On ''American Idol,'' Lindsey's elimination surprises no one: Knocking on wood didn't bring good luck for the Louisianan, who shared the bottom three with Mikalah and Jessica
Lindsey Cardinale, American Idol

”American Idol”: Lindsey surprises no one

Lindsey Cardinale, we hardly knew ye! Of course, how could we? Lindsey, the first contestant booted from this season’s American Idol final 12, barely showed an iota of personality during her tenure on the program — certainly not during her listless Tuesday-night rendition of ”Knock on Wood.” Not surprisingly, then, many EW.com posters who bothered to mention Cardinale predicted she’d be in the bottom three. Among them was Judi, whose dream of seeing Lindsey and Mikalah as the two lowest vote getters played out on the small screen during Wednesday’s results show. Somewhat more surprising was the fact that Jessica Sierra (who really needs to stop getting dressed in the dark — how else to explain the ill-fitting aqua T-shirt?) received the third-lowest number of votes, despite a saucy take on ”Shop Around.”

About half of you (probably the same half who can’t get enough reruns of The Nanny) must be happy 17-year-old motormouth Mikalah survived to fight another week. Yet while she and Constantine Maroulis (who some of you are now lovingly comparing to The Lord of the Rings‘ Smeagol) continue to be this season’s love-’em-or-hate-’em finalists, another early favorite — Carrie Underwood — is giving the duo a run for their money as most polarizing contestant. ”Carrie is completely fake and has no stage presence,” wrote Jules. ”She should go back to singing on the porch of the Sigma Chi house.” Ouch! A poster by the unusual name of Peglegmonkey, however, rushed to Carrie’s defense, noting that, despite her new wave of detractors, the blond farm girl has ”some serious pipes” and should make the final four.

One contestant who won’t be getting in Carrie’s way is Mario Vazquez, who, as you may have heard, dropped out of Idol last Friday due to ”personal reasons.” Most EW.com readers greeted his departure with a shrug. One was even appalled that the TV Watch devoted three paragraphs to the subject. ”Good lord, EW, please please please let go of your love-fest with the incredibly mediocre Mario,” wrote Pfitz. ”His missing presence had zero effect on last night’s show.”

Okay, Pfitz, no more Mario talk. But one quick question: Am I the only one wondering if maybe he ditched Idol so he wouldn’t be forced to appear in cheesy Ford ads and perform bad group numbers like Wednesday’s ”When You Tell Me That You Love Me”? After all, trying to retain possession of one’s soul maybe isn’t the worst reason for dropping out of a top-rated show.

What do you think? Did Lindsey deserve the boot? If not, then who did? Should the show follow EW.com poster AI Fan’s advice and force Paula to give feedback first, so she can’t simply mimic Randy? And what do you make of Anne’s argument that the judges should only be allowed to hold up point cards — since most of what comes out of their mouth is absurd?

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