An early favorite is cut and tweens scream in protest.
Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

There were a ton of mixed emotions on the live results show of America’s Got Talent. I experienced joy watching Mel B. and Heidi at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum scare the bejesus out of a young boy by pretending to be wax versions of themselves. I felt confused when Damone Rippy looked extremely disappointed when a fellow contestant said he resembled Justin Bieber, because he does. And I felt immense irritation as Nick made us wait an average of 20 seconds before announcing who would be going through to the next round. First of all, be still my nerves. Not to mention the fact that this is a live show. Hop to it Mr. Cannon!

Three acts are presented as the Dunkin’ Save contestants. Tweens and Muppet-lovers everywhere scramble to their smart devices to save 3 Shades of Blue and Ira. Surprisingly, Freckled Sky gets a respectable amount of votes. May the best group win.

Nick then pairs Damone Rippy and Uzeyer Novruzov together and Uzeyer wins. Chin up Damone. You’re going to be just fine. A rep from Hollister is already searching for your contact information right now. Next up is DM Nation against Arielle Baril. You can almost hear Heidi’s jaw clench. Both of these acts are strong, but it’s Arielle Baril who makes the cut.

Now it’s time to pimp out old AGT acts under the guise of “successful alumni.” William Close is the earth harp musician from season 7 who finished in third place. He pulls on several long strings that span over the audience as season 9 runner-up Emily West sings “Nights in White Satin.” They are an interesting match for sure, but what I really love is Emily’s floor-length fringe dress. It deserves a standing ovation.

Here comes Nick again, summoning Sharon Irving, The CraigLewis Band, and Animation Crew. Sharon looks like she’s about to hurl and things don’t get better when Nick calls out The CraigLewis Band. She soon realizes all is well when Nick asks her to stay on the stage. Poor Animation Crew doesn’t stand a chance against the girl with strong pipes and a fierce cape. Sharon is also through to the next round.

Myq Kaplan looks defeated standing next to Derek Hughes. Nick doesn’t make us wait at all before calling Derek’s name. Everyone knows Big D will go far.

But what we didn’t expect was the Twitterverse to unite and save Ira and his mom! That was definitely a surprise. Now it’s up to the judges to decide between 3 Shades of Blue and Freckled Sky. All four judges easily agree that the boy band should live to rock another day.

Twelve more acts take the stage next week. There will be lots of dancers, singers, funny guys, and one professional regurgitator. What will he swallow this time? I’ve got bubble tummy just thinking about it.

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