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March 04, 2016 at 01:59 PM EST

Have you put yourself back together American Idol fans? Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, you must have been living under a rock. Last week, Kelly Clarkson showed up and performed on the Idol stage, and ever since, the rest of us have been walking around, singing “Piece by Piece” to ourselves, and breaking down into ugly cries. But I guess you could say that the other important part is that the top 10 were revealed and performed for us. In the opening moments this week, we find out that the Idol winner gets a car from Scott Borchetta. Classic Scott.

This week, in addition to the Idols singing Grammy-winning hits, Harry Connick Jr. and Demi Lovato are performing. That announcement gets a decent amount of applause, but like, imagine if Kelly did a new song every week. What a time to be alive! Anyway, if I’m understanding the judges correctly, it appears that for some reason, these double elimination going down this season aren’t entirely decided by America. The judges will unanimously decide which two go home from the bottom three. But we’ll get to those semantics later. Let’s kick things off with Dalton.

Dalton Rappatoni, “Radioactive”

​Rank: Eighth

What’s great about Dalton is that he has a pretty good hold onto who he is and usually nails that on that head. But this week, it feels like he might have slightly missed the nail. Or like, nicked it on the side. By no means would I say the performance is bad, but it lacks the originality and essence that his other performances have had. The judges agree, but they don’t seem too worried. I don’t either. Dalton isn’t an Imagine Dragons kind of kid though. I want to see him scream out “Welcome to the Black Parade,” partly because it would be perfect for him, but also because I just want someone to get me, ya know?

Lee Jean, “Use Somebody”

​Rank: Fifth

Oh my goodness! Lee is going after something not Ed Sheeran. At first, I think that it’s a ploy to finally throw him under the bus that’s probably being driven by my TV Boyfriend Mackenzie Bourg, but once he starts singing, I’m pleasantly surprised just how good his rendition is. Honestly, it’s the first time I think I’ve heard Lee Jean sing instead of hearing Lee Jean imitate Ed Sheeran. Jennifer tells him that he could do even more. Keith says that the song didn’t work for him at all, and Lee develops a vitamin D deficiency from all the shade being thrown. I’m sitting at home, screaming, “Can Lee Jean just live??” LORD.

Demi, Demi, Demi

Out of absolutely nowhere, Demi Lovato comes out on stage to perform “Confident” with the girls, with each one progressively getting more and more talented. We end with La’Porsha and Sonika, because duh. While we all recovered from that Demi Lovato-inspired whiplash, Demi shifts into a shortened version of her new single “Stone Cold.” The one thing that’s impossible to deny is that Demi Lovato has a crazy powerful voice, and if she does anything well, it’s power ballads. Oh, Demi. What’s wrong with being confident? Literally nothing is wrong with being confident.

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