Two new guest judges, L.L. Cool J and Brandy, are sitting in for this week's auditions. How are you liking the talent and no-talent so far? Weigh in!

By Annie Barrett
Updated July 03, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

”American Idol”: Judge the new season

After giving us a week to recover from the ear-splitting vocal stylings of Desi ”Greatest Love of All” Yazzie, Sandeep ”Eye of the Tiger” Achreja, and Larenda ”Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” Garrett, American Idol returned on Tuesday as a kinder, gentler program. Maybe it was the move to Cleveland and Orlando, or maybe it was the presence of guest judge LL Cool J, but everybody seemed to be feeling the love — right down to the group hug given by the judges (Simon included!) to reject Leandra Jackson. There was also plenty of talent on hand, too, including Beetlejuice look-alike Briana Davis (what a voice!) and ”Superstar” vocalist Scott Savor. We’ll see how Wednesday turns out, as the show serves up 60 more minutes of aural abuse (and hopefully a little aural gratification) from San Francisco, with a shot of guest judge Brandy.

Are you still enjoying the ”worst of the worst,” or is it time for the contest to move on to the semifinal rounds in Hollywood? Have you seen any hopefuls thus far who are good enough to keep you glued to your speed-dial for the next dozen Tuesdays? And what do you make of the celebrity panelists, like Gene Simmons and Mr. Cool J? Post your thoughts here, then check back on Thursday morning to get’s official take on the week in Idol.

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