Stevie Starr regurgitates his way into the semi-finals.
Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

It’s the last round before the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent. Twelve acts huddle on stage and each appear visibly nervous. All the judges use Howie’s antibacterial hand gel after handling the professional regurgitator’s props. It’s time for Nick to get this show on the road.

Our host’s first order of business is to announce the individuals who will be participating in the Dunkin’ Save. Three crowd favorites are on the chopping block. Benjamin Yonattan, Daniella Mass, and Gary Vider look physically ill as they are ushered into the backstage isolation booth. Never fear middlers. Nick will be there momentarily with a microphone so you can beg America for votes.

But before we get to the save, Nick forces us to wait way too long to announce that Mountain Faith Band has beat out Selected of God Choir. Because he makes us anticipate the moment, there’s no time for the bluegrass pickers to thank America before he calls the Chapkis Dance Family and Alicia Michilli to the front of the stage. Another two minutes pass before Nick congratulates Alicia for making it to the semi-finals. We cut to commercial as she cries tears of relief.

In an effort to fill another slot of time within the hour, we are treated to a wonderful game called Buzzer Buddies. Oh, the wackiness! It’s like The Newlywed Game but with judges who sorta can’t stand each other. We learn that Howard has never given Heidi a gift, but Howie has given Mel B. a pure silver flip-flop and a live bird, which she still has as a pet. Heidi sings during the show (“Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” anyone?), and Mel B. draws naughty pictures on Howie’s papers. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be annoying or endearing. Let’s move on.

The special performance group takes the stage next. Everyone is in awe by the “biggest and best show” in Las Vegas called Le Rêve – The Dream. In order to participate in this group, you must be a bald man with big muscles, and the ability to do a back flip on command. You must not be afraid of lightning or getting wet while performing. If you are a woman, you need to be okay with heights, flailing, and feathers. At one point I thought someone didn’t have on pants. But I was wrong. I guess that’s a bonus for those thinking of auditioning but have a problem with nudity.

Nick comes back on stage and summons Oz Pearlman and the Professional Regurgitator Stevie Starr to the front. The audience goes NUTS because they assume one of these front-runners is going home. Nick didn’t have me fooled for a second. Or the 30 seconds he made me wait. BOTH ARE THROUGH!

Next up is DADitude, Freelusion, and Metal Mulisha Fitz Army. Nick immediately announces Freelusion as the semi-finalist so he can hurry up and get to the Dunkin’ Save. Time is running out from all this anticipating the moment business. America has chosen to save Gary Vider! I am super happy with this decision. Well done, America.

Now the judges must choose between Daniella Mass and Benjamin Yonattan. Although they are inspired by Benjamin’s courage, the vote goes to Daniella.

Do you think America got it right? Most of the performances next week are musical acts. Does this give Drew Lynch an edge? Will Oz Pearlman and Derek Hughes cancel each other out? Can a puppet make it to the finals? Ira’s mom certainly thinks so.

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