When bad songs happen to good singers on ''American Idol'': Nadia's obscure choice ends her dream; meanwhile, Scott somehow edges out Bo

Nadia Turner, American Idol

”American Idol”: When bad songs happen

Ryan Seacrest may have been shocked — yes, shocked — to see Bo Bice in the bottom two on last night’s American Idol results show, but if he’d been keeping up with EW.com’s message boards, he might’ve seen it coming. Quite a few of you thought the rocker from Alabama might be in trouble after his middling Tuesday-night take on ”Free Bird.”

”Bo’s last couple performances have not been memorable,” wrote Patti. ”He’s been coasting on good will and I think the ride might be over. Also, he wasn’t bad enough for his fans to worry he’d be in danger. I see a definite bottom three, and a potential final performance from Bo.”

But not to worry, Bice Squad, your man was only the second lowest vote getter. Offbeat diva Nadia Turner had the unfortunate distinction of edging out Bo in that department and got the boot for picking an odd, unfamiliar tune, Crystal Gayle’s ”When I Dream,” on Tuesday night.

Still, whereas few of you applauded Nadia’s song choice, the majority of posters wanted to see her survive another week. ”Although it wasn’t the most exciting performance, Nadia sang great and has completely blown me away prior weeks,” wrote Elaine. ”Her charisma, star power and style will be sorely missed if she is the one to go.”

Louise agreed, noting that she’d give Nadia a pass this week. ”Nadia’s so talented and such a beauty. I didn’t care for the song, but she did a fantastic job for what she had to work with.”

And Marin was annoyed by Simon’s Tuesday-night suggestion that Nadia had sung her last note in the competition. ”It really bothers me when Simon announces to one of the contestants, ‘You’ll be going home next,’ as he’s done several times this season,” she wrote. ”It’s one thing to critique someone’s song choice or performance, but for him to say that just makes it seem like he’s trying to get us to vote off the person he doesn’t like. It’s not fair.”

Meg agreed, arguing that ”somehow, Simon has decided Nadia needs to go for whatever reason, as though he finds listening to her more painful than hearing Anwar, Scott and Anthony week after week. (I find this impossible to believe).”

A couple of readers, though, felt Nadia earned her walking papers. The amusingly named Reuben Kincaid (take note, Partridge Family fans), alluded to Simon’s early-in-the-season analogy that Nadia was steak to the other contestants’ hamburger. ”Steak Nadia is beginning to appear a lot like the aging piece of meat Christina Crawford refused to eat in Mommie Dearest,” he wrote, then added, ”Aside from Scott’s performance, the scariest part of last night was acknowledging what year some of them were born. 1986. Yipes. When Anthony was in diapers, I was going to Psychedelic Furs’ concerts.”

If it were up to EW.com’s remarkably tasteful readers, Scott Savol, the man who rounded out this week’s bottom three, would have been eliminated. ”I hope America finally stops torturing us with Scott’s terrible performances and bad attitude,” wrote a reader named Scott. ”He is the only one left I don’t feel deserves to be there.”

”Scott needs to learn how to accept criticism — he gets belligerent and defensive way too quickly,” wrote Jim. ”I wish he was next on the chopping block.” Alas, we’ll have to endure the tone-deaf Ohio native for at least another week.

If Bo wants to pull ahead of Scott, he might want to learn from Renee, who suggests that if Bo keeps up with ”the slinging microphones,” that’s all he’ll be remembered for. And Lola adds that Bice has proven he’s a rocker, now he needs to ”move on” and show some versatility.

If nothing else, though, Bo scored mad props for his increasingly healthy locks. ”Bo’s hair achieved a heretofore unknown level of mink-like sleekness last night,” wrote Yuki. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

What do you think? Was Nadia’s elimination unfair? Has Bo lost his edge? And how does Scott stay in the game despite his many detractors?

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