On ''American Idol,'' it's the shocker of the season: As Scott dodges the ax once again, former fan favorite Constantine finds his neck on the line
Constantine Maroulis, American Idol

”American Idol”: The shocker of the season

And then there were five. That’s right: Our beloved Sméagol has left the building. After a pitchy rendition of ”How You Remind Me,” we all knew that Constantine Maroulis had definitely put himself into the bottom three. But to the shock of everybody, from the crowd at the studio to a near-hysterical Paula, Connie was forced to put on his denim jacket and say goodbye to American Idol last night.

Though they expected a different contestant would be voted off (more on that later), most EW.com readers were fed up with the Greek sensation’s on-stage theatrics. ”I used to like Constantine, but he is getting too cheesy with his kicking and staring into the camera. He should focus more on his vocals,” pointed out Hinda. Tonya agreed: ”Constantine tries way too hard and it comes off pathetic.” (What? The camera-kicking, come-hither looks, and constant crowd-pointing were too over-the-top?)

A handful of Constantine fans agreed that while his antics were getting irksome, it was his song choice that did him in. ”Constantine is my favorite…when he’s not kicking at the camera. He may not have been great last night — he picked the wrong song — but I love his voice, love the pout, love the attitude!” declared MissyChrissyNY. Still, another reader, Beth, was ecstatic watching Simon give Constantine a verbal thrashing. ”He is a theater geek, and his performances are just that.”

Meanwhile, lucky AI fans, you get yet another week to fume about Scott Savol. I could hear the collective ”WHAT?!?” from shocked voters all over the country as Scott not only escaped elimination but made the top three. Michele, among countless other readers, was absolutely certain that, as Simon said, Savol would be packing his bags last night: ”Scott seems to have given up, so he’ll go home tonight.” But another reader, calling himself Shame, was downright clairvoyant: ”The problem is, I can almost guarantee that at about 8:29 pm (CST) I will be staring at my TV with mouth agape as someone other than Scott Savol is voted off.”

Among the numerous calls for Scott to get the ax last night, there were a few posts from fans who truly believe he is the heart and soul of America. Patty is one of them: ”America needs an Idol who represents what most of us are, regular people. We shouldn’t all feel that we have to look like Barbie or dress like Valentino to be a success. Scott has a wonderful singing voice, and doesn’t pretend to be something he is not,” she said. Still, the majority of posts had the Ohio native mixed in with Carrie and the aforementioned Constantine in the bottom three.

So, now that it’s down to five contestants, who’s getting the most love on our boards? It’s long-haired rocker Bo, who even showed versatility in last night’s group song, ”Emotions.” ”As always, Bo Bice made the night with his performance, his vocals, and his lack of pretense,” posted Rachel.

”[Bo]’s the real deal, most ‘authentic’ performer in the competition,” said Debrah. ”Even if you don’t care for rock, you are moved by his passion and sincerity.” In fact, it’s Bice’s taste in rock that has a few readers questioning what kind of artist an Idol should be. ”I would like to know why some people on this board think that ‘a rocker is not American Idol material’.” wrote MC. ”Don’t you think it’s time for something different?”

Fans weren’t quite as impressed with Vonzell, who had a few standout moments in Tuesday’s performance of ”I Turn to You,” but some readers think the best is yet to come. Michele added her two cents again: ”Baby V has only begun to show us her range and consistent ability to belt and hit ‘money’ notes… I have a feeling she’ll blow us die-hard Idol fans away in the next few weeks.” Alison has also jumped on the bandwagon, describing Solomon as having the qualities of a former winner, Kelly Clarkson, from ”beauty” to ”a gorgeous versatile voice.”

As for the other Idols, fans believed Carrie’s lack of stage presence and inability to stir up the crowd may cost her a run at the title. And what about everybody’s favorite Ukrainian? Most posters found Anthony talented and adorable (the Clay Aiken comparisons continue to flow in) — but one reader from South Florida was distracted by his, um, boyish looks: ”If Harry Potter had an older biological brother, it would be Anthony.” If this Idol thing doesn’t work out, perhaps you have a future career in Quidditch, Mr. Fedorov?

What do you think of last night’s results? Who’s the next to go? Should Scott have been given yet another chance? And will Paula get choked up and comfort another eliminated contestant’s mother next week?

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