozen (13) on the year. But this baker happened to be hiding cocaine in his cakes.

The suspects

The wedding planner was the last person to see the baker alive. But Tom’s Flour, the baker’s supplier, might have a hand in it as well.

The perp

Well, yeah, the wedding planner did it. But Tribeca and Geils have to get fake-married to catch her in the act, despite Tribeca’s reservations. She doesn’t have a good track record with marrying partners (more on that later).

The other guys

Tanner and Hoffman lay low in the episode, other than their great coffee bit early on. Dr. Edelweiss enters the episode seemingly blind (he’s not).

The special guests

Adam Scott kicks things off as the hapless doctor who’s not unlike Arrested Development’s Dr. Fishman, a.k.a. The Literal Doctor. The inimitable James Franco appears in flashback scenes as (wait for it) Sgt. Pepper, Tribeca’s former partner and former fiancé who disappeared (probably died) mysteriously when he went into a tunnel, hence Tribeca’s fear of marrying partners. Gillian Vigman plays Jean Nate, the exacting, floral-print-clad celebrity wedding planner.

The best lines

Tribeca: I’m thinking you want us to look into the baker?

Atkins: No, leave that to the coroner. You two just figure out why he’s dead.

Sgt. Pepper: You’re under arrest… for stealing my heart. You have the right… to stay beautiful. Anything you say… will only make me more in love with you.

Angie: What are you doing? Are you cuffing my finger?

Sgt. Pepper: That’s a ring. Will you marry me?

Tribeca: You’re disgusting.

Warehouse Sweeper: I’m a warehouse sweeper. What we you expecting?

Wedding Planner: Ooh la la, that’s a lot of drug… cake. Drug-cake.

Wedding Planner: To prove they’re a real couple, the bride and groom will now do their first dance. It’s traditionally very well thought-out and rehearsed.

The best gags

  • Lt. Atkins’ 56-year-old bod
  • The creepy flashback scene of Pepper’s disappearance, complete with a little girl at the playground
  • The whipped cream outline of the dead baker
  • “Freeze!”
  • The cake turning into “pure, unadulterated drugs” in the microwave.
  • The warehouse sweeper, everything about it
  • The camera running into Angie during a close-up

The best weddings

  • The Steinberg wedding
  • The Gupta wedding
  • The Murphy wedding

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The case

A ventriloquist named Alan Parsons has been killed, which will force Tribeca and Geils to dive headfirst into the dangerous world of American ventriloquism. If only one of them happened to love and know a lot about ventriloquism and wanted to be a ventriloquist (or v-quist, as the insiders call them) when he was a kid…

The suspects

The ventriloquist’s wife, Mrs. Parsons, is the lead suspect. Fisher Price, the world’s greatest v-quist, is also in the mix – he’s mentioned in Parsons’ top-secret unpublished memoir/expose. But Mr. Parsons also had some mistresses, and they can’t be ruled out either.

The perp

But yeah, it was Fisher Price. He broke the biggest v-quist rule of all: Always keep your mouth shut. He tries to shoot Tribeca in the end, but luckily she’s wearing her bulletproof bustier.

The other guys

Tanner interrogates a suspect dummy at the station, making sure he knows that this isn’t a game like Hunry Hungry Hippo or Kerplunk. Unfortunately, he gets nothing out of him. Dr. Edelweiss walks into the episode with two full-arm casts before quickly shaking them off. Lt. Atkins reaches peak exasperation but still manages to not have a heart attack.

The special guests

Sarah Chalke is Mrs. Parsons. She has OCD, which forces her to constantly keep her records straight. Actual famous v-quist Jeff Dunham plays fake famous v-quist Fisher Price. He’s a little creepy (in the show… and maybe in real life?).

The best lines

Geils: My parents got me a present, and it was a real Humdinger. It was a ventriloquist dummy, and everyone knew that Humdinger made the best ones.

Geils: I knew the stats of all the best v-quists. That’s what us insiders called them.

Mrs. Parsons: Please, why don’t you come sit down on my off-white linen sectional.

Mrs. Parsons: I just really hope you can catch the animal who did this.

Angie: Thank you, ma’am, but we think it was a human who did it.

Geils: This isn’t my first rodeo.

Dr. Scholls: This isn’t a rodeo. It’s an autopsy. There is a rodeo in town, though, if you want to go with me later.

Geils: No way — a v-quist never leaves his dummy.

Tribeca: Hey, I’m dummy. I’m your partner. Now go get him.

The best gags

  • The audience full of scouts
  • The portraits of dummies in the Parsons household
  • “Thumb drive”
  • The hand-phone
  • Angie’s virtuoso performance as a ventriloquist dummy
  • Also, Angie used to want to do magic

The best product placement

  • The Snickers riff really satisfies.

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The case

A painting called “The Thumb” by Carpaccio MacGuffin, the Scottish-Italian master, has been stolen from its place in the museum. To make the matter more intriguing, Tribeca once had an affair with MacGuffin when she was a young art student living in black-and-white Paris. She, in fact, was the inspiration for “The Thumb.”

The suspects

Dr. Zaius had given a temporary one-day gift to the museum, a cupid statue that was standing in front of the missing painting just as it was being stolen. Could it have been him (the doctor or the statue, or both)? Also, Randy Zaius, the doctor’s brother, could’ve done it as well — he happens to have an interest in painting.

The perp

This one’s got a lot of misdirection. At first, Randy seems to have stolen the artwork — but it turns out, his is a forgery. He points to his brother as the real criminal. But it’s a switcheroo — Randy was guilty all along.

The other guys

We’re introduced to Det. Dolby, the man in charge of background noise at the station. Tanner and Hoffman help out on the case by sniffing around the museum/barking at paintings of mailmen. In fact, Tanner gets a lot to do this episode — he interrogates the suspects and is even able to get Randy in the end via refrigerator. The always sneaky Dr. Edelweiss starts his appearance with no arms, only to reveal that his arms are under his coat.

The special guests

John Michael Higgins plays Mr. Zaius, identical brother of Dr. Zaius. Oh, and he also plays Dr. Zaius, of course. It’s a wonder Higgins isn’t a regular cast member, as his mock-serious comedic tone is a perfect fit for this show.

The best lines

Museum guide: All right, now let’s move on to the room with the boring pots in it.

Mr. Zaius: Oh no, Dr. Zaius is my brother. I’m just… Mr. Zaius. You guys can call me Randy.

Angie: I don’t know, I think this one we just leave unsolved.

Angie: You’re under arrest for Grand Theft Arto.

Dr. Edelweiss: Wrong, detective — you’ve just shot the real Mona Lisa, and the lab technician behind it.

Tanner: [laughing, at the station] How’s jail treatin’ you, Randy?

Randy: You literally brought me in here 5 minutes ago.

Tanner: The painting we took from your apartment was a forgery, which begs the questions… where’s the original?

The best gags

  • The OMG gallery, LOL library, and WTF parking lot
  • The artistic chalk outline of the missing painting
  • The art collector’s antiques include Napoleon’s last brew of, coffee, macarons from the Age of Enlightenment, and a potato chip from the Kennedy Administration
  • The endless dried-ink riff
  • Tribeca and Geils undressing to sit down
  • The “Switcheroo” painting (a kangaroo with a switch for a head)
  • Also, Tribeca used to be a young art student in Paris

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The case

Tribeca and Geils go undercover at Thatcher’s Cabaret to bust a prostitution ring. But there’s someone important on the ring’s client list, so Lt. Atkins pulls them off the case — but that doesn’t satisfy Tribeca, so she has Geils pose as a john to get to the bottom of the case.

The perp

There’s not as much of a perp as there is a case of corruption — the police commissioner turns out to be part of the prostitution ring, and he needs to be dealt with before the detectives can take down Madame Thatcher. They manage to trick him into a client session in which his strange baby fetish comes to light — but the baby gets busted.

The other guys

Tanner and Hoffman the man (and dog) the surveillance truck outside the club. We also get a fun faded-film flashback of Atkins and Bigfish’s days as partners back in ‘70s, à la Starsky & Hutch.

The special guests

David Koechner plays Police Commissioner Niles J. Bigfish. He doesn’t get to do quite as much as we’d like, but he still makes an impact in his limited scenes.

The best lines

Geils: Of course no one’s approached you, you look like an Amish accountant!

Geils: I’m in town for the Rick Lonely Businessman Conference.

Stacy: Oh, the RLB — I’ve heard of it.

Stacy: Tell the concierge you want to pay for sex. She’ll know what you mean.

Dr. Scholl: That’s right, but that’s not all. We also…. oh, no, wait, that is all.

Lt. Atkins: I’m very conflicted right now, it’s a moral dilemma. This is my vulnerable side!

Bigfish: There’s not a jury in the world that would convict a baby.

Random man, to Geils in a sailor hat: You’re a disgrace to the U.S. Navy!

The best gags

  • The “Surveillance & Sons” van (“established just the other day”!)
  • Angie’s dead fish (“He’s just sleeping!”)
  • The “we can’t talk here” montage is perfect, and so is its concluding punchline: “I can’t believe we spent a whole montage with you.”
  • The blacklight-revealed organic substances in the hotel room, which includes the phrase “#ORGASM” written out on the wall
  • The sperm-sample close-up
  • The diaper-changing kink between Tribeca and Bigfish was more uncomfortable than anything, but probably still worth mentioning
  • The weird way how Bigfish sort of actually turns into a baby by the end of the episode

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The case

Ferrets! Illegal pet ferrets are being smuggled into California, and Tribeca and Geils are trying to hunt the ferret source down. But they’re impeded by Special Agent Laura Partridge of the Fish & Game Division, who tries to claim the case as her own.

The suspects

Helmut Fröntbüt’s cuff links are found inside their first confiscated ferret, so signs point to him. He’s an eccentric, apparently German rich guy who runs an animal charity. Also, he has a giant front-butt. Anyway, could this man who supposedly lives to help animals really be the perp?

The perp

Well, yeah, it was Mr. Fröntbüt all along. No one with that kind of German accent can ever be innocent. He gets pinned down at his own charity poker gala, where he confesses to his illegal ferret-smuggling ring.

The other guys

Dr. Edelweiss wheels into the episode with a Stephen Hawing-style wheelchair that talks for him, until he gets frustrated with it for being inefficient. We learn that he was once a veterinary gynecologist, at least until the judge ordered him to stop.

The special guests

Keegan-Michael Key plays Mr. Fröntbüt, front-butt and all, while Kerri Kenney Silver (veteran of that great other cop parody show, Reno 911!).

The best lines

Tribeca: You’re looking at 50 years for possession of a ferret.

Dr. Edelweiss: As the expression goes, there’s more than one way to look inside a ferret.

Mr. Fröntbüt: If I were rolling in illegal ferret money, would I be hosting a charity poker tournament tonight with a $50,000 buy-in?

Geils: I don’t have to listen to this, we won the war.

Tribeca: Take the lunch pail, leave the sandwich.

Mr. Fröntbüt: Shall we make it more interesting?

Tribeca: No, let’s keep it exactly this interesting.

The best gags:

  • “Let’s take out the crash”
  • The Dodgers player who shows up when a suspect won’t play ball
  • Dr. Scholls’ sneaky ferret-stealing skills
  • The ferret’s blurred lady parts
  • “Ferret Fawcett”
  • Atkins literally not being to reach the money
  • Geils’ uncanny ability to identify his poker opponents’ tells

NEXT: Episode 7


The case

After Tribeca and Geils try and fail to track down stolen diamonds at a quinceanera, Tribeca is ordered to take some time off, which finally gives us insight into her personal life. So you could say the case is for Tribeca to have a good time. Meanwhile, Geils and Tanner have to work together to solve a death at a golf course.

The suspects

Samantha Stevens, a fancy lady with too much plastic surgery who works at the country club where the murder occurred. Turns out, she had an affair with the deceased.

The perp

It turns out to be Samantha’s husband, “Short Game” Stevens. He gets taken down on the 18th hole when Hoffman tackles him mid-putt.

The other guys

Atkins keeps coming to Tribeca’s apartment to use her apartment/remind her not to work.

The special guests

Bill Murray(!) swoops into the series as Vick Deacons, an employee at the supermarket where Tribeca shops. He’s the manager of the paper-on-rolls department, though he used to work in finance. He sparks a potential May-December romance with Tribeca. He comes over to her spare apartment for a romantic bowl of cereal (with milk!). Cecily Strong also comes in to play Samantha, though the role requires very little work from her face.

The best lines:

Lt. Atkins: Take the day off, Tribeca! I want your badge and your gun.

Tribeca: Don’t you have your own badge and gun?

Lt. Atkins: I want yours.

Vick Deakins: My name is Vick Deacons, but you can call me Vick Deakins.

Vick: It’s obvious that you’re married to your job.

Tribeca: You know what, I am. And I want to have kids with it and grow old with it. And when it’s too old to remember who I am anymore, I want to read it stories. And then I want to be buried next to it in front of the old apple tree, right in front of the precinct.

The best gags:

  • “Public Domain Radio”
  • The miniature sausage fest at the golf course
  • Angie literally doesn’t know how to say “free sample”
  • The murder victim’s “typical white balls”
  • Lt. Atkins constantly using Tribeca’s bathroom
  • Geils and Hoffman’s golf cart chase having to wait until the old ladies play through on the course

The best items in Tribeca’s shopping basket:

  • American Cheese, Very Singles
  • Flying Solo: Airplane-Style Food for One
  • We All Dye Alone hair dye

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The case

Someone has been murdering first-class airplane passengers. Could someone have it out against rich people? But the case gets more complicated when Angie’s annoying cousin, Vivian Tribeca, is revealed to be the plane’s flight attendant. Of course, Tribeca and Geils will have to go undercover on the flight.

The suspects

A couple of chickens are ruled out, as is everybody in coach class, as everyone knows it’s illegal for people in coach to murder first-class passengers. But one thing is for sure: The victim is asthmatic.

The perp

It’s Vivian, of course. Fed up by her rude and ungrateful first-class passengers, she’s taken to suffocating them with those small airplane pillows.

The other guys

Tanner and Hoffman help out on the case by looking at a busy mom who might’ve been the murderer — but she’s got too many kids to have time to kill anyone. So they, along with Lt. Atkins, help Geils and Tribeca out by joining her undercover on the plane. Meanwhile, Dr. Edelweiss spends about half the episode coming down one of those automated stair-chairs.

The special guests

Laura Bell Bundy vamps it up as Vivian, who, judging by her thick accent, was born in the pre-Civil War Deep South.

The best lines

Lt. Atkins: We’ve got a murder spree on our hands.

Geils: The word “spree” makes it sound fun, but it isn’t.

Geils: I’m sorry I’m late, Vivian came down with a case of the vapors. Or at least that’s what she declared.

Geils: What does layman’s terms mean?

Rude passenger: Bring me the can, sky whore.

Tribeca: Vivian Tribeca, prepare for landing… in prison.

The best gags:

  • Lt. Atkins’ blood-pressure test
  • Tribeca using her high-tech gloves to make Minority Report-like hand gestures
  • The mechanic rolling out from under different cars
  • The guy on the plane laughing, and then crying at a copy of SkyMall (RIP)
  • Geils calling people from pay phones

NEXT: Episode 9


The case

We’ve got a real Guy Ritchie-style British gangster potboiler on our hands here. A gang of cockney crooks posing as chimney sweeps manage to rob a bank vault from the inside. But they didn’t just steal the cash but also the bank’s customers’ security-question answers. So Tribeca and Geils will have to go deep cover to infiltrate the gang.

The suspects

The team knows they’re after the British gang because they left behind two dozen lager cans and a Manchester United scarf at the crime scene.

The perp

It’s the British gang, duh. But even after they get arrested and thrown in jail, the flash drive with all the security answers is still missing, forcing Tribeca and Geils to go deeper cover to infiltrate the prison and find the drive. But not only does their cover get blown, they get stuck in jail for good. From here, the parody shifts from Ocean’s Eleven-y to Shawshank-y/Escape From Alcatraz-y.

The other guys

Tanner and Hoffman help out by interrogating a British gangster in his own language. Dr. Edelweiss is eyepatched this time, though he likes to switch between eyes since it limits his vision.

The special guests

Danny Trejo shows up as, um, an actor in prison. Gene Simmons, meanwhile, plays a, uh, rock star in prison.​

The best lines

Geils: He doesn’t know where the loot is, but Tanner got the name of the hideout. It’s a pub in Little Liverpool called Robby McBanks.

Geils: This can’t be a dog’s dream, they can’t see color.

British gangster: Tickle is cockney for kill.

Geils: Do you remember that movie The Shawshank Redemption? They’re showing it tonight in the prison theater!

The best gags

  • The British gangster’s mouth full of gumballs
  • The precincts outdated undercover-gang wardrobe
  • The décor at Robby McBanks, which includes London Underground signage, portraits of the Queen, and plenty of Union Jacks
  • “Nextel Wireless Maximum Security Co-E Prison, Full Bar Guaranteed”
  • The old-timey weight lifters in the prison yard
  • The prison ATM that dispenses cigarettes
  • The inept prison warden

The best British gang members

  • Eddie Wheels, Driver
  • Nigel the Fuse, explosives
  • Barnaby Fingers, the pickpocket
  • Freddie Pecs, the muscle
  • Corey the Carburetor, mechanic
  • Frankie Four-Eyes, surveillance
  • Oxford Pete, engineer
  • Johnny Rockets, munitions
  • Earpiece Dennis, communications
  • Kung-fu Kenny, chef
  • Arthur, intern
  • Slash, lead guitar
  • Dr. Alan Fienberg, psychiatrist
  • Squeaky Dean, dolphin wranger
  • Larry Longlegs, stilt
  • Doris, human resources

The best kiss

Tribeca and Geils! But what does it mean? We’ll have to find out next episode.

NEXT: Episode 10


The case

This time, the bad guys have taken the worst thing of all: Geils himself! And it couldn’t have come at a worse time — Angie and Geils had just started talking about the messy feelings between them.

The suspects

The bartender/aspiring gym teacher who gave Geils a strange drink seems like a logical contender. His name is Wilson Phillips, and he wants $1,000 in gift cards or else he’s going to blow Geils up with a bomb.

The perp

It’s, uh, Wilson Phillips, of course. During Tribeca’s quest to stop him, she discovers her true feelings for Geils — and damn it, she loves him.

The other guys

Dr. Edelweiss enters the scene via Skype. The connection is laggy, so he doesn’t get to make much of an impact. Tanner and Hoffman visit the coffee shop that the suspect frequents. Lt. Atkins is pretty sure Geils is dead or will be dead.

The special guests

Golden-haired god Ryan Hansen (Party Down) plays Phillips in his usual style, a guy who’s annoyed by how much people like him. John Gemberling (Broad City, Happy Endings) also makes a memorable appearance as a barista who helps Tanner find the perp.

The best lines

Angie: You don’t understand; I’ve had 236 partner. And I’ve fallen in love with every single one of them. And something bad has happened to every single one of them.

Angie: Let’s do this. I feel like a princess in an old-fashioned fairy tale! But wait, let me go drain the lizard.

Barista: I’ve got this mug he used yesterday with his fingerprints on it! And I think he left his driver license too, want me to get it?

Geils: I made you some low-sodium muffins because I know your blood pressure’s an issue right now.

Reporter: Who are you wearing?

Tribeca: Lady Cop, by Valentino.

Tanner: He died doing what he loved.

Wilson Phillips: My life is ruined. My wife left me. My kids ran away and married each other.

The best gags

  • The entire shooting range montage, complete with “Thriller”-dancing zombies and kids with slingshots (more on that later)
  • Geils spinning in his stool when he gets drunk
  • All the preparations for Geils’ death that Lt. Atkins has made
  • Geils’ Stockholm syndrome (and his “Kiss the Captive” cooking apron)
  • Angie’s Jeopardy-style answer during her press conference
  • The “Booby Trap”
  • Dennis the Menace hitting Wilson with a slingshot
  • The police robot running out of juice. “Anybody got 12 C batteries on them?”
  • The bomb company’s customer service hotline

Best drink names at the hipster coffee shop

  • Cubanista
  • Squat White
  • Double Dark
  • Italian Long
  • Perky Pony
  • Kansas City Mudstorm

The best cliffhanger

The episode ends with the bomb on Geils hitting zero, just after he and Tribeca share a kiss. Does he live? Will they be together if so? You’ll have to wait until season 2 to find out. (But also, yes, he lives, because he’s in the trailer for season 2.)

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